Weekly Horoscope For Sagittarius

Sagittarius Weekly horoscope for period November 27, 2016 to December 3, 2016

You will assess and pick holes in your total self – personality, physique, health, and how you want to project yourself. You face yourself both actually and figuratively in the mirror and try to come face-to-face with your innermost self. You also take a close, subjective look at your relationships, bonding with people (including marriage). You take a closer look at your earning capacity too. Do not get carried away into making wrong career moves, wrong investments, or gambles with a high risk factor.

A challenge involving work responsibilities or your future objectives is likely. Tantrums and emotional outbursts MUST be kept in check, and a balance between work and family concerns should be worked at judiciously. Systematic, regular work and regular family time/interactions are your best bet. Too much of a social life may also bring very high expenses. It would help to remember that overdoing things may result in diminishing returns.

  1. Nita 8 years ago

    None of hte above is true for me… so for accuracy it doesnt say much.

  2. vcent 7 years ago

    yeap,i would love to know about my career,lovelife education…and also i would love 2 know what my new lover would look like nd behaviour thank u.

  3. Sona 7 years ago

    It actually matches mine to a lots of extent

  4. Courtney 6 years ago

    Is the person who writes these ok? The ones I get emailed to me are much shorter than they were before, Anyway I love the horoscopes!

  5. Anurag 6 years ago

    It is all true for me.thanx.

  6. shiva kumar a kumar 6 years ago

    still i am beliveing the horscope thaNKS

  7. Missing Edwin 6 years ago

    horoscopes speak the truth for me

  8. sona 6 years ago

    I have never believed in astrology since I found ask-oracle. It’s true for me:-)

  9. Profile photo of cosmickisses
    cosmickisses 5 years ago

    I gave my date, time and city and state of my birth to get my natal chart and it was all wrong. I am a Sagittarius and it read that I was a scorpio.
    I have been practicing astrology for more than 30 years. This website is crap. Don’t waste your time.

  10. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle 5 years ago

    @cosmickisses Personalized birth charts are based on Vedic astrology sidereal calculations unlike usual western astrology which involved tropical calculations.

  11. Profile photo of cosmickisses
    cosmickisses 5 years ago

    @vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae….regardless, it should still read that I am  born under the sign Sagde not scorpio. I’ve gotten a Vedic chart done before.

  12. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle 5 years ago

    @cosmickisses See tropical western chart on this page – http://www.ask-oracle.com/birthday/1957/november/26/

    So yes as per western tropical system your Sun sign is Sagittarius.

    But your sun sign will be Scorpio as per vedic astrology calculations. I can understand this can be confusing to many of our users and we should be doing something to make astrology a lot more fun and easy for end users.

    At this time we prefer vedic astrology for personlized birth charts because this system makes it a lot easier to predict major future events including marriages, progeny and longevity of a person.

  13. Profile photo of cosmickisses
    cosmickisses 5 years ago

    @vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae Ok I now understand. I retract my comments and eat my words.  Uranus aspects my natal 3rd house. Shocking!!

  14. Profile photo of Marlo
    Marlo 12 months ago

    Totally fits!

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