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james (@dreamz92) : August 12th, 2014
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I’m a Pisces and was with an Aries for 5 years but she’d hurt my feelings so bad lol so we never really worked out just because she was just so hurtful and never really realized it smh opposites do attract because I did love her but she could never adapt to my likes and interests ..

THEMBI (@Thembints7515) : December 29th, 2014
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i was with a Virgo man, love in the air all the best till he cheated not once, not twice definately not thrice… we broke up and maintained a good friendship, just now we are meant to go out on a date to talk things through and see if we cant get that element back, but unfortunately he still has 4 girlfriends currently so out date will just be an lunch outing and nothing more. i cant let myself be caught up in that!
as for gemini guys… ohhhhhhh my G… absolute no! no! one i met was a big baby, lazy physically and lazy to think!  so tiring to have them around because i had to do everything, from thinking to action… so no more gemini for me and definately no more virgos for me…

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