Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Career horoscope for period October 4, 2015 to October 10, 2015

Whether you are spending more time thinking about it, or it is making greater demands of you, this week your career will be garnering most of your consideration. Whether you like it or not, you will be the one among your peers speaking with authority this week. The possible fallout from what you do and say during this time well depend on just how you communicate your thoughts to those surrounding you. Use your mastery of words to influence your superiors.

This is an excellent time for you to develop your career and make, or exercise, some professional plans or strategies. Your peers and colleagues will recognize your sound advice this week and some will come to you for their own, unique outlooks from you. Though you are ready to communicate and you surely expel an approachable aura this week, frivolous matters will not interest you in the least.

Many people will be making many demands this week and you are likely to spend much of your time multi-tasking just to keep the pile on your plate from becoming a heap. A bad way to spend this week would be by worrying without need about your reputation or your responsibilities; neither is looking bad and both will only improve. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you will succeed.

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dona (@dona) : September 23rd, 2008


Subhuman (@Subhuman) : May 16th, 2010

The dates are wrong on the career horoscopes. They say Jan 1, 1970.

Adizbek (@Adizbek) : May 26th, 2010

I like it. but some dates are wrong. i expect more powerful and enjoyable week. just thanks….

swaroop (@swaroop) : November 22nd, 2010

“Lets me hope for the best”.

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