Daily Love Horoscope For Libra

Love Horoscope for January 19, 2017

It’s the perfect time to start your life afresh. Patching up with old friends and relatives is on the top of your priority list. Your personal new moon phase acts as an omen of expectations and infinite possibilities. Both materialistic and emotional contentment and joy come your way but your habit to take things personally may hurt you at an odd time. Today you can wrap up all the misunderstandings between you and your mate and have a happier and calmer relation in future.

  1. Asianique January 11th, 2017

    Libras love hard and sometimes dont get the same in return….

  2. Asianique January 11th, 2017

    Very true…

  3. D.Smith December 28th, 2016

    It is true that I feel emotional with matters close to my heart bcuz of my husband who wont put any effort into our marriage, its only me. He has given up on top of emotional abuse. It breaks my heart.

  4. Profile photo of alester
    alester April 15th, 2016

    So true

  5. Profile photo of RafaelSmith@ask-oracle.com
    RafaelSmith@ask-oracle.com February 14th, 2016

    I always have love in my heart i am a libra and i am an angel thts the love i need on this day valentines day

  6. Profile photo of espada123
    espada123 June 18th, 2015

    Well, I find it somewhat a little bit closer but you know guys I am not certain for what lies ahead my love story. I am a true Libra lover but I felt being played by the girl who I love.
    Guys I will appreciate your advises……
    God speed.

  7. Profile photo of
    Leeresh September 1st, 2013

    Lol I’m 16 so aaaaa naahhh

  8. Profile photo of mio-chaan
    mio-chaan December 18th, 2012

    ahahahaha! not that accurate for me. XDD

  9. Profile photo of jayshritesh@yahoo.com
    jayshritesh@yahoo.com September 21st, 2012

    send my love horocope daily

  10. Profile photo of kaziwaleed
    kaziwaleed July 4th, 2011

    OMG this is soo accurate!

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