Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Love horoscope for period May 28, 2016 to June 3, 2016

This week keep you distracted with the things that require your attention. Intellectually different week as your mind will be preoccupied with someone or something rather than what it should focus on. The distraction will keep you away from the things or person and you may fail to give importance to someone whose love you trying to attain.

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of leaning and your curiosity will bring the best of you. Try to manage daily errands and focus on important things and people. If you still not able to manage it, reach and consult your siblings, friends, colleagues for help. Probably they can help you in discovering ways that can solve your problem of distraction. Very soon, you realize yourself out from this sight and getting back to the matters of the heart.

The time demands you to ask for assistance from others so don’t hesitate or think otherwise. You may either be less motivated for the task on hand or cannot stay on to it. This will make you jump on quick and hasty decisions or simply merry go round in the end. Hence, take help for yourself and who knows you may be a source of advice to someone else.

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Dilshan (@Dilshan) : July 24th, 2010

from 27 days she is not talking with me due to some reasons…………she will talk with me or not give me reply sir or madam

auri (@auri) : September 18th, 2010

how many times are you going to write the same forecast. this seems like a copy for atleast 4 weeks in a row. the love horoscope and the weekly are the same thing.

jen (@jen) : October 2nd, 2010

maybe they are using the same last weeks weekly horoscope because it can be applied to this week also?

h (@h) : November 13th, 2010

woe. this weeks is ON POINT

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