HELP: Taurus’ men subtle signs + leaving his gf?

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    Okay, here goes: (if you don’t want to read, the question is at the bottom)

    I’m a Cancer woman. I met this Taurus about 6 months ago and we immediately clicked. Maybe not so much conversationally (I was pretty shy) but our body language did all the talking. He was really charming and I thought was attracted to me. (input please?):

    He would always find ways to stay close and always tried to start conversations. Every time he’d make a joke he’d look over to see if I would laugh and when I did he’d try very hard to make and maintain eye contact.

    We saw each other on a regular basis with our group of friends for a while but later our group of friends had gotten much smaller, making for more intimate time between us..

    He really started to pay close attention whenever I’d speak (even when I’d mumble) and he’d always stand/sit SUUPPER close to me. Once he stroked my arm while telling me a story and to be honest I nearly jumped out of my skin. He would always address all of his stories directly to me (instead of the whole group) and tried to condense the conversations to just us. We always shared playful looks and he’d talk about the stories I had told him to his friends. He also always show up in my regular hangout spots. He beckoned me to stay in touch when he went on a trip (which he asked of none of my other friends) and told me he wanted to see me when he got back.

    I don’t know, things seemed really postive until I found out he had a girlfriend. The kicker? I didn’t find out from him. I found out from one of our friends. He’s never even mentioned her. They have been dating for a year and from what I’ve read, I heard Tauruses are extremely loyal. 

    Here’s the thing. I am ABSOLUTELY AGAINST any and all flirting to get a guy away from his girlfriend. I hate all meddeling and dirty tactics to break up relationships. If I would have known, I would have   never reciprocated and stayed away. I stopped hanging around the group for a few weeks now and I just have this question:

    If Taureans are so loyal why is this one acting like he doesn’t have a girlfriend? I’m not going to pursue him or try anything fishy, but what are the chances that he will, on his own merit, break up with his current girlfriend for a possible relationship with me?

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    My Tauraus ex was always joining internet dating sites whenever we had a fight while we were togeather.  Couldn’t trust him, and he would always say it was my fault he was looking elsewhere.  We were togeather 3 years

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