Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Love horoscope for period September 24, 2016 to September 30, 2016

“But we are strong, each in our purpose, and we are all more strong together.” ? Bram Stoker. If you are in love then be prepared for some rough walk ahead. The realm of heart rules you in all spheres. Be ready to experience the rare composition of love and hatred. Even though the path would be difficult to cover but you would get through owing to your wise concerns. But if the difficulties still persist, you might prefer using the extreme unlikeness to your advantage. You might have an argument with your lover which would be taken care of well by a following heated intimate session between you two.

It is beneficial to send some quality time together. Competition needs to be balanced well with assistance and cooperation. It is better to give up your ego at times when it is about resolving some discords. Learn to take the gust of situations wisely and let people around you know that you perceive what they say well. Tackle things that come your way with positivity. An understanding between you and your lover is the ultimate key to winning personal battles. Step forth not alone but together as a couple to be a winner.

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Dilshan (@Dilshan) : July 24th, 2010

from 27 days she is not talking with me due to some reasons…………she will talk with me or not give me reply sir or madam

auri (@auri) : September 18th, 2010

how many times are you going to write the same forecast. this seems like a copy for atleast 4 weeks in a row. the love horoscope and the weekly are the same thing.

jen (@jen) : October 2nd, 2010

maybe they are using the same last weeks weekly horoscope because it can be applied to this week also?

h (@h) : November 13th, 2010

woe. this weeks is ON POINT

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