Scorpio November 2014 Horoscope

It might be a good time to make a thorough scrutiny of the real you, an honest assessment of your face, figure, health and assets and seek to implement a make-over where necessary. The truly intimate and personal you, needs to be examined minutely and where there is room for improvement, positive action be taken. You’ll need to establish good working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and bosses as well. It’s NOT a time to challenge the system! Stress and neglect both need to be guarded against too. A time for introspective self-assessment with a degree of honesty and objectivity. That way lies contentment, success, happiness – any or all of them, and it will come from your own changed attitude.

You’ll certainly find something, if you look, but it is not quite the same thing you were after. Anyway, you still get the positive results for hard work and things seem to moving forward. Study and exploration brings rewards now. Opportunities to discover or renew something you had lost, and to gain some influence are presented now. You now have get-up-and-go attitude and a desire to accomplish things.

Some of you are likely to fall in love with yourself. This is not a weird thing, in fact, it will help in boosting your own self esteem. This is a time when you naturally let loose your softer, receptive side. Romantic matters, as well as pleasure-seeking activities, come to the fore now. You are more likely to pay closer attention to your physical appearance and mannerisms, aiming to improve and enhance your attractiveness. You’ll learn that it actually pays off to trust yourself, forgive yourself and be truthful to yourself. Lessons learned now will help you project yourself confidently to the world.

You are likely to have countless ideas/thoughts and plans going and you might scatter your focus as a result. If channeled well, this is an excellent time to showcase your ideas and do presentations. Avoid rash driving or impatience while performing manual odd jobs, generally with the hands that may lead to accidents. It is advised to be alert on the road or while operating machinery. This is a fine phase to work on intellectual tasks with more vigor and passion.

At this time you can become fanatical about getting rid of something, and you could embark on major revisions and changes – a complete overhaul in some key areas of your life. You are vigorous and can drive yourself too hard and burn the candle at both ends.
Though you may have the best of intentions, you tend to act very impulsively, working heatedly toward some goal which you may not even be completely aware of.

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pooja anant malik (@pooja anant malik) : June 26th, 2009

I think u all are really doing a very wonderful job . i am really very satisfied with the readings .

keep it up!

Vigneshwar (@Vigneshwar) : October 3rd, 2009

can’t believe it or have not enough thankful :)
it was great to read like a mystery inner of self into dark pattern of light on :)

so i do came with the reality to the self enlightened world :)

neelima (@neelima) : July 1st, 2010

I think u all are really doing a very wonderful job . i am really very satisfied with the readings .

keep it up!

mairu (@mairu) : July 14th, 2010

you are doing a great job

aditya (@aditya) : July 17th, 2010

good description!


verma (@verma) : September 7th, 2010

How do you know the thing up to that much accuracy??? I wondered whatever in written, is exactly I am facing and passing through.

Patrick Malusi Booi (@Patrick Malusi Booi) : September 27th, 2010

This has absolutely made my day every thing i read from this site happens exactly as it has been predictade Thank you so much, I feel so understanded

lily (@lily) : October 3rd, 2010

this is so good, i need to sign up on this site!

thankyou guys. Just said what’s going on in my life right now :)

Stanley Goreseb (@Pretty-boi) : September 2nd, 2011
Avatar Image

I am so proud to be a scorpio, we have so much depth and can overcome almost anything… The best gift you can give to yourself as a scorpio when is to tap into your inner being and find your limitless self…

We have a great mind explore it and find your true potencial!

Yes Accurate reading. Thank you!!!

abi ( : November 15th, 2012
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i was very much upset that i was not selected in my first campus interview… want to know that am i get selected in next company placement???

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