Why Is so hard to be intimate with a capricorn?

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    Was i chase bye my cappy for almost a year we clashed several timesbut I feel I made a breakthroughI tried to talk to him to see exactly where did I standhe used to text me sweet things like I’ve been thinking about you all night I miss youbut on my birthday we made dinner arrangements to go out and he just didn’t want to go. he complained and griped about the whole event but I’ll leave thought he will make a sacrifice being that it was my birthdayI  was very hurt so I lashed out and told him that I was done now I’ve been getting the cold shoulder since then and it was my birthday you don’t even return my text sometime when I talk to him if I’m getting on his nerves but he told me that he loved me once before should I just move on or is he just hiding how he really feels kinda think he feels like I’m going to be in and out his life is it possible if I could win him back once he starts to give me the cold shoulder


    Hi I am an aquarius woman and my stud muffin is a capricorn, ( yes, stud muffin, he asked me to pick that name when we sat one day trying to find the perfect nick name that matched us best). In regards to love making with a capricorn… it is not so hard, its quite simple actually. Even if you do really kinky things all you need is the ability to feel his emotions. Sex is not just sex for a capricorn man. My Cap. tells me he likes to look into my eyes as we do the deed. Why? Because he says that he can feel our connection that way and that it makes him confident. Yes the union itself is a bit rough sometimes being that I am an air sign and he is an earth sign. We make it work tho… We love each other, he makes me feel secure both in bed and out and I fascinate him and comfort him all the same. So you see the key to a capricorn is to have true feelings for them and the rest will come naturally. You will want to feel what he or she feels and when you join him or her in that place it will be a whole new world of delights. Hope this is of some help to you all out there who have questions on this topic. 

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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