Weekly Horoscope For Aries

  1. s.s.ali April 17th, 2017

    Do I have a chance to become a GRADE A officer in my field

  2. Lakshmi gouthami godavari January 30th, 2017

    Same question just like gaganmohan and tq to write what is happening to me as if ur beside me

  3. Profile photo of todd lee
    todd lee September 3rd, 2016

    Sounds like it’s on track with me

  4. Profile photo of Rabail_Malik
    Rabail_Malik December 22nd, 2014

    Its nice. Exactly what’s happening these days to me.

  5. Profile photo of gaganmohan
    gaganmohan January 13th, 2013

    ask oracle team,
    isnt the horoscope for aries weekly for this week self contadictory … it talks about gains coming in and also says the measures done regarding work may prove to be self defeating and counter productive ?
    please clarify

  6. Profile photo of aries40
    aries40 June 24th, 2012

    In a Relationship and seeing a Married Taurus off and On never able to spend time or evn see each other away from work cuz he always says he doesn’t know how to make it happen and he doesn’t wnna lie abt wherre he’s gng etc.. We’ve only had sex 3 times and it was at wrk 10 min. A pop or less and I never even had an orgasm. He always does. My quest is he always pops in and out like he’s takin a break from me and it’s always a bullshit excuse abt his mom or other family issues. Now he did anthr dissapearing acthaven’t tt him in 2wks then las wk sends me a tex askin why he aint heard from me. I sent a text back tellin him I’m following his lead… Aint heard from him since.. Quest is he wants me to chase him doesn’t he I believe he likes to make sure he still has a place so he can keep doing the same bullshit. Do I just say f… It or play the game.. Thing is I really like him and its’s hard to to fall or even know if he cares as much as he says he does… What do I do???

  7. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle May 29th, 2011

    @lizlemon We welcome criticism as its helps us keep moving and improving.

    The horoscopes are generated and updated automatically with planet Mercury cycles and other relevant aspects. This helps us to have an objective approach in our astrological analysis. Its fairly accurate too.

    So yes horoscopes are repeated from time to time without compromising their correctness. Our users can rely on them. 🙂

  8. Profile photo of
    LizLemon May 28th, 2011

    This is all such a crock of sh*t it’s truly LAUGHABLE!
    This “horoscope” is cut and paste crap from 2009, so much so that it doesn’t even make sense…you can see it clearly starts in the middle of some other paragraph somewhere!

    Time to hang it up “Oracle”.

  9. Profile photo of littlebit123
    littlebit123 May 12th, 2011

    dont know my longtuid or or other help would like to be a member st. johns n.f.l.d. 04 05 1956 am

  10. farshid March 12th, 2011

    or live

  11. farshid March 12th, 2011

    iran tehran

  12. pallavi February 19th, 2011

    I would like to know my horoscope my date is 13/4/1965

  13. Profile photo of
    Bozz January 10th, 2011

    Your description of relationsship between and Aries(me) and a Libre(her) are just my dream and so much me – phewww hope it comes true. It was very exact.
    Big hugs from me and thanks

  14. De Ja Vu February 14th, 2010

    The people downstairs have no style, and yet insist on turning the volume up on cringe music. Should I murder them both and blame it on the neighbours?

  15. Adebayo michael January 27th, 2010

    What are d thing 2 do as an aries 2 improve my life 4 good

  16. huraima December 7th, 2009

    i tnk lfe is notng bt an empty dream…………

  17. huraima December 7th, 2009

    i tnk lfe is notng bt an empty dream…………

  18. michelle August 24th, 2009

    when can i ask you a few questions ?

  19. Your name July 27th, 2009

    Right on. I do feel that life is more than things.

  20. Peggy June 29th, 2009

    I really appreciate ask oracle horoscopes because they are positive and they really seem to fit me at this time in life. Because I am a cusp, I have had, in the past to be included as a Taurus. You count me as an Aries, I like that. I actually read both most days. Yours is the best horoscope service I have found.

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