Born on 1 October, 1964 (Thursday)

Zodiac Sign (Western)

Sunsign, Tropical Zodiac

Zodiac Sign (Vedic)

Moonsign, Sidereal Zodiac

Age (Today)
59 years, 8 months, 19 days

Your next birthday is 102 days away.

Life Path Number


Day of the Week

275th day of the year 1964.

Chinese Zodiac Sign
Dragon (龙)
Roman Numerals

LIX years old

Sunrise: 06:05 Sunset: 17:35

London UTC

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Personality Traits for people born on October 1, 1964

Title: Unveiling the Traits and Characteristics of Individuals Born on October 1st, 1964

Introduction: Individuals born on October 1st, 1964 possess a unique blend of personality traits that shape their interactions, aspirations, and behaviors. This article delves into the characteristics of these individuals, exploring their nurturing nature, protectiveness, vulnerability, and independent spirit. We will also examine their preferences for broad-minded people, their aversion to lackadaisical individuals, and their educational inclinations.

Key Personality Traits:

1. Nurturing and Protective: Those born on October 1st, 1964 exhibit a strong nurturing instinct, often caring for others with warmth and compassion. They have a natural inclination to protect those they love, creating a safe and supportive environment. However, they may find it challenging to open up and reveal their own vulnerabilities, preferring to maintain a sense of self-protection.

2. Craving Independence and Personal Space: While they thrive in nurturing relationships, these individuals also value their independence and personal space. They need time and solitude to recharge, reflect, and cultivate their unique gifts and talents. This desire for autonomy allows them to manifest their special essence and share it with the world.

3. Irritability towards Eccentricity: Individuals born on this day tend to be irritated by eccentric people or behavior. They prefer predictability and order, and may struggle to adapt to unconventional or unpredictable situations. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and conflicts with those who have different perspectives.

4. Happy Childhood and Positive Family Contributions: These individuals often recall a happy childhood, where they actively contributed to family life. They cherish fond memories of their upbringing and carry a sense of gratitude for the positive experiences they shared.

5. Appreciation for Diversity and Open-mindedness: They seek out broad-minded people who appreciate diverse perspectives and are open to new ideas. They thrive in environments that foster intellectual curiosity and encourage the exchange of different viewpoints.

6. Aversion to Lackadaisical and Uncommitted Individuals: Individuals born on October 1st, 1964 tend to avoid people who are overly lackadaisical or lacking in commitment. They value hard work, dedication, and perseverance, and may find it difficult to relate to those who do not share these core values.

7. Curious and Varied Learning Styles: These individuals possess a curious nature and require a variety of learning styles to stay engaged and motivated. Monotony and repetitive routines can quickly lead to disinterest. They thrive in educational environments that offer diverse teaching methods and encourage active participation.

8. Brave Soul and Unrivaled Work Ethic: Equipped with a brave soul and an unwavering work ethic, these individuals are determined to make their mark in the world. They possess a unique combination of knowledge, determination, and resilience, which enables them to overcome challenges and inspire those around them.

Conclusion: Individuals born on October 1st, 1964 are characterized by their nurturing nature, protectiveness, independence, and appreciation for diversity. They seek out broad-minded people, value hard work and commitment, and have a curious nature that thrives on varied learning styles. With their brave souls and unrivaled work ethic, they are destined to leave a lasting impact on the world and serve as an inspiration to others.

Actionable Insights and Quotes:

  • "Embrace your nurturing instincts and create a safe and supportive environment for those you love."

  • "Seek out balance between your need for independence and your desire for connection."

  • "Challenge your aversion to eccentricity and embrace the beauty of diversity."

  • "Reflect on the positive experiences of your childhood and let them guide your interactions with others."

  • "Surround yourself with broad-minded individuals who appreciate your unique perspective."

  • "Avoid engaging with people who lack commitment and dedication, as they may hinder your progress."

  • "Explore different learning styles to keep your curiosity alive and maintain a thirst for knowledge."

  • "Embrace your brave soul and unwavering work ethic to make a positive impact on the world."

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Shared Birthdays

Some famous persons born on October 1, 1964

What happened on October 1, 1964

  • Three thousand students at UC Berkeley protest against police arrest of a CORE volunteer, sparking the Berkeley Free Speech Movement.

When Will I Become a Millionaire?

November 1, 2010

Yes, you can become a millionaire by saving small and investing. Believe in yourself and it's never too late to start.

Please note, this calculation assumes $100 monthly savings into US stocks with ARR 7% and that the monthly savings double every 10 years from the starting date. The actual outcome might vary based on additional factors not considered in this simple calculation, such as taxes, fees, changes in contribution, or more complex compounding scenarios.

Your next birthday

  • October 1, 2024 is on a Tuesday.
  • Your next birthday is 102 days away.

October 1, 1964 Facts

What is my generation?

The person with birth year belongs to the Baby Boomers group.

When am I eligible to vote, open a bank account, buy a simcard and open a bank account? (Age of Majority)

  • United States: October 1, 1982
  • India: October 1, 1982
  • Philippines: October 1, 1982
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1982
  • Canada: October 1, 1982
According to data from the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, 205 countries and territories have a minimum voting age of 18 for national elections out of 237 countries and territories the organisation has data on as of October 2020. Some countries may issue additional requirements for voting eligibility from time to time.

When am I eligible to get a driving license?

Learner's Permit (Under supervision)

  • United States: October 1, 1979
  • India: October 1, 1980
  • Philippines: October 1, 1980
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1981
  • Canada: October 1, 1980

Light Vehicles (Mopeds or quad bikes, unsupervised)

  • United States: October 1, 1980
  • India: October 1, 1982
  • Philippines: October 1, 1982
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1981
  • Canada: October 1, 1980

Full Driving License

  • United States: October 1, 1982
  • India: October 1, 1984
  • Philippines: October 1, 1982
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1985
  • Canada: October 1, 1982

When do I reach age of consent?

  • United States: October 1, 1980
  • India: October 1, 1982
  • Philippines: October 1, 1980
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1980
  • Canada: October 1, 1980
Disclaimer: This is not legal advise. Age of consent is a complex legal system which can vary depending on individual situation and circumstances. In the United States, as of April 2021, of the total fifty U.S. states, approximately thirty have an age of consent of 16 (with this being the most common age of consent in the country), some set the age of consent at 17, and in about eleven states the age is 18.

When can I marry without parental consent?

  • United States: October 1, 1982
  • India: October 1, 1985
  • Philippines: October 1, 1982
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1982
  • Canada: October 1, 1982

When do I reach legal age of drinking (consuming alcohol)?

  • United States: October 1, 1985
  • India: October 1, 1985
  • Philippines: October 1, 1982
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1982
  • Canada: October 1, 1983

When do I reach legal age of smoking (consuming tobacco)?

  • India: October 1, 1982
  • Canada: October 1, 1983
  • United States: October 1, 1985
  • Philippines: October 1, 1985
  • United Kingdom: October 1, 1982

Astrology Analysis

Ephemeris for October 1, 1964

Note: Moon position is location and time sensitive.
Planet Position (Tropical, Western) Transits on October 1, 2023 Secondary Progressions for October 1, 2023
Sun 8 Libra 7 7 Libra 50 7 Sagittarius 5
Moon 12 Leo 29 3 Taurus 2 13 Libra 9
Mercury 26 Virgo 55 23 Virgo 35 28 Sagittarius 24
Venus 24 Leo 55 23 Leo 47 5 Scorpio 12
Mars 9 Leo 45 22 Libra 41 11 Virgo 27
Jupiter 25 Taurus 29 14 Taurus 22 18 Taurus 45
Saturn 29 Aquarius 24 1 Pisces 25 29 Aquarius 13
Uranus 12 Virgo 15 22 Taurus 39 14 Virgo 42
Neptune 16 Scorpio 10 25 Pisces 56 18 Scorpio 17
Pluto 14 Virgo 51 27 Capricorn 54 16 Virgo 14
Rahu 26 Gemini 50 25 Aries 44 23 Gemini 42
Ketu 26 Sagittarius 50 25 Libra 44 23 Sagittarius 42

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