Libra Yearly Horoscope 2016

You may look up for spiritual acts/journeys and busy connecting mind to your heart and/or desires. You may also get involved in certain secret and private activities. You find yourself serving others and works that yield no direct benefits to you. However, this also provides you an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and this change in attitude shall yield solid gains by next year.

As your sincerity and maturity dominates your thoughts as well as actions, a serene calm prevails; the ruffled nature is ironed out as you probe deeper into your own self. You now hold your expenses efficiently and face on wastage or unnecessary outflow. You invest at the right place and you spend for the right purpose. There are very bleak chances of your failing and everything that takes place now is for your benefit.

Limitations and restrictions make things uncomfortable and depressing for you. Exercise maximum control and do not allow yourself to lose your temper as you stand to risk things and gains you earned lately. Your health and enemies both need your attention. Avoid brushing things beneath the rug and take things head-on. Be careful to wrap up things nicely paying attention to details.

Gratification and happiness prevails as this is an excellent time to relish luxuries and comforts. Monetary gains are likely and you may also be rewarded with perks and bonuses. Your hard work and determination take you places and you count on a raise both in status and self-image. Make sure to cut down your unnecessary expenses to enhance your resources for significant purposes. Well-versed and considerate decisions taken now will help to overcome discontentment.

You have a rosy and brighter time now as this an excellent phase for self-growth and progress. Every aspect of life favors you and you get success in every attempt you make. As you are now in the best of health and spirits, this is the time to revive your passion, nurture your talents and start something new and different. You now get support and appreciation even from your erstwhile foes. The world is at your feet today!

You may experience demands to bring plans and strategy into being, and to make them work. Certain thoughtfulness in your attitude and clarity in mind is all what you need now. Now all of this could be related to acquaintances, connections and even siblings, and these relationships may be edgy as a result. You may feel an extraordinary difficulty to organize your time and effort, and you tend to cut out pointless communication and activities.

You’ll tend to prioritize everything and as a result will be highly efficient and productive in your work. Your truthfulness and power of judgment is admired and respected by every single person. New experiences, dreams and ideas are all favored. There is a strong indication of accomplishing something solid by the end of this year. At least, you’ll have gained understanding of what to focus and how to be highly effective.

You now learn to love unconditionally and irrevocably; no complaints and no demands. You just love for the sake of love! Your honesty and acceptance of differences intensify the intimacy of your relationship bringing your soul mate closer to you. As your sincerity and maturity dominates your thoughts as well as actions today, a serene calm prevails; the ruffled nature is ironed out as you probe deeper into your own self.

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steelnlace (@steelnlace) : November 16th, 2008

Amazingly accurate. I salute your intuition and intelligence.

Sapam ichangba meetei (@Sapam ichangba meetei) : October 4th, 2009

Your comment… I want to know how can i success my life and financial position

no fear (@no fear) : August 12th, 2010

Iwant to know how can i success my life and financial position.

cindy conlon (@cindy conlon) : January 9th, 2011

i want to get things right and not be afraid to love

Mohammad Javed (@Mohammad Javed) : February 4th, 2011

please tell me my future and my stone.i am a shopkeper.

Game over (@Game over) : February 26th, 2011

Overseas relation is true. I like a girl who came from overseas to my college and lets see if we can get into a relation…..

(@) : October 20th, 2011
Profile Photo

still m finding my soulmate. I didnt get any hint of it. I am into a business nd still struglng 4rm last six months, whereas my co rivals are beneftng much..
Suggest somethng about dis

larryjames21 (@larryjames21) : April 1st, 2016
Profile Photo

You can\’t be afraid to get hurt, just have to be free and take the risk… @cindy conlon

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