Weekly Horoscope For Aquarius

Aquarius Weekly horoscope for period November 27, 2016 to December 3, 2016

Determination and the right orientation come to you. Your attitudes, worldview, outlook on life and the environment you live/work in, will therefore see some changes. It is for you to wrest success and joy out of these changes. It would be advisable to approach everything in a positive manner without being stubborn or pig-headed, and do not ignore people and their interests. Guard against going to extremes in your emotions or being a little eccentric, careless or uncooperative.

It’s a wonderful time for bonding – in marriage, friendship, personal relationships, affairs and attachments. A tremendous time for socializing, group activities, non material gains as well as profit in business. You realize there is no need to go it alone and learn how to work with others for maximum benefit/gain of the society – and not just your own.

  1. SYED ASHRAF 8 years ago

    The predictions co-relate with the actually likely to come and 100% correct when I see your reading.Among all the the other websites yours is short,precise and to the point.Thanks for help which is a source of inspiration.

  2. Wil Price 7 years ago

    Do you realiize that in the past 3 weeks, your weekly horoscopes are repeats from earlier in the year? Otherwise, I follow your horoscopes and references more closely than any other, including local Vancouver, B.C.,astrologers.
    Thank You.

  3. Wil Price 7 years ago

    Thank you for an excellent job……I always appreciate your fine work. Wil Price Vancouver B.C……..

  4. james bond 7 years ago

    it was really weird how i will make alot of money

  5. Shirley 7 years ago

    I would agree that finances is a big issue right now. As for how more money comes in is yet to be seen.

  6. Fran 7 years ago

    This coming weeks horoscope is the same as last weeks for Aquarius. Is this an error?

  7. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle 7 years ago

    oops Mercury Retrograde, fixing the problem!!

  8. Rebel 6 years ago

    This weeks horoscope really touched home on all accounts. Aug. 22nd was the birthday of a love I lost a couple yrs ago. I have never been able to let myself get close to someone like that until recently. And I was feeling very guilty about it. Ive considered moving closer to him so our relationship could grow and so I could meet some long desired dreams in other areas as well. I questioned if I was making the right move for the right reasons………on now I feel I have my answers.

  9. archana 6 years ago

    i m not satissfy with ur prediction.its totally wrong .n dont match with my hor oscope.

  10. Profile photo of weegoogs
    weegoogs 3 years ago

    the horoscopes are repeated and recycled. there have been instances of cut and paste mixing it up also. i get the feeling there are a set number of general ‘readings’ that are generated automatically and i think that if someone cross referenced with other signs there would be a lot of ‘shared wisdom’ across the spectrum too. there are a lot of people who base their entire feelings/actions and plans around these horoscopes and even though the service is free, it still comes at a cost to those recipients. believe in yourself first and if you really wish to unlock the secrets of the stars, study them yourself and be your own master of the universe. love and peace to all.

  11. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle 3 years ago

    @weegoogs yes our weekly horoscopes are based on mercury cycles, and they are generated automatically for different signs depending on their relative positions from transiting mercury. We would have to do the same thing manually.

    While I can understand repeated horoscopes can be boring and don’t add up much value but still they hold good and work well for many people.

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