Daily Horoscope For Virgo


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      Hello, my question is that I have a deal with one whiteman since September 22, 2019 but till now I have not received my items from him is a spiritual item to be precise. Please what date months should I receives my item I want to know precise day.

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  34. Ingrid Pope April 17th, 2020

    I have a question the Corona Virus will it leave us soon. Will the Virus stop in June.
    Will return to my job or should I leave to retire

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  37. Adrianna April 5th, 2020

    The love of my life recently passed away, we’ve been together since 2012 it’s now 2020 he passed away March 5th 2020 and we have our handsome baby boy he’s 3 . My husband was my everything we were like Bonnie and Clyde and romeo and Juliet. Iambroken from his absence . He was Ina blink. I’m so lonely and lost nobody could ever fillthatwhole in my heart , he is irraplacable , one of a kind. I am so lonely and lost and I secure please tell what I should do and awaits in my futurehow can I become comfortable with someone again

  38. James Samuel March 28th, 2020

    Who is my guiding angle

  39. Corinna March 22nd, 2020

    My knight in shining armor passed away suddenly what does the future hold

    • Seleem March 22nd, 2020

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  41. Jesse January 7th, 2020

    I had someone close to me for 6 years, we were friends but there was always something more.. we never dated in those 6 years because the situation was never right. When we finally did date for 2 years things were magical at first.. then it grew toxic when my partner gained a wandering eye, speaking to exes and known crushes, and started losing interest and blaming me for their stress on life. It drove me crazy and I acted out and we fought bad. It became physical a few times. Eventually we broke up and now they have been back with their ex, left them and have been with two others since. It’s been less than a year since we broke up. I miss their friendship, I wish sometimes we never dated and I remained naive to all the heartache their “stress” put me through.. are our fates still intertwined after all this time together? Will I ever see them again? Hear from them again? Will they always blame me.. and never see the wrong they did? .. Did I ever even matter to them? I am a virgo and they were a Scorpio.

  42. John December 9th, 2019

    Im sexually attracted to someone younger than me, what are the chances of it happening, I’m a Virgo and she is a. Taurus

    • Sidemmione Wilson January 7th, 2020

      It can happen but that is all you will get out of the situation if you are looking for love with this person look elsewhere she is not the fit

  43. Astroswamig November 27th, 2019

    I am Virgo and want to know about my future. Show me the right path

  44. Abdullahi Bakari November 11th, 2019

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  45. Bismark November 2nd, 2019

    As a Virgo with M in my palms what does that mean.

  46. ekaetteedet1979 October 3rd, 2019

    Pls I want to know if I will make it financially in life because the way things are hard, I’m just fade up. I’ve been into soccer betting without winning? Will I win a huge sum of money someday or soon or does my future and financial breathrough lie in another source?

  47. AstroTalk August 30th, 2019

    Time of the year when the Virgo season has arrived! The year will indeed have a lot of surprises and will be filled with potential positiveness which will out cast all the negativity from an individual’s life.

  48. Monica Frost August 22nd, 2019

    My grandpha died to Day.

    • William Viles October 11th, 2019

      my mom passed away and my dad passed away and I was wondering if they made it to heaven that’s all I wanted to know I’ve been searching for this answer for the longest time if you could please give me a call so I can close this up I will and I would like to know if you knew where my sister was living at that Erica and let me know how to get a hold of her thank you

  49. Md Yousuf July 21st, 2019

    My wife return come back surrounding with my home return situations

  50. Mahek June 14th, 2019

    I want to go to aiims college will I be able to go??

  51. Mawupemor June 4th, 2019

    I want to know if the guy am dating right now is my husband

  52. Vaishnavi May 22nd, 2019

    Can you please predict my day?can you please tell me if I will be able to clear and accomplish my dreams ?Will I end up being happy !?

  53. Tonie May 21st, 2019

    You are my enemies?

  54. Aziz May 14th, 2019

    Who’s my enemy ?

  55. Aziz May 14th, 2019

    I’d like to know more about my life

  56. Dominique April 23rd, 2019

    I have an interview 24 April tomorrow Will I qualify for this job or not?

  57. Stella April 19th, 2019

    Please how do i break free or block the eyes of the ocultic from viewing my progress? Thank you

  58. Fermin torres April 16th, 2019

    Will my ex fiance come back to me.?

  59. Monideepa Chattopadhyay April 15th, 2019

    I have an important interview on 22 April 2019. It is a matter of immense value to me. Will I qualify for this job or not?

  60. Prateek Raj April 9th, 2019

    Sir , tell me how to retaliate with the enimies ? I wanna take revenge . I will take at cost.

  61. Prateek Raj April 9th, 2019

    Sir , tell me how to retaliate with the enimies ? I wanna take revenge . I will take at cost.

  62. Trevor March 25th, 2019

    Astrology is very important to my girlfriend. She is very spiritual though she is worried it is silly to other people and therefore makes efforts against it.

  63. Trisha February 22nd, 2019

    My plate overwhelms me, B/D. 09-01–63 , I choose to clean these unwanted hevey items off, right now, before I drown in them, why not before today have these items, not been removed ??? Don’t know , but ok, I feel a spiritual, & physical, energy, asking for them, I see a hand out, and. a voice saying “put them here, praise God, this has been killing me for so long , I honestly didn’t think ,,,I was going to make it out, I ask all who read this article, to put their energy towards this and pray for good, this woman needs all the good energy , and focus and come her way , Thank you, and have a wonderful day .

  64. Jessy February 21st, 2019

    I’m August 28th born , I want to find out when will get a job and love

    • Moonbeam JIm on Soundcloud February 23rd, 2019

      as soon as YOU make it Happen on your OWN- Horoscopes are just fanciful pipe dreams as we all know deep down inside- everyday can be the magic day you wish- but you have to get into gear and take action with a positive mind and spirit

  65. Adetutu February 13th, 2019

    T2, I was born on August 26, I want to kno d kind of job/work dt suit me an my creator dt w make me to become somebody in life, an y is it dt wen I ask somebody for help an non we help?

    • Tina R Riley February 19th, 2019

      A lot of virgos love to organize so I would say possibly an administrative or personal assistant. ? Good luck, a fellow virgo

  66. Nick February 12th, 2019

    Who is the right woman for me and what would her name be.

    • Taya L Brown February 21st, 2019

      her name is Ms. Nameless- because the truth is she never existed- You have to build her from scratch with your heart and soul and the rest will come naturally.

      Be Well and in the mean time I suggest buying a robot girl to keep you company-

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  67. Luella Esth August 26th, 2018

    What does it mean when your birthday fell on a fullmoon lunar eclipse in 2016 date 9/16/1965

  68. Nwtn August 16th, 2018

    I am born 7 September 1957. I am without a relationship since 29 February 2012. I am very sexy and wish to develop relationship with a woman under 40 because I want several children till I am 80 while my wife is still on a childbearing age (about 40). CAN MY DREAMS EVER COME TRUE?

    • nygreenland August 25th, 2018

      Anything is possible 😊

      • Sherry Smith September 28th, 2018

        25 years ago I screamed at God that I wanted a man to love me, & that I could love. Mom watched me throw my fit. I forgot all about it until I met a handsome respiratory therapist….I worked as a night nurse. We were married in 1996 & have been together ever since. Both of us had previous marriages. This time I wanted it to last. Got advice from a numerologist on dates leading to long lasting marriages. (Mom’s birthday) I certainly wish the same for you! Give great thanks for finding the right lady for you. Feel the great feelings & Believe you have her now. Best blessings & good luck!

    • Paquita la del baño November 17th, 2018

      Yes but you need to ask the kids if they will fight a lot or not so they can go to detention and that way we know if yes or no ok thx

      • Taya L Brown November 26th, 2018

        I want to meet a REAL PISCES LADY- and adopt radio control half alien and half snake children so we can train them turn themselves on and off depending on our mood swings and the crazy economy. I dont want my Pisces Lady to cheat on me or I will have to dissolve our pixels and go be merry with the elf girls who keep singing to me in my psychedelic dreams- I was told I was the original Witch Queen 7 lifetimes ago- and they buried my burned body somewhere in the Catskill MTNS with my ancient magic witch’s amulet…so I moved there and have been having strange visions that my old body is buried under my house- but I am afraid to find out if it’s really me or an impersonator. Should I just drink my own ink and pretend I Freeze the Pages until the next Ice Age melt? I’m so confused- ..everyone else;s horoscope’s keep telling me a Pisces woman is out there somewhere for me- but maybe I’m supposed to marry myself- from those many centuries ago? If I have children with the dead Witch , will our children be able to save the Fairies? They desperately need a human /Fae hybrid I was told in many dreams or their World could fade – Should Moonbeam Jim keep writing songs to help save the Planet like the underground classic: The World Needs another Love Song on Soundcloud?

        I ‘m definitely up in the air until I hear from you.

    • Tomba Green December 24th, 2018

      Hello sweetheart, my name is Tomba Green! I was born September 4, 1983, I am 35 years old. And yes your dreams will come true.

      • Nwtn December 25th, 2018

        Thank you for your sweet reply Tomba Green. Your positive comments thrilled me with joy to my otherwise lousy and lonely Christmas in Finland, the residence of the Santa Claus (Father Christmas). I hope you are a good candidate for me. Nwtn

      • Nwtn December 25th, 2018

        Thank you for your sweet reply Tomba Green. Your positive comments thrilled me with joy to my otherwise lousy and lonely Christmas in Finland, the residence of the Santa Claus (Father Christmas). I hope you are a good candidate for me.
        I hope to find a health-conscious Virgo lady as my soulmate of a childbearing age – to develop a common joyful relationship involving a lot of children and a great deal of travelling around the world. Our focuses would be on fitness, good health, knowledge acquisition, children/family, conquering the world and not to retire before we reach 100. Nwtn

  69. Nwtn August 16th, 2018

    I am born September 7th 1957. I am without a relationship since 29 February 2012. I need a wife under 40 for joint enjoyment (I am very sexy) and to have a lot of children till I am 80 (2037). Can my dreams come true ever?

  70. Samantha July 30th, 2018

    I am a virgo, born Aug, 28, 1988. I am in a relationship with a cancer born on June 24, 1968. He is 20 years older than me. I feel like I am in love, we’ve been together for 6 years. I have legal issues, past mistakes I’ve made with being young, being friends with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble with the police, arrests. and have been procrastinating with getting this monkey off my back. that are preventing me from getting married. I’m just afraid of changes, worried that things could not work out and I just need the reassurance that if I do turn myself in, take care of these issues, that its not going to change the relationship. I need him to be there for me and I want our relationship to move forward in a better direction. Am I right for feeling scared? Is everything going to work out? And if I take this terrifying step to release myself from the judicial system, is my boyfriend going to end up being my husband. I’m stuck. I’m worried and have had tons of anxiety. Am I going to be okay? Help me.

  71. Sajit June 14th, 2018

    Well you are a earth sign and he is a water sign.. You are practical and feel much. The frame of reference for you is you yoursleves. Though scorpio are emotional in nature they dont seem to look or behave so. They are the most emotional beings after pieces thats why when they get hurt they take revenge by saying exactly wjat hurts you mpsy. Gove him space. If he says he loves you then he loves you. If he doesnt he wont take a minute to try to get away. If hes arpund it means hes working hard to make things work. From your emd he needs more space and accept the fact that he would have friends life hobbies books etc etc. But you are the most special person. Thats his nature .. Can you be like him ? No , so stay according to your mature and expect lesser and accept more

  72. Soumya June 7th, 2018

    My D. O. B. Is 25.08.95 my name is soumya singh i really want to know about my married life infact in terms of career i am very much confused m having huge interest in spirituality pls sujjest me some ways for monetary gains thnx and whther i hve love or arrange marriage love from India

  73. Jessica May 14th, 2018

    Hi I’m a virgo ‘m Dob 8-25-85 dating a scorpio male Don 11-07-79. We’ve been together for almost six years. At first things were good but as time as passed the last 3 years have really made me question our relationship,my own sanity, his motives and intentions and why life has to be like it is? I love this man ,he says he loves me but i wonder if he even means it for real. I know he has lied to me many times, even when I could prove to him he was being dishonest he wouldn’t never admit to it still. Like for example he knew how I felt about watching porn and how it made me feel insecure and that I believe if u are w/someone u shift have any reason to be turned on by anybody else. But he wud wait until as soon as i wud leave and then turn to them. And wud neglect me totally. Even though I wud lay beside him and cry ,him knowing all of that still chose to do it and ignore me even when I was in tears. He has even slipped up and said he checks out women when I’m not around to my face. That killed me. I even watch him blantley check them out in front of me! Something tells me he has cheated on me (maybe even more than once or twice). Can u please help me and tell me if he truly has or not or is it just my fears? What gets me is I’m totally dependent on him for shelter,food,money, a ride and so forth. I have nobody at all that I can turn to . nobody. I am totally lost confused and hurt. What do u feel is the truth? And what is your advice on what I should do? Please help me…. Thks

    • Melinda May 26th, 2018

      Do you really think you can be everything for him? Would you want that kind of pressure anyway?
      He lies because you are forcing him to suppress something that is natural within us. Relax, throw those old social programs out the window that obviously are bringing you misery, and you won’t be able to stop him from being up your but. That’s how it works. Being needy and insecure is anything But attractive.
      Change the agreements you made with yourself (and you likely don’t even know why you made them) and quit creating your own drama.
      Get over it and have some fun with your man. You won’t be able to get rid of him. You will even likely attract other suiters.

      • Jayna May 28th, 2018

        Don’t listen to this apathetic person. He is completely disrespectful to you and you know he is unfaithful by instinct. He is purposely on the path of perversion (no, not everyone is so selfish, its a choice) and does not restrain himself even in front of you and has no intention of being the kind of man you need no matter what you do, so maybe you should think about getting work and finding a life for yourself that will include a respectful human being in it. You deserve it and this guy will only disrespect you further, causing more heartache and possibly diseases because it’s in his character. You don’t have to be all things to him, but we all need basic respect.

    • Joe September 8th, 2018

      As the third person to help you with this I feel as my advice is the most grounded in truth rather than emotional considerations. I can’t see the names now but I would listen to the 1st helper as they are more grounded in objective wisdom and come from a place of rational peace. Where as the 2nd helper unfortunately has some unprocessed negativity and offers little helpful advice. I have pity for her and advise you to be careful of following toxic advice, no matter how well meaning the person may be.

      His looking at porn and other women will happen. Him or any other man with a sex drive will do the same. Accept it. Now that you did that. You have power over the situation that you never knew you had. Loose some weight and get sexy as hell to him. Be an animal in the bedroom, kitchen and even outdoors. Give him so much sex and make yourself so sexy for him and I PROMISE YOU. He won’t even consider looking at porn. Not because you forced him to do something unnatural. But you, became the object of his sexual, sexy and loving world. You said he gives you everything (actually your words were you rely on him for everything….. See the problem). You need to claim your power and learn to be GRATEFUL. he is giving you everything. He does love you. Do you see. You just have lost yourself in a mess of unhelpful and negative producing thoughts. YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS ALL WRONG. If he cheated. What can you do. But look at it this way. You become the best girl for him. His guilt will make him suffer more than you could ever do to him. Assume you’re wrong. Let his karma get him if he did. It will. Let it be best not to dwell in the negative. Be awake. But shift your energy like I’m suggesting.

      I promise you. You ask him, and do for him. Him, him. Not what your friends suggest, not magazines or web articles. What he ask for give it to him. And watch. He will be so grateful that he WILL return the favour in kind. (If he is good and does love you). Just one last piece of advice. Advertise the good things you do for him while you are doing them. AND train him to do the same. It’s an unfortunate human trait that we take for granted the good and tend to see the bad. It’s a survival mechanism, the bad could kill you. The good won’t so unfortunately we must highlight to our loved ones and they to us so we see and have a memory of the good things. Also. Use reward and praise when they do good things. NEVER EVER Punish good behaviour. That will kill the good in your relationship faster than anything you could do. Train him, tell him you are doing this and get him to train you. This way you guide each others growth together towards somewhere where you both want to be. Be open and clear about training each other. It’s very important. This is never something to hide, you have to be clear an obvious, unmistakable . And make sure you tell him to train you also.

      Best of life to you both. <3

  74. Dave April 18th, 2018

    Hi< I am born on the same date but 2 decades before – Don't worry too much about your driver L, you will pass it eventually. Since I am way older than you I can tell you from my experience that I achieved everything that I put my mind and believe into it. We are lucky sign/date, play the lottery, go to creative options in your life, don't take everything personally, don't trust too many people, be more positive and believe in your self, thrust me YOu can do it. I wish i had somebody before to tell me this things 20 years ago ,:)

  75. ANITA A MEHTA March 30th, 2018

    Want to know about my health for the month APRIL and over all
    Even want to know my last days of life how many years still to live .How will be my last DEATH bed like painfully suffering or BED RIDDEN

  76. ANITA A MEHTA March 24th, 2018

    I Want to know about my health RELATED issues for future.how will be my illness during last deathbed.right now I am surrounded like though all my family members are there WITH me…
    But I feel as if I am all alone.i feel I am being deprived out of my own cocoon.
    I am being thrown out from beneath the ground where one day…I was holding the whole tree on me but no feel of BURDEN it was fulfilled…now ALL are driedor roped fruit FULL so I am being emptied all source of energy drawn from me n now I am hanging effortless dried and tasteless

  77. Nikeysha Witherspoon March 21st, 2018

    I would like to know about my life and my love life on a every day basis…..

  78. Darion peterson March 18th, 2018

    I wanna win the lottery

    • jan May 2nd, 2018

      Get a good job and you will feel as if you have won the lottery every day!

  79. Erika March 15th, 2018

    I AM A VIRGO 17 SEPT BORN 1999. And i want to know if i will pass my driver L ?

  80. ANITA A MEHTA March 11th, 2018


  81. Afusat September 20th, 2017

    I need to know everything that happen everyday of my life. And my love

  82. SARPONG September 15th, 2017

    Im a Virgo born on the 23rd of August. Sometimes people misconstrue my altitude as me been a perfectionist , but the fact is all virgoes believe in their in born creative abilities. Mozart , Esintein, Michael Jackson and others has exerbited these character traits including me, our love for pets and children are exerptional. Creation I believe is happy to have the virgoes within her plan and are also happy to be here on earth to make it a better place despite Esinteins invention of the A- Bomb.

  83. Gabriel May 22nd, 2017

    I’m a Virgo too and I feel very precious to be the same.All Virgos know that they need a correct point to have some debate with and , yes …so I’m here.I know to be someone at the edge of the standpoint; it’s necessary to see ourselves bigger than anyone,but it some times push us to the same edge from where we can fall down some where.whatever you do its appreciable ,but boasting really sends a bad messege with you are not anywhere asked to make clarifications to anyone.
    the part I wanna mention-
    ‘ Einstein was not a team worker, nighter Mozart, I believe good things can be archive by along anyone.’
    okay…they were on top of their efficiency ,they did it alone (which suits me best too);but how could we forget that Even Bach Mozart needed other fellow musicians to work with ,In that case it also becomes a Team Work.Pablo Picasso said that great things can be achieved from the Solitude,Its true …but there are certain times you cant do all the things by yourself ,different situations need to be made up by different necesseties…. it’s not “communist” as well.Youre an art director …You should know how gracefully things could be done associating with right people of your choice .
    well-” I tent not copy any body’s life or pattern, and live at the edge of the society.”…This is some sort of self declaration that sometimes might knock your mind; tk it psitvly.nt a critisism.

  84. Angel April 15th, 2017

    I am a virgo. I am extremely analytical person. I do no accept criticism from any one since I am capable of see myself and read other with accuracy. I alway look for perfection in everything I do, not because I care too much about other opinions and instead because is the way I believe things should be accomplished. I am an art director and is very hard to me do delegate work to other since I do not trust in everyone at least I am deeply convince of other people talents. I do not believe in team work, I believe the team concept is communist idea and I rather bet for individualism instead. Einstein was not a team worker, nighter Mozart, I believe good things can be archive by along anyone. You might think I a selfish and jealous but I am not, and only with my profession since I am very competitive, but within my needs, I tent not copy any body’s life or pattern, and live at the edge of the society.

    I consider myself an animal lover, I can love a cat a giraffe or a bee, not preference. I believe all living creation deserve to live since they are already alive and life one chance and a sacred gift so I can not chance the course off any living creation. I wont kill anything including a cockroach, instead I rather to remove them.

    I do not watch tv, I rather read or learn something new instead of wasting my time in front of the magic box called tv. I love music, I play guitar, piano I am also a painter, photographer, illustrator and I call myself a renaissance man, I can do anything if I love it and feel it. I never get bore or fell lonely I always have things to do that I love doing it.

    This is a virgo

    • Gabriel May 22nd, 2017


      • Gabriel May 22nd, 2017

        So many ‘ I’s are there …..:)

  85. SAM911 February 21st, 2016

    Why do you always forget to post the weekly Virgo love horoscope? 

  86. Leo_T April 22nd, 2014

    @Tamirria-shontae do you think there is any advice you can give me on becoming closer to my virgo man in hopes of strengthening our friendship then letting it blossom into a relationship again? Because i still see interest that he has in me.

    • Janie April 18th, 2017

      Virgoes love an attentive and thoughtful mate. Knowing that you actually listened to me and cared enough to remember goes a long way. Loyalty is a must!

  87. Kate April 1st, 2014

    We Virgos are possessive. We are just better at hiding it behind other feelings, and tend to be overly critical, especially towards others, to hide our own insecurity. We are deeply emotional but hide it underneath indifference or critism. Men I think are the same to a point. We try not to get jealous and try look at the bigger picture. However the jealousy is aimed differently in most cases. We work hard regardless. We are curious about the unknown and like to impove so we can live comfortably. Normally this effort is invisible in comparison to the end product.
    I am a Virgo and I find it extremely difficult to openly display deeper feelings. I get defensive when I feel judged. I enjoy helpful direction in order to get things done right. I adore compliments and tend to think positively of myself and improve accordingly though some people see it negativity when I try to fix flaws in given situations, though I see it as awareness of things that can be improved. Self confidence is something I have to work on daily in order to improve motivation. If I trust someone completely, I allow myself to show more beyond the surface. I have a few friends I trust completely. This is probably the same with other Virgos however my friend-groups are extremely varied. 
    I don’t think it’s all that different from a Mans perspective, however not all guys are the same and neither are Virgos. Regardless to whether or not the Virgo is a man or a women, each person is individual and doesn’t fit a single mold but regardless we care deeply about those we love.

    • Gabriel May 22nd, 2017

      others sometimes feel judged by you too dear..they cant understand because you hide your emotions .Talk freely,Dont hide yourself beacause you are afraid of the harsh world will think of you.At least consult a good councillor…You think deeply,critically,and take time to get to your verdict.Its okay…But make sure not to make promises during those times of analyzing situations or people.Love and be loved:)I’m a Happy Virgo…No Excuses with my life.

  88. tamirria-shontae February 13th, 2014

    Im in a similar situation…however im the Virgo and my dude us a Leo…I believe we bith are equally possessive…I just think virgo is better at hiding it

  89. Leo_T November 18th, 2012

    I love this Virgo man that i had an 2 and 1/2 relationship with but now we’ve been split for a year so far and we’re still in contact and i feel like its alot of strong feelings and love there. I’m a Leo woman, i just want to know…Do virgo men get jealous and possessive??

  90. nadia88 October 3rd, 2012

    tell about myself and my future?

  91. jitinjha January 27th, 2012

    my marriage will b arranged or love, i love a girl, and she is also, bt sometimes she is confused with unwanted and unlimited lines of question, will it be right or wrong, her parents are also ready but she is in dilema, tell me , i am totally in tension about it , i dont want to loose her.

  92. ju ju February 1st, 2011

    every thing this pg say is true

  93. Tariq January 5th, 2011

    for my future and my gov job

  94. Tariq January 5th, 2011

    mere bare mein bateyien or mera future

  95. Tariq January 5th, 2011

    marreige,love,money,and career

  96. Teekay June 8th, 2010

    Yes dats me the VIRGO im the earth i hope and wish da best for tha world especially me to day boot!!!!$$$$

  97. Dinesh jain April 19th, 2010

    Hi myself dinesh n my DOB is 29/08/2010 n wil u pls help me to know weather my marriage wil b love or arrange. . .

  98. Yogesh Khatri August 30th, 2009

    Hello, It’s really a great site for getting good information. I would love to share this site and information to my friends.

  99. arif June 15th, 2009

    a bit amazing!!!

  100. Deanna July 10th, 2008

    Since you changed you site I am unable to download the icons for each sign.

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