Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2014

You may attempt to get rid of irregularities and habits/addiction. You realize that a disciplined life yields much more benefits and an edge over others. You may also try to look at world and yourself from a different angle/perspective. Your strengths and weaknesses would also be thoroughly evaluated, resulting in a stronger/confident YOU. The end result is a new found identity and a realistic understanding of your own limitations, and your capabilities as well.

You are now inclined to do a thorough scrutiny of your physical and emotional being and some of you are likely to get involved in health programs. Your perspective on life changes to be a more somber and dependable person. In the beginning of the year, you may feel annoyed with yourself, let down, and missing in self-assurance.

Your need for communication with your colleagues and kinfolk makes you appear scattered. Your mind tends to be impatient, easily uninterested, and you find it difficult to focus on one particular task. You are now restless about your love relationship and feel emotionally detached. Expect and accept changes that come your way, do something different but avoid exceeding your limits. Keep hope as medicine and expectation as your tonic to achieve success.

Success comes at a price, and this year you pay in form of excess of work and no fun/enjoyment and pleasures/romance. Issues related to children may popup and may demand your extra attention. By the end of the year, you will appreciate the “real” pleasures and may also strike a cord with someone very special. Your social circle would expand at a high pace and you’ll have a chance to meet unusual and extraordinary people.

It may happen that new relationships demand so much of your time that you tend to avoid/ignore old friends and relations. Some of you may feel unloved and ignored, or may be others see this side of yours. The nice part is that you’ll learn to love yourself and emerge out more confident and carefree.

Your ethics are highly respected by the society and you can certainly count on a raise both in status and your own self image. Expect and accept changes that come your way, do something different but avoid exceeding your limits. You are unstoppable now and move ahead determinedly, as all your steps seem to be taking you to your coveted position in your community.

Romance comes in front in its full magnanimity as romantic thoughts stimulate your senses and you feel irresistible rush of love for your beloved. Your wisdom is adored by everyone as you get the opportunity to learn many things now. Your greed to be in limelight and your desire to get appreciated makes you fall for even off beam actions. Think twice before acting because what you sow; will you reap.

Some of you may suffer through loss of social identity and status as your reputation is spoiled by your unwise actions and even enemies. As your life plays in a slow mode you miss out on greater chances that may offer you greater opportunities. Some of you may need to deal with issues regarding law since some legal problems may crop up anytime.

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Pankaj Prasoon (@Pankaj Prasoon) : April 1st, 2008

Nice and precise words.keep it up

hem (@hem) : May 28th, 2008

very good and to the point

DOLORES (@DOLORES) : May 29th, 2008


craig rogers (@craig rogers) : January 20th, 2009

i am very concern financially because so many promisese froe physchic friends all over the world and nothing i mean nothing no money from unexpected sourcese ect

Raj Bikram Ghimire (@Raj Bikram Ghimire) : May 11th, 2009

exactly correct!

L Fernandes (@L Fernandes) : June 1st, 2009

Very good site…I feel it is perfect.

agnes (@agnes) : December 23rd, 2009

you are foreseen my future exactly that i planned.i am leo and appreciate

Monica (@Monica) : December 30th, 2009

Interesting… Of course, I’ll have to see how the year turns out, but this is exactly how I imagined my year being. I want to expand my knowledge… everything is pretty on point. Thanks.

boo (@boo) : February 7th, 2010

This site is so ignroant.

peter (@peter) : June 18th, 2010

Yes, totally on point. I’ve had to do a lot of travelling this year to serve my country. In the process i’ve met a lot of people many of whom i intend to make my friends for life. I’ve also had to learn a lot in terms of dealing with people, new languages, cultures… n what have u. Good job guys!

tapan (@tapan) : June 24th, 2010

this site is very help me for knowing about my career and personal things.

Jeannie Rowe (@mamajeanone) : January 2nd, 2011
Avatar Image

So far It sounds good,but I will have to see.Sounds good.

Phindile (@Phindile) : January 13th, 2011

Its straight d point in many aspcts of my life as a cancerian but stil struggle to get my head around my 2011 love life pretty confusing i must say

deepali (@deepali) : February 11th, 2011

well,thank u so much, for sayin the things nobody’s ever said.

marco (@marco) : April 4th, 2011

i have to take a dump.

zavirosa (@kurog7) : July 30th, 2012
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for me it is very accurate and precise. thank you so much and more power

tariq nesser ( : October 22nd, 2013
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this is exilent i would like to prefer every one

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