Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2014

There may be new sources of income by long distance travel or by reaching a wider audience (or customers). So the best investment would be in knowledge and education and the returns would be in the form of higher confidence, faith in oneself and possibilities in life. You have a tendency to become more intellectually curious, and educational matters go well. You are open to learning, particularly from unexpected (or uncommon) places and people.

Now this type of learning may have a “mystical or spiritual” impact on you, and at times you may feel puzzled about everything. But as time passes by, you’ll realize that this was best thing that could’ve happen to you. Progress by leaps and bounds in business is to be expected through connection with foreigners and acquaintances. The hilarious part here is that it all comes by itself, intuitively. Yeah, sometimes things just happen.

Your personality and spirit both experience positive vibes as you look at your jovial side and cultivate it gracefully. For you it’s a time for living interaction, tenderness, concern and high moral values. You simply make things good, if not wonderful. Your desire to craft, and to exhibit your flair also helps you to discover your hidden aspects. Attempt and achieve, blossom your way!

You may attempt to get rid of irregularities and habits/addiction. You realize that a disciplined life yields much more benefits and an edge over others. You may also try to look at world and yourself from a different angle/perspective. Your strengths and weaknesses would also be thoroughly evaluated, resulting in a stronger/confident YOU. The end result is a new found identity and a realistic understanding of your own limitations, and your capabilities as well.
You are now inclined to do a thorough scrutiny of your physical and emotional being and some of you are likely to get involved in health programs. Your perspective on life changes to be a more somber and dependable person. In the beginning of the year, you may feel annoyed with yourself, let down, and missing in self-assurance.

Your need for communication with your colleagues and kinfolk makes you appear scattered. Your mind tends to be impatient, easily uninterested, and you find it difficult to focus on one particular task. You are now restless about your love relationship and feel emotionally detached. Expect and accept changes that come your way, do something different but avoid exceeding your limits. Keep hope as medicine and expectation as your tonic to achieve success.

You tend to find out new meaning to life, and are notably ready for self-development and understanding the real person inside you. This is the right time to find out who you really are and expand the lines that you never longed to cross before. You experience a direct connection of heart with your loved ones and also with your deepest desires. You sense self-gratification now, follow your heart and discover the new opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

Love and romance come in forefront as you spend some very pleasant and memorable moments. To love and to be loved unconditionally is the only thing on your mind at the moment. There could also be a new development in terms of partnerships, collaborations or legal documents pertaining to these. Variety is the spice of life so be flexible and adaptable to new developments that are in store for you. Surprises are waiting for you!

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Michele (@Michele) : December 18th, 2007

Yeah, I’ve been waiting for a long time when this heap of money will starting coming!
I’ve been the sole breadwinner to a family of 4 that I even lost count of the # of years.
My spouse has not been able to help. Just looking forward to ease the burden.

bal (@bal) : January 14th, 2008

Though I have been getting a very good flow of money through a business, it has always been a struggle for the past 2 years to save a substantial amount. Is there anyone who can advise me if I can save for future plans at least this year.

g (@g) : December 30th, 2008

May God protect and bless all Scorpios…we are so special and good hearted…yet misunderstand. May 2009 bring us the strength of the eagle and transformational powers of the phoenix…We will be blessed!

Mukesh Ambokar (@Mukesh Ambokar) : February 15th, 2009

my life is very hearted what my life is seatle i daily disturb and my job is wear setal

nabil (@nabil) : July 17th, 2009

well l hope money will inflow because l lost too much money in the past 3 years . l m broke.

ankur (@ankur) : October 9th, 2009

will i get marry soon? can i get/ find a good girl in my life? pl ans

lisa (@lisa) : January 25th, 2010

I hope this year 2010! Brings Joy, Joy, & more Joy. I have had a mess of financial burdens not only for myself my family had to suffer, my spending was sickening. I have wasted too much. I don’t want to waste anymore. I have learned from this sincerely. Thanks for listening.

Ayush (@Ayush) : March 28th, 2010

Haha i like michele’s comment!!Being a scorpio, Im waiting for that heap of money too!! Never comes, does it?

jhumki (@jhumki) : June 9th, 2010

waiting for things to settle down a bit…..its bin too eventful to last me for a whole lifetime…hope my god is listening to dis!!!!!!!!!!

vinod (@vinod) : August 28th, 2010

All my efforts are not paying off, all decision that i take are not paying off, am being betrayed and cheated several times, family is opposing my marriage with the girl whom I Love, looking for a career oriented job since last 2 years,putting my die hard effort, but have always been not considered. The life is getting into hell day-by-day…How long now do I have to wait…? The patience is going down ??

Arun (@Arun) : October 6th, 2010

Frm 2009 june onwards i’m in weak money lacks business falls,etc…failure faiths but confident stills

Ella (@Ella) : January 12th, 2011

Hello fellow scorpios sounds like we’re all having a touch time. The last five years have been very messy for me, things are slowly starting to improve. 2011 looks like it’ll be the year to consolidate everything. Chins up Scorpios – if anyone can deal with problems – we certainly can!!

Manjita (@Manjita) : April 29th, 2011
Avatar Image

Till now i didnt save the money,i went out on 2009..but still i cant save the money and cant make my future,i didnt get someone to whom i can trust,i want to know that in which year i can do something great,i was in Kolkata for 5 month i was working in call center i cant save anything my salary was less,and i came in delhi on 2010 may 26,i earn but i have to send to my parents and to my dede…so now i thought that i will go to bangalore..please tell me what i will do..

Blanca (@Anguiano1105) : January 12th, 2014
Avatar Image

Will I get pregnant this year?

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