Daily Love Horoscope For Gemini

Love Horoscope for July 28, 2015

You now tend to seek advice and guidance from your friends and loved ones. Don’t depend on others completely as that can make you vulnerable and even miserable. Essential for smart dating is to have a good relationship with your intuition. That means you’re aware of your inner voice that tells you to beware, get more information, slow down, pay attention, or it feels safe to move forward. The ‘red flags’ are trying to keep you safe; the ‘green flags’ are telling you it’s safe to proceed. Confidence gives you the freedom to both slip-up and cope-up.

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Kathy (@Kathy) : July 20th, 2010

Your daily love horoscope is for couples. Don’t you have one just for singles?

Liam (@Musirune) : January 13th, 2011
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I agree with Kathy, seriously…

Mimi (@Mimi5464) : December 27th, 2013
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Add my voice to the comments please about gearing the love horoscopes to singles not just couples, as it is alienating/depressing and unhelpful that they assume everyone is a couple who reads these.
i really encourage you to redress this bias ! Thanks.

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