Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

Libra Weekly Love horoscope for period May 2, 2015 to May 8, 2015

You tend to become bored with the routine everyday tasks and ideals you are accustomed to. You feel ready to stretch out for something bigger, higher and on a much more intellectual level. Your desires are not being quenched and you are willing to go above and beyond to find out how to do so. Perhaps you’ll need to reach out to that certain someone from far, far away to come back into your life.

Because you now see the ideals and aspects from each corner of your life and lumping them all together to get a better perspective of what you are craving, it is proving to be a desire that is more than idol chit chat with a casual lover or day to day conversation with someone that ‘may’ be a potential relationship. What you are looking for is a much deeper connection. The need to be reached on a more philosophical level will appease your insatiable appetite.

Instead of trying to indulge and satisfy each and every aspect of what is in front of you, pick and choose carefully what you desire the most. The outcome will be much more favorable than you anticipated. Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.

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debbie (@dbrufloe) : June 28th, 2011
Avatar Image

my ex has resurfaced but things are complicated. Will there be a good chance that this will work?

Ask Oracle (@vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae) : June 29th, 2011
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@dbrufloe (debbie)
Since you are asking it, the answer is clearly NO.

Sofia (@adanacosta) : June 17th, 2012
Avatar Image

My ex (an Aquarius) has also resurfaced. Will this be it?

Alex (@AlexisMtz) : December 1st, 2012
Avatar Image

I waNt to ask out this scorpio,
Should i ask her out to be my girlfriend this week?

Leeresh Bhana (@Leeresh) : September 1st, 2013
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WELL alex u knw I asked sum ppl do they believe they star signs some say yes some say no .. I believe in god but I believe my star sign too or well I’m starting 2 becoz i’m a libra and sat I was talking 2 my mom abt bank acc and 2day I check my previous daily horoscope and its says “blah. , blah saving money and stuff” it is generalised but I experiened it in reality and that’s not 1st tym … if u close 2 this girl n u thnk she liked u bk like how u like her then ask her .. Check her zodiac sign ;) lol whatdo I knw abt love I’m 16

melanie white (@melwhiteastonia) : January 28th, 2014
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I really really like someone, but I am having doubts that they are interested in me. Should I still go after them?

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