Libra Yearly Horoscope 2015

Surely an excellent time for all round growth and fruition of your projects/efforts. Opportunities related to rewards, recognition, offers and promotions may surround you this year. This can be a time in which you reach new highs in career, business or social circles. Also, this is an excellent time to flourish your hobbies and turn them into profitable business. Decision makers and prominent people tend to look upon you favorably and as a result you excel in your endeavors and surpass all expectations.

Love is in the air, in form of affairs, marriages, partnerships, friendships and arrival of new members in family and social circles. You must learn to keep your egos aside and let relationships flourish smoothly and easily. You’ll have support of friends and loved ones at the time you need them most, in fact they’ll help you in achieving your dreams and hopes. For the most part you enjoy weaving and dreaming a bright future and even accomplishing the impossible will become possible.

You may have to work a lot harder and gain/growth through self-efforts is unlikely, but nothing to worry about as you will benefit through partnerships. Be prepared to push things harder as what you need now, may not come so easily. The preliminary sense of feeling unproven can be disappointing despite all the blood and toil you put into things. The best part is that you’ll learn to draw up considerable strength from within.

You are now more flexible with the environment around you making things easier and smoother for you. The choices that you make today shall reap great benefits. All this for your personal good as at the end of the year you’ll be highly confident and emerge as one of the people who “make things happen”. Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it!

A great delight of bonhomie prevails as all your desires are fulfilled and your ecstasy knows no limitations. A sense of security is entrenched at emotional level as well as financial one. Find time for your hobbies, entertainment and leisure activities and live your life on your conditions. Your reputation is on stake now and even your minor mistakes can get your fame and gain soiled. Avoid the carrot and the stick approach and try to find permanence in your work and surroundings.

You tend to find out new meaning to life, and are notably ready for self-development and understanding the real person inside you. This is the right time to find out who you really are and expand the lines that you never longed to cross before. You experience a direct connection of heart with your loved ones and also with your deepest desires. You sense self-gratification now, follow your heart and discover the new opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

Love and romance come in forefront as you spend some very pleasant and memorable moments. To love and to be loved unconditionally is the only thing on your mind at the moment. There could also be a new development in terms of partnerships, collaborations or legal documents pertaining to these. Variety is the spice of life so be flexible and adaptable to new developments that are in store for you. Surprises are waiting for you!

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steelnlace (@steelnlace) : November 16th, 2008

Amazingly accurate. I salute your intuition and intelligence.

Sapam ichangba meetei (@Sapam ichangba meetei) : October 4th, 2009

Your comment… I want to know how can i success my life and financial position

no fear (@no fear) : August 12th, 2010

Iwant to know how can i success my life and financial position.

cindy conlon (@cindy conlon) : January 9th, 2011

i want to get things right and not be afraid to love

Mohammad Javed (@Mohammad Javed) : February 4th, 2011

please tell me my future and my stone.i am a shopkeper.

Game over (@Game over) : February 26th, 2011

Overseas relation is true. I like a girl who came from overseas to my college and lets see if we can get into a relation…..

(@) : October 20th, 2011
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still m finding my soulmate. I didnt get any hint of it. I am into a business nd still struglng 4rm last six months, whereas my co rivals are beneftng much..
Suggest somethng about dis

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