What are the likes and dislikes of Sagittarius?

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    Thanks Chibbers! I think your pretty cool yourself. The thing I really appreciate about this website is everyone is respectful towards each other. I’ve also come across some wonderful individuals here that have taught me alot and keeps my brain working.

    As I have noticed Chibbers, you are a Virgo! We share the same planetary influence, Mercury. The thing I’ve been dying to ask a Virgo is do you scrutinize over important decisions in your life. Does it take you a long time to make decisions before weighing out all the pros and cons of the situations you may be dealing with? As a Gemini I know I do. Also, can you handle boredom and drama? I know myself it oppresses me to tears. Rational, reason and intuition is what I usually base my decisions on.

    Blessings to you! May the angels protect you where you are and wherever you go!


    Aww thank you Gabriella!! 🙂

    As for your questions YES! I do scrutinize over important decisions. Maybe to a fault. I wind up being a procrastinator sometimes whether I intend to or not. I play life like a chess match… thinking and re-thinking 3 moves ahead! I drive myself nuts sometimes!!! Ridiculous! LOL

    Boredom… I handle it better than I used to. I’ve learned to enjoy peace and quiet a bit. As much as I don’t like being bored, I prefer it over chaos. 🙂 There was a time when I just HAD to be with someone, had to be dating someone or I felt so incomplete. Now, I’m more relaxed, learned to enjoy my own company a bit, and learned to see the upside. I guess that’s what’s good about getting older… ya learn stuff. Hahahaha

    Drama: There was a time when if I saw a mishap, or someone spoke an untruth or was out of line I would feel compelled to immediately deal with it. Still do sometimes, but the older I get the more I’ll let things go… nod my head ond move on. Especially if it’s something that’s just not that important. Yeah, I have everything in its category too. If I sense my words will start a war I’ll let it go, unless I feel it’s a war worth fighting. “Choose your battles” so they say. My rationality and reason drives some people crazy, including me at times.

    Isn’t it great that everyone is different though? From the wild irrational Pisces to the “just the facts ma’am” Virgo… wouldn’t this world be a bore if we were all the same.

    Maybe you can answer something for me. I really haven’t studied the astrology thing much, so I don’t have much of an understanding of “planetary influence”, and how one is different from the other, say, Mercury as opposed to the moon. Maybe share some of your understanding?

    Blessings on you too!!!



    Hi Chibbers;

    I don’t think scrutinizing is a negative thing though. I tend to do that as well. I always want to be sure how my decision will affect me and those around me and is it going to be a good decision or a bad decision. I really feel that what you are doing is very positive because I find myself, I see things that others may miss. Paying attention to every detail. Being wise is so very important!

    It does sound like you have much wisdom but you aren’t too old yet! You’re only 43 years old. I thought when I was having my b-day and told my 74 year old aunt that I was getting old because I was turning 37 years olf. HAHAHA! No wonder she looked at me kinda strange. The only thing I have on my side is I don’t look my age and that is one positive thing to being a Gemini. Ahhh…the gift of youth!:)

    Well, my knowledge is rather limited when it comes to astrology as well. My understanding is that Mercury is a planet that influences communication. Both of our natures as Virgos and Geminis show quickness and adaptability. I also think that we are both very cerebrial. We use our brains very well. For me I can deal with danger very well and have very good street smarts.

    As a Gemini, Mercury acts upon the desire for change of companions as well as scenery, with urges to go places and do things. With Virgo, Mercury has similar effects upon desire to find out new things, learn all there is to know about a subject and to switch from one subject to another. Which is really the same for me. I study many subjects at once, know alot about alot of things but not in it’s entirety. So when I am speaking to certain individuals about a certain subject, I appear to know alot, but really my knowledge is rather limited, for the reason that I enjoy studying so many topics of interest at once and doesn’t cause brain overload. It’s actually rather stimulating and staying too long on one subject bores me, so shifting subjects makes it more exciting.

    Myself as a Gemini, I’m rather prone to nervous energy and suffer from anxiety and depression at times. Maybe due to my energy being so scattered.

    Traditionally, each planet is supposed to influence a certain day of the week. Like for us, Mercury it’s Wednesday, The Sun for Sunday, the Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday and Saturn for Saturday.

    I would have to look into further about the other planets and how they influence the other signs. But I do agree that everyone is different and life would be a bore if we were all the same.

     I don’t really feel in all honestly and good conscience, that I can fully rely on astrology alone to make a personality profile or psychological profile of every individual on the planet earth. Like I have mentioned before, I really believe that it does depend on what trauma a person has been through in their childhood, whether they suffer from a pre-existing mental illness, gentics (we do inherit or have learned behaviors from our parents). I think there is alot to take into consideration when determining an individuals personality. We are all different in our own unique way and that is what makes us all special.:)

    Take care Chibbers and blessings to you!



    I completely agree. One who places all their eggs in the astrology basket, is like one who concentrates on one single rivet in a massive structure. Being a Design Engineer myself, I see astrology as valid, but just one small part of the Grand Engineer’s pattern. A clue into the fabric of the universe. How it is formed, and its nature.

    Years ago a strange thought hit me like an epiphany. Under a microscope, a molecule is comprised of a positively charged atom, with protons and neutrons revolving around it. In space, our solar system is comprised of a positively charged “star”, with planets revolving around it. Is our solar system merely a molecule on a much larger scale? Are all solar systems in our universe a composition of molecules that make up an object… or even some living being, much too large for us to see? God? Could this explain “omnipresence”?

    LOL whether these thoughts have any validity whatsoever I have no clue. Just one of the things this feeble mind likes to ponder.

    Gabriella, you are obviously a highly intelligent, caring and genuine human being. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. And don’t look now, but I believe we have hijacked a Sagittarius thread! LOL


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….OMG that was hilarious! You’re so much fun my friend! It has been a pleasure conversing with you as well and yes…LOL…I think we have hijacked a Sagittarius thread!

    Some of what you had said just completely swayed over my head. LOL…you are a very smart man and a completely delightful human being.

    Blessings to you and take care Chibbers! 🙂


    Hahaha funny .. I’m a Sagi who’s in love with a younger Virgo man & the qualities mentioned abt both of us r so true. I’m not sure if astrology has to do with anything, it’s even been said many times a Virgo-Sagi relationship is like a ticking bomb, but if it works, it’s really a roller coaster ride to HEAVEN ;-).. one that i’ll be so thrilled to take a ride on..


    Ben_Gin: Hey, in our case, when it was good it was unbelievable! Maybe the best ever. But when it was bad… yikes! Yeah… ticking bomb applies! LOL

    But I agree with you, I think it depends on the couple and how hard you’re both willing to work on it. Hope it works for you!


    Lol.. ticking bomb ;-D Yes, I undrstn. Thk u Chibbers, sweet of u 🙂


    AGREE WITH Gabriella

    saggitarian male here,all i can say is

    I m 24, still with a struggling life,”no carrear”  ”no love”.
    I got a BADLUCK with me like a shadow with me,what evr i do goes wrong,since my childhood i am lossin everythng..
    and still today i didnt got the answer ” WHY ALL THIS SHIT HAPPENING WTH ME ONLY “…. 

    just wanna see ur thoughts cz may b it could b a hope for me,that one day everythngs gonna b fine…. 

    what u say??

    User Deleted

    @gabriella Hi,, I am a sage and I like this Gemini girl.. We work together and She is close to me too… While at work she sits next to me and spends the entire day with me,,, Caresses me, teases me, fights with me.. The entire office thinks we r a couple. However when we go home and during weekends its a completely different ball game all together.. She rarely speaks to me or calls me or replies to my calls.. Being a Sage this completely ticks me off.. But while i at works it seems like no one can love me more… Is it a normal Gemini behaviour?? This is the first time I am frnds with a Gemini so I dont know their traits. 


    Geminians can be very flirtatious. If her flirtty behaviour troubles you you should talk to her about it. The only thing that bothers me about the situation is she flirts with you and than ignores you when you are not in the working enviroment. It sounds like she needs attention or is trying hard to get it.

    If I was in your situation I would take a step back in the relationship. Personally, when employees work together the relationship should be that of a working relationship and professional.


    I personally enjoy Sagi’s very much. You are all very much fun and Sagi’s are hard working and devoted individuals.

    User Deleted

    I’m a Sagittarius. My top 3 likes & dislikes:

    -Likes-: 1) Gifts from the heart. (Small gestures of loved ones from the heart. People don’t believe this when I tell them, but I would appreciate my mate growing me a plant or flower from a seed/seedling & giving it to me as a present more than something expensive & flashy.)

    2) The great outdoors! (Someone interested in a Sagittarius should plan things related to the outdoors whenever possible. I.e: picnics at a lake, babbling brook, the beach; walks or games in the park; being spectators at outdoors sporting events; biking; gardens, etc. etc.)

    3)Travel! (Even if it’s not a long way away, any kind of travel really gets my juices flowing; I feel more creative and happy.

    Dislikes: 1) Lying/Inconsistency – which is a type of lying 2) Injustice (always pull for the underdog who is just and I will stop at nothing to help right a wrong or try to help the wrong person see the error of their ways!) 3) Do not like being told what to do. I am fine with authority but when it comes to someone who has no right to order me around, I do not respond well. lol

    User Deleted

    Hello Everyone! This website deal is awesome I love it! Anywho I am a Sagittarius and I HATE more than anything when people interrupt me while I’m focusing hard on something at work!

    I am like super focused and devoted when I’m at work and like I devote all of myself from the time I clock in to the time I clock out to be the best asset to my company that I possibly can! I think I’m pretty funny because I am actually an apartment leasing agent, and I’ll show someone an apartment and if they don’t like it then I’m like “Hey well sorry you didn’t like the apartment but it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you well in your search! Good luck! ” 

    If someone doesn’t like the apartment, I don’t try to dissuade them, I just say I am here to show you what I have to offer and if you don’t like my product, that’s your prorogative and I won’t hold it against you! It’s not in me to try to FORCE someone to want my product because I just … wouldn’t want someone to push something on me that I don’t want! 

    However, I still lease lots of apartments even though I am not overly eager or fake, I’m just real, like, here it is, do you like it? Awesome! And if you don’t you don’t! 

    Forgot where I was going with this, oh yeah but I am like WAY more laid back at home than I am at work! I’m almost a different person! I’m super chill, like to be random and laugh and do random things.

    I am also extremely respectful to EVERYONE, especially my elders and my wonderful boss ( excuse me I have the most wonderful beautiful boss in the world be jealous! ) And EVERYONE gets a yes ma’am no ma’am yes sir no sir from me even children and puppies! ( They need a good example of what they should be doing ). 

    However, do NOT get in my face and disrespect me or I will tear into you like you have never seen in all of your days!! I have a very quick very sharp very dangerous tongue when you cross me. Also very defensive, VERY defensive, and quite the Alpha Female, I AM Top Dog END of STORY and do not tolerate another wanna be Alpha Female trying to punk me OH NO. However, I take criticism very well if delivered properly. 

    I don’t really CARE if people judge me or look down on me or think I’m goofy or silly or random because I know that I ROCK so they can suck it cuz I don’t need their approval, life is good and I’m enjoying to the fullest and you cannot rent space in my head with that silly junk!

    Everyone has someone who doesn’t like them, someone doesn’t like me, but hey everyone isn’t compatible, and if someone is being mean or judgemental to you, oh well move on to someone who appreciates you for who you are!

    p.s. I talk even more than I type, can you imagine THAT!? !? Wahoo!!


    I feel so blessed and honored to be a Sagi. I love my compassion for people. Working hard, being fair–Sometimes to a fault. Take painstaking pride in all I do. I GENUINLY LOVE WHO I AM. SORRY, WOULD’T WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY. I TRULY FEEL BLESSED! HAVE A GREAT YEAR AHEAD! BEST OF WISHES.   JIMMY.

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