Leo Yearly Horoscope 2017

You’ll be presented with educational, travel and communication opportunities this year and you are likely to make most of it. You are advised to invest your time in “adding value” to your existing skill set and learn new things as well. You’ll benefit (gifts, inheritance and opportunities) through short trips, messages and communication with acquaintances and social circle. There will be expansion in career and wealth.

Success comes at a price, and this year you pay in form of excess of work and no fun/enjoyment and pleasures/romance. Issues related to children may popup and may demand your extra attention. By the end of the year, you will appreciate the “real” pleasures and may also strike a cord with someone very special. Your social circle would expand at a high pace and you’ll have a chance to meet unusual and extraordinary people.

It may happen that new relationships demand so much of your time that you tend to avoid/ignore old friends and relations. Some of you may feel unloved and ignored, or may be others see this side of yours. The nice part is that you’ll learn to love yourself and emerge out more confident and carefree.

Your ethics are highly respected by the society and you can certainly count on a raise both in status and your own self image. Expect and accept changes that come your way, do something different but avoid exceeding your limits. You are unstoppable now and move ahead determinedly, as all your steps seem to be taking you to your coveted position in your community.

You are mentally very active, so that your work goes very smoothly indeed. But your mind tends to be impatient sometimes and you feel more interested in your hobbies rather than work/studies. This is a perfect time to visit family and have lucid communication with siblings, friends and neighbors. Keep your morals high and plan for the future possibilities before making any commitments. Overall, you seek pleasure in communicating, learning, and socializing.

Interpersonal relationships make for pleasant times and you involve yourself in stimulating conversations with your lover. New avenues and opportunities unfurl, excitement runs high, new ideas come to you and you might embark upon an adventure trip to pursue your dreams. There is a stroke of luck, success in ventures and joy in both marital and domestic life. If you’re in writing, publishing or intellectual works, you will find loads of opportunities and your creative juices flow amazingly.

You tend to find out new meaning to life, and are notably ready for self-development and understanding the real person inside you. This is the right time to find out who you really are and expand the lines that you never longed to cross before. You experience a direct connection of heart with your loved ones and also with your deepest desires. You sense self-gratification now, follow your heart and discover the new opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

So to sum up — Love and romance come in forefront as you spend some very pleasant and memorable moments. To love and to be loved unconditionally is the only thing on your mind at the moment. There could also be a new development in terms of partnerships, collaborations or legal documents pertaining to these. Variety is the spice of life so be flexible and adaptable to new developments that are in store for you. Surprises are waiting for you!

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  1. Victoria January 17th, 2017

    its only been a few weeks into the year and i already felt 80% of these things! I’m super happy with this ! thank you

  2. Maud January 8th, 2017

    Thank you so much

  3. Profile photo of
    friendly April 26th, 2013

    this is true i like it 

  4. Profile photo of cool111
    cool111 February 24th, 2013

    my love result ?

  5. Profile photo of prihobe
    prihobe September 21st, 2011

    I am trying to conceive from last 6 month.will i be able to conceive this year?

  6. jatin December 27th, 2010

    hey i have planned to study abroad in U.K in feb intake ..will i will be able to go abroad for studies

  7. anup December 10th, 2010

    when will i get married

  8. Maria November 9th, 2010

    Will i have. A baby this year?

  9. camille December 28th, 2009

    Hi, willI find the job of my life this year, as I have been looking for job and so far nothing

  10. Kim November 12th, 2009

    Will i have a baby this year?>

  11. Oyedun olaide March 22nd, 2009

    Hi would you Please tell my date of birth.i think i’m a leo

  12. muhammad ali January 26th, 2009

    hi would you please tell my date of birth.and tell me when i will go abroad.i will wait for your kind email,thank you.
    with best regards Muhammad ali

  13. Meera August 18th, 2008

    what about my career in this year 2008

  14. manisha pillai July 5th, 2008

    this year my marrige time . who is he? how can possible. i want ihave intrested to love marrige .is it possible.

  15. O.K. January 8th, 2008

    Any forecast on potential legal issue?

  16. tekchand January 4th, 2008

    about my career

  17. lovely January 3rd, 2008

    i am student .what is there in store for me in this year.

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