Libra Weekly Career Horoscope

Libra Weekly Career horoscope for period October 26, 2014 to November 1, 2014

Be clear and concise when making requests or otherwise communicating a need or interest. Letting people know about you and your past trials and tribulations is a good way to share your point of view. You are likely to be so caught up in your thoughts that you can’t sleep, even though you wish you could just relax.

Now is a great time to make any big financial decisions. Because you’re feeling more interpersonal during this phase, use your heightened awareness of others to make better deals than you normally would. A pleasant conversation with a peer at work could lead to an interesting new arrangement. Don’t be ashamed to consider who has the potential to do you the most good in your business and then act to cozy up to that person.

This is a time for communication, for speaking, writing or otherwise interacting with others. Take advantage of your racing mind and put it to work on getting you ahead. There are small things you can do now which will have a big impact in your near future. Talk to people, find out where you can do the most with the least effort and get to work.

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Annie Thai (@Annie Thai) : July 16th, 2010

I found weekly career horsocope is a great tools for me because it gives me hints and tips what to expect from workplace enviroment.

Kishto Manisha (@anjali7150) : January 20th, 2013
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I’d like to know about my future .

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