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Arpit Tambi

Owner and resident astrologer at Ask Oracle with 18 years of experience in Western (tropical) and Indian (sidereal) astrology. Based in Jaipur, he is an IIT Roorkee alumnus. His areas of expertise include love compatibility, marriage, and child predictions, as well as professional and wealth predictions.
  1. Philomina February 8th, 2020

    good day, am unemployed and have already applied in an Educational institution, many other people have also applied, please will I get the job

    my birth day : 14th october 1980

  2. Teresa February 25th, 2019

    I am going through a difficult time trying to find employment. It’s been close to two years without some positive door opening. I am at loss and not sure how many opportunity to apply, and getting older dose not help!
    Libra : October 6,1966

  3. Sonia January 27th, 2019

    I am expressing gratitude for your insight and determination to make sure all Libras subscribed can access your readings.

    I am on a journey of growth and with the message that you delivered I know what to be on the alert for this coming week and will rely on my intuition to guide my actions.

  4. mandira mazumder March 26th, 2018

    My date of birth is 14.10.62.

  5. mandira mazumder March 26th, 2018

    I am going through a terribly trying and testing time in all spheres. I find no mental peace. I need an anchorage. I need fulfilment. I need understanding. I need to grow and not be destroyed . Is there any possibility to find harmony and peace amudst this chaos right now? My date of birth is 14.10. 62

  6. mpho November 28th, 2017

    how is my future ahead and how to over obstacles I’m challenged with
    iwas born 21/10/91

  7. myrna iduk May 15th, 2017

    I have a problem now about my boyfriend he didnt see each other.is he loves me?or not…is there a posseble to comeback to me?thanks myrna.my birthdate is oct.3/1972.

  8. Amjad March 6th, 2017

    My date of birth is 29.09 1968. My financial condition is poor. When it will change? Change of job when?

  9. danny darko April 18th, 2016

    A i’m definitely a Libra Washington DC raised

  10. faizan0009 October 29th, 2014
  11. Linda24 November 15th, 2013

    Haaa….my life is in such chaos I don’t know where to turn.  In the process of selling my beloved house because my ahole of a soon to be ex husband (Sagittarius) left me last year.  I can no longer hold onto the house financially, so I must sell it.  It bothers me because he always wanted a house – so did I.  But now he looks at the house like its too much work, although he no longer lives there with me.  I do all the work in and around the house now and I love it.  I will miss it terribly.  Been depressed, gained weight and feel like crap.  I really need a break – and soon.

    • Vicki March 8th, 2018

      Linda24…Good things are on the horizon for you. This is a time for “lightening your load” both with the X & “stuff”. Consider new housing situation & future “adventures”? Ever thought about living in an RV & traveling (if you can afford or can work from “home”). Pray. Pray a lot & KNOW that God will surround you with guardian angels & will put the “right” people to help you thru EVERY difficult transition.

  12. opalrainbows February 18th, 2012

    I found this so helpful. I got engaged last night, so the romance aspect is definately true, but also there could be potential explosive interactions in my house-share so the reminder that I can deal with situations in a calm and tactful way is wonderful.

  13. kiran25 October 15th, 2011

    sorry to note such things

    my condition is not favourable,
    I am jobless
    Finances are stuced and my life really sucks at this point…please help

  14. amjdbrhm April 25th, 2011

    it is almost true readings about libra even though there are some semlarties with other air signs,till now i havenot found my soul mate becauase of conflection may be.or is it heard to announce thier hroscopes for each other.

  15. Lucy wendy April 10th, 2011

    This is the same.horoscope you sent me 2 wks ago.

  16. Kevin February 23rd, 2011

    The horoscope was somewhat very correct, I stopped 2 people from creating a seen over parking spots. I am wanting to Marry a very beautiful,and wonderful woman. I am thinking about changing colleges for a better advance skilled college. Looking, and considering beneficial moves

  17. olla February 14th, 2011

    every morning i read my horoscope but nothing from what u write seems to work on me

  18. pervin rohintion kavarana January 9th, 2011

    nothing seems to be working for me in life ….

    i am jobless; my husband and i have severe financial

    problems, interalia ….. i cannot find a good job

    of my expectations in all ways …….

    please rethink your prediction for me ………

    your predictions do not seem to be accurate at all.

    request help.

    • Melissa February 14th, 2017

      You can’t expect astrology to give you the answers to save your life. If you really want spiritual guidance go to mysticpig.org or pamelabeaty14@gmail.com send her a request for a reading. I am a real person not a spokesman for her. This woman has saved my life from 4 days close to death, she gave me thr idea to open a business and told me exactly where to open it and when and it worked ive been successful for 13 years. She eased my mind when i was carrying a child with only a 5% survival rate,she told me my baby would be a miracle and she was correct. She also helped my 7 year old son rid himself of spirits that were taunting him and she helped me see the truth when i was in a lust filled relationship that could never ever work. If you don’t want to try her give numerology a shot. There are plenty of free numerology sites online. Best of Luck

  19. Vijay September 28th, 2010

    i lost my love so is it possible to try to get the same again

  20. Akame Esther August 24th, 2010

    Horoscope, why is it that people i love, esteem and have helped turn to repay me evil for good. I can’t be friends with anyone for long no matter what i do to please the person (s) in order to secure the relations. neighbours i have love, cared for and had a high esteem for turn against me all of a sudden and unite like a battallion to combat me for no good reason. Recently, there is a problem of fire that burst out around our residence, i was present with my husband when suddenly we saw the green vegetation around us in ablaze. While my hus and an aged lady when struggling to put out the fire, i was struggling to call the fire brigade. The bad neighbours who were in did not intervenne but went and formulated a story that me and my husband set the fire deliberately in order to bring problems on these bad neighbours. That is the rumour all over the city now that we set the bush on fire which is a total lie as you can see oracle, i need your help. Esther

  21. Sandy April 28th, 2010

    Thank you very much I really found peace after reading my horoscope and I truly believed is happening all what was just predicted for me.


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