Daily Love Horoscope For Scorpio


Love Horoscope for December 03, 2016

You discover the emotional side of your nature as you desire to be with your near and dear ones. Your beloved is also pampered by your tender emotions and you may enjoy some really romantic time with each other. You feel extra protective towards your dependents and loved ones. Loving energy is just part of your overall personality. You might be quiet and introspective; or you might be outgoing and playful; or maybe you’re serious and goal focused. That’s all great and part of what makes you unique.

  1. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle 6 years ago

    @arpit123 What’s your zodiac sign??

  2. Profile photo of street80
    street80 5 years ago

    If a Scorpio male opens up to you emotionally but holds back sexually, does that mean he just wants to be friends?

  3. Profile photo of street80
    street80 5 years ago

    i’m a leo

  4. Profile photo of venicequeen90
    venicequeen90 5 years ago

    hello 🙂
    What are the chances of a Scorpio girl getting in a romance with a Virgo guy, in March this year? What is compatibility between them? Thanks a lot!

  5. Profile photo of Kells2468
    Kells2468 3 years ago

    Will my Scorpio ex have me back I’m a virgo , he said he loved me so much but he thought I didn’t have time for him 

  6. Profile photo of Panda-bears
    Panda-bears 3 years ago

    So I read my horoscope everyday and sometimes twice a day. I am really crushing on this city and I know that he feels the same way. I just don’t know what to do. I fell for him hard and I want us to be in a relationship but I don’t know if he feels the same way. How do I aproach the subject? 

  7. Profile photo of Panda-bears
    Panda-bears 3 years ago

    Am a Scorpio by the way

  8. Profile photo of Jannahhannah
    Jannahhannah 2 years ago

    I am an aries woman in love with a Scorpio men since age 12 we dated for 6 years,than he broke up with me for a Virgo but didn’t stay with her long. But anyway it’s been about 7 years since we dated. Resently I seen him at a party and he couldnt keep his eyes off me,he said that because of me he couldn’t move on but he was at the party with his girlfriend who’s a pieces. I am confused because it seem to me he moved on, anyway I seen him a month after and still he could not stop looking and smiling at me, we slept together but didn’t have sex the next moring we cookes breakfast together. he had got a call about a new job so he had to leave but he told me “I’ll be right back”, me being an aries I told him ” I wasn’t going to be there when he gets back” and in a sad way he said ” ard yo” but then I felt bad because I really wanted to say ” stay and never leave me again” but I got scared he”ll leave again and didn’t say what I really wanted to say. Can someone tell me if you think he love me or not.

  9. Profile photo of yeliga14
    yeliga14 2 years ago

    I have a question. Are most Scorpio the jealous type? 

  10. Profile photo of ConfusedScorpioWomen
    ConfusedScorpioWomen 2 years ago

    been struggling with a relationship with a sag for 6 of the 11 years we have been together. We have to handsome boys now and since my youngest which is 8 months now was born it seems like he just isnt here to help with the kids or me and doesnt want to grow up and be financially responsible or responsible for anything really…. I have expressed my feelings to him and he tries and does better for awhile then goes back to the same routine over and over again. it seems we constantly argue and bicker at each other. i feel that things will never change and he wont grow up to meet my qoute expectations… im not sure i love him or if its just a sense of familarity that i feel now and not sure if i should leave him….and recently i have made contact with a male capricorn to which i have had feelings for sometime now since he have been talking again i cant help but to think that he is my soul mate he makes me feel in ways my current mate has never made me feel and i havent been emotionally connected to my mate for some years because of his anger outbursts and attitude which has made me sad and depressed… and this capricorn male makes me happier than i have been in what seems like forever. im so confused with my emotions and life right now i just feel like im stuck in limbo….anyone have advice to help me?

  11. Profile photo of ConfusedScorpioWomen
    ConfusedScorpioWomen 2 years ago

    also im a scorpio female btw sorry forgot to mention that

  12. Profile photo of Viju.J
    Viju.J 2 years ago

    Am i scorpio…. And madly in love with a gemimi…he does not show his feelings to was me and am kind of confuessed about our relationship

  13. Profile photo of
    misstery 10 months ago

    @yeliga14 no. Our eyes just tend to portray a \’mocking\’ look. We couldn\’t care less about anything you have unless you cross us with an insensitive thing you\’ve said.

  14. Profile photo of
    misstery 10 months ago

    @Kells2468 Virgos tend to be more logical in thinking, which scorpio tends to take as a sign of \’aloofness\’. Just talk things out with him. I know. Trust me. Am a scorpio with a virgo mom.

  15. Profile photo of abhiyanara
    abhiyanara 6 months ago

    Im a virgo girl and my bf is a scorpio but he is so far from me hr always think im talking to somone and he think i leave him

  16. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    @Kells2468….I don’t know whether you both are together or not. ..but trust me. …if you really love him. ..and he hasn’t been moved on. ..u still hv a fair chance to be with him. ..a scorpio loves till his breath’s end. ….just express him how much you love. ..and don’t get involved wd others …or even critisize…be honest. ….he will be yours …

  17. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    @abhiyanara I had d same feeling. ..as every scorpio is an insecure being. …..if u consider dis as a way of loving u more. .mk him secured. …pmper him. ..be honest. .and if lv truly don’t get suffocated. …when u two are committed. .he will tk this normally. …share and discuss as much as possible wd him. …no doubt he will be  the most precious one in your lyf.

  18. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    Virgo and scorpio both are kindered souls. …if nurtured together they can mk an heavenly relationship together….this is surreal. …virgos are fickle minded. ..whereas scorpio are deeply insecured of being lonely. …understanding and negotiating a lil mk things perfect …

  19. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    @ConfusedScorpioWomena Capricorn girl used to be my best mate. ….trust me they are good in communication ..way too intelligent. ..they are mini Google smtms. …and above all they are fun. ..but relationship is dominant -submissive type …they tend to be  dominant in position. So be careful. ..u may get much hurt. …than previous one whn ur liberty is lost

  20. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    Gemini girls are always pain in butt. ..my friend says ‘cipher distortion ‘….be aware scorpions 

  21. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    @street80he is holding back cz he is very much cautious about he’s doing right things or not . .or right choice or not. ..sex  for scorpio is nvr casual. ..it takes lots of emotions to get dere ……they don’t until they love you 100%….get his love. .den plz think about sex. ….it will be unforgettable. .

  22. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    Now my ques. ….I hv been in love  (one sided )so long ago. …then after 5 yrs crushed on smone which went away quickly …ok. …then smthing happened  I  never expected. ..a Virgo guy. ..came to my life. ..It cmpltly changed everything. ..felt so much stable. ..but yes I had insecurities that he ud leave me for others. ..it’s natural cz I need to find my ground in a prolonged process. ..we both love each other till now. .but r sprtd a yr ago. ..for I Dn knw y…still kicking me dt. ..I feel him strangely …telepathicaly..like. .wen he is feeling me and all…even I dreamt him so mny tms. .maximum tm he talked to me felt small spiritual cnctn…may be sound cranky…… ..bt…is He my soulmate? ???

  23. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    Some *spiritual conctn

  24. Profile photo of
    Sutithi 2 months ago

    And I cn feel he is feeling me right now…I seriously can’t live without him..for the sake of this love. .I want him badly to come back

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