How to attract a Pisces?

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    How will you attract a Pisces’s attention?


    give him space


    I defintely agree with (asiedu38). Give us space, be kind and allow us to be who we are.


    Well,space,undivided attention,care,trust are what i think they need


    yes so true dont pressure them into anythin


    God but they are so hard headed


    Be gentle and patient with them andyes have complete faith in them:-)


    Give him space and don’t stress him


    being open minded, trusting, and understanding. and actions speak louder than words .


    and giving me time . peer pressure pisses me off. everything takes time


    I am a pisces woman.  I like someone who is consistant.  I like it when they let me run away for a little while, then are there when I make up my mind. 


    just like a pisces to run away 😛 whats with that? care to let me into you’re mind since my pisces wont let me in?


    you can’t be straight forward or you will scare him. make him aware of your affection slowly and some times he will catch on . if it is too subtle then he wont know you like him and ingnore you. a scared pices is like a woman who you ask to marry and then wont give you an answer.


    If you like a piscean guy / girl, do the first move to approach him/her. Pisceans are shy at nature but once you get our trust and heart were the most lovable and crazy persons you will get to know.


    Piscean guy is very sensitive..Down to earth, emotional n romantic! they r pretty conversational in nature..easy going!Gud @ heart to b precise..!



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