Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Love horoscope for period March 28, 2015 to April 3, 2015

Now is not the right time to seek out that bond you’ve been looking for in love or any other extreme interest for that matter. Let things lie and just go with the flow for a while. The wrong move could mean bitter results with love, life, finances or any other investment of your time, money or emotions.

No need for insecurities. Try not to question your feelings at this time, just be yourself and don’t try to conquer the world. Keep things at a steady pace as you evaluate your career, investments and your future. It’s your best bet.

At least for now, concentrate on keeping your passions steady even if faced with an emotional chemistry you feel may be worth exploring or touching. Such outside stimulus could be hazardous to the actual results you are striving for. That sexual intimacy you crave with that certain someone can wait. Figure out yourself before you figure out how you can pair with that certain someone. It is so easy to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love, but it’s not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it… in our hands.

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Dilshan (@Dilshan) : July 24th, 2010

from 27 days she is not talking with me due to some reasons…………she will talk with me or not give me reply sir or madam

auri (@auri) : September 18th, 2010

how many times are you going to write the same forecast. this seems like a copy for atleast 4 weeks in a row. the love horoscope and the weekly are the same thing.

jen (@jen) : October 2nd, 2010

maybe they are using the same last weeks weekly horoscope because it can be applied to this week also?

h (@h) : November 13th, 2010

woe. this weeks is ON POINT

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