Pisces and Scopio. What went wrong

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    My Scorp of 26 years never wanted to hurt me again…but I am once again gutted…I know the feeling…We should be together, but long ago, he decided to marry someone else older…He has told me he should have waited until I was older to marry me.  He and I are in perfect harmony regarding so much, and this hurts big time…I can’t be with the love of my life unless he becomes a widower…Like I’m going to wait around for that…

    I am a tortured soul, knowing how much he really did care for me…I had NO idea.  Now knowing that he wanted to marry me!  My hot, passionate Scorp wanted me, and I never knew…Now I do, and Its torture…As they say, Ignorance is bliss.


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    OMG I am a scorpio and I never got along too well with my mother a pisces, but I met a man who is a pisces and I feel like he is my soul mate! I cannot believe how wonderful he is. I wasted all these years with a libra who does not understand me and now this late in life I meet this man. Just torture I tell you. I just wish I had met him when I was 20.


    You got tha right Sag is a very nasty and selfish one to be with I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole……I am a Pisces, neither would I do Aries and Leo they don’t care one wit about you just themselves. Scorpios and Taurus’ are wonderful, Capricorn can be too but you just have to work on them.

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    totally agree with royalscot exept for scorpio hate scorpio dudes and gemini s aries sag leos but love capricorn, virgos and taurus


    I am a pisces woman that is a late bloomer in life.  I got married in my 30 ‘s to an Aries man.  We have communication problems and his temperament is intimidating other than that we pretty much just exist on this earth without goals.  I have goals but cant achieve them without him, and he has a goal not to support my goals.  We generally get along Ok but we are both withdrawn from each other and lack communication due to avoiding confrontation.

     Then one day by accident online I met a charming Man, opening oppertunity is not my style but he had a charismac way to keep me lured in.  I was up front that I was married but he continued to entrance me.  I only knew him 3 weeks but I felt something strong between us, at frst i couldnt pinpoint what it was.  I only knew him a week before the first time we said goodbye.  By the end of the week i text him and asked him if he feels it too.  I couldn’t pinpoint it but it was strong and hard.   He asked, feels what?  I said nevermind, I just miss you, he said I miss you too. I couldn’t pinpoint it why I felt so strong over this person that I didn’t even know.  Something I had searched for all my life.  He was like a part of me even 3000 miles away. We agreed we cannot continue to talk because the conversations were he getting to intense and I shouldn’t have been talking to him anyway. Even though he pursued me, made me feel like melted hot chocolate then blamed me for what I was doing is wrong.  Then one day we got into an argument,  something I would have never done with my husband I let it all out, I have always been afraid of confrontation for some reason I felt comfortable with everything that I said to this person.  As mad as I was, I wasn’t afraid.  that morning I had asked him when his birthday was, out of nowhere I looked up his sign and traits. He was a Scorpio man protecting his heart.  I finally got it when I read the traits of a Scorpio.  I wrote him a letter and said now that I know we have to say 3000 texts and three thousand miles away from each other because you’re very dangerous for me.  I haven’t heard from him since and I will not contact him but I can feel he is thinking about me and he will never forget me.   I try to get him off my mind and it won’t go away.  I love my husband that he has different ideas about his future than I have of mine. I’m so confused, why now?  I don’t understand the fate of why I met him we will never meet in person, it only caused a lot of heartache for me. I  know he feels something too, I am sure he didn’t expect it.   In conclusion I felt like I had met my potential soulmate the one I had searched for all my life it may not be him in particular as he is to young for me anyway.  I would like to know what’s in my future if I’m ever going to have that, otherwise I will forever feel empty inside. longing for that connection I have always wanted and had with him and I didn’t even have to meet him in person to feel it.  I cried to many tears for a married woman who truly loves her bullheaed egotistical husband.  I want to know if I am waisting years on existence and giving up on my dreams worth it. It’s not like I can fall into Mr ooze of manly hoods arms and live happily ever after.  Oh my god I need help. 


    scorpio man cheated from day one. lyer. scorpios r sexual. they cheat. cant ever be trusted. pisces only be there friend, dont go to bed w/ them. they r too sexual. secretive. then when u try to catch them in the act cheating, they call the police for you to leave. coward! someone who deserves me will have me! they only use us to their advantage. too much pain from the scorpio man. i moved to a different city to avoid him. u live, u learn. it really comes down to the astrological birthchart. there is a stupid psychic connection that i wish i could turn off w/ this scorpio man! he haunts me forever. go away, asshole!



    sex good w/ scorpio, but cancer man more stable for family life. scorpio has to be focused on 100 things @ once. why u need 100 women when u got 1 women in front of u that beats them all? unappreciative coward!



    I dated a Scorpio too was magic until I guess he got bored of my emotional Ness and clingyness lol he kept ditching me and cancelling out on me and when I asked what’s up he said he loves me so much but his so busy he did this for a year until I got fed up and just forgot him

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