Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

My girlfriend is an Aries and I am a Scorpio?

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    what can we expect from our sex lives?

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    It can never work!

    U both should forget it… Aries would never be happy in this relationship and will always be looking for someone else.

    Its not worth pursuing… Aries is best suited to aries, leo, sagittarius and pisces…She falls for these guys and wouldn’t walk away from them… They will win her over… You both will walk out of your relationship and never wanting to look back.

    Best to steer clear! 


    I am an Aries woman and the LOVE OF MY LIFE is a Scorpio. When we first met, there was an immediate intensity between us that I had never experienced before. My heart raced, my pulse rose, I was sweating and this was just behind a simple hello. It was something in his gaze and how calm and confident he was when he spoke to me. Me being an aries woman, I cannot STAND to feel like I’m being told what to do, but he simply said put my number in your phone. He never asked, he never asked for mine. It was like he knew I’d do it and I did, and I called him a minute later. I had issues with his secretive nature, or even him being suspicous of me. But I found that communicating these things made it a lot easier to deal with. Aries do not like to show emotion or how they truly feel; it seems like a sign of weakness and we have to win at EVERYTHING. But when I express these things to him, he gets to see my vulnerability and it makes him feel more manly that he broke that stone hard outer core. He also loves when I blow up, then I’m kind of left standing there the only one mad because he’s finds that attractive too. He thinks I’m cute when I’m angry. Sexually,omg. Words cannot describe what happens there. Sometimes we have both questioned if our love for one another is based upon our sexual relationship. But we have both come to an understanding that as our love deepens to more emotional and spiritual levels, our sex life becomes even more passionate and fulfilling. The Scorpio male’s deep passion, coupled with the Aries woman’s confidence in her own sexulatiy makes more than sparks. I’d say go for it because this by far has been the most complex relationship I’ve been in, and it has presented the most challenges, but at the same time it is so fulfilling and I feel it was truly meant to be.  


    Omw! I’m reading your comment and I’m larfing cos its just mE nd my babe! He’s my soulmate nd we’ve been thru so much nd yes we’ve been each others pillar of strength.our relationship is so complicated in many ways but the feelings we have nd share is so awesome. I’m this hot headed Aries nd he’s this calm Scorpion lolz! We are truely amazing together! We stand by each other in good times nd thru our tough times we stand with each other too. We’ve taught each other to open up nd speak about our feelings,at times I’ve got to coach him till he says wats on his mind..better to let it all out than to bottle it up nd let it eat u up!!I say go for it there’s so much u learn about each other!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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