Born on 15 December, 1997 (Monday)

Zodiac Sign (Western)

Sunsign, Tropical Zodiac

Zodiac Sign (Vedic)

Moonsign, Sidereal Zodiac

Age (Today)
26 years, 6 months, 26 days

Your next birthday is 156 days away.

Life Path Number


Day of the Week

349th day of the year 1997.

Chinese Zodiac Sign
Ox (牛)
Roman Numerals

XXVI years old

Sunrise: 08:04 Sunset: 15:46

London UTC

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Personality Traits for people born on December 15, 1997

Personality Traits of People Born on December 15, 1997:

1. Daring and Manipulative:

  • These individuals possess a bold and fearless nature, readily embracing challenges and taking risks.
  • They have an exceptional ability to influence and persuade others, skillfully maneuvering situations to their advantage.
  • Example: In a business negotiation, they may employ their charm and eloquence to secure favorable terms, demonstrating their manipulative prowess.

2. Control-Oriented and Determined:

  • They strive for control in various aspects of their lives, setting ambitious goals and taking decisive actions to achieve them.
  • Their determination often leads them to adopt drastic measures to obtain their desired outcomes.
  • Example: If they aspire to climb the corporate ladder, they may work tirelessly, dedicating long hours and making strategic connections to reach their目标.

3. Dislike of Excessive Success Focus:

  • These individuals dislike when people place an excessive emphasis on success and try to impose it upon them.
  • They believe that success should come naturally and organically, rather than being forced or pursued at all costs.
  • Example: In a school setting, they may resist the pressure to excel academically, believing that their true potential lies in pursuing their passions and interests.

4. Appreciation for Helpfulness and Harmony:

  • They admire and appreciate individuals who exhibit helpfulness and strive to create harmonious relationships.
  • Such behaviors resonate with their values of cooperation and mutual support.
  • Example: In a community setting, they may actively participate in volunteer work or organize events that foster unity and collaboration.

5. Dislike of Overcritical and Irritating Behavior:

  • They strongly dislike individuals who are overly critical or exhibit irritating behavior.
  • Such behaviors conflict with their desire for positive and supportive relationships.
  • Example: In a workplace, they may avoid collaborating with colleagues who are known for their critical or abrasive communication style.

6. Strong Work Ethic and Occasional Impulsivity:

  • They possess an exceptional work ethic, dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to their endeavors.
  • However, their eagerness for success can sometimes lead them to become carried away, neglecting responsibilities in pursuit of their goals.
  • Example: A student with a passion for art may immerse themselves in their creative projects, neglecting their academic studies, resulting in a temporary imbalance in their priorities.

7. Inclination Towards Greed and Manipulation:

  • These individuals may exhibit a tendency towards greed and manipulation, taking advantage of opportunities to benefit themselves at the expense of others.
  • Their cunning nature allows them to exploit situations to their advantage.
  • Example: In a business transaction, they may engage in unethical practices to secure a favorable deal, demonstrating their opportunistic behavior.

8. Turbulent Childhood and Emotional Intelligence:

  • Their childhood may be characterized by turbulence and intense emotions, potentially leading to experiences of PTSD and depression.
  • However, they possess remarkable emotional intelligence, enabling them to cope effectively with challenging situations and manage their emotions skillfully.
  • Example: In a difficult family situation, they may utilize their emotional intelligence to navigate complex relationships, maintain composure, and foster a sense of resilience.

9. Academic Tenacity and Inquisitive Nature:

  • They exhibit a strong academic tenacity, demonstrating a commitment to learning and pursuing knowledge.
  • Their inquisitive nature fuels their desire to explore new ideas and concepts, fostering innovation and creativity.
  • Example: In a scientific research setting, they may dedicate themselves to studying a particular phenomenon, meticulously gathering data and conducting experiments to uncover new insights.


  • "Control is an illusion. The only thing we can truly control is our response to life's circumstances."
  • "Success is not about achieving perfection; it's about embracing the journey and learning from our mistakes."
  • "True strength lies in the ability to rise above adversity and emerge stronger on the other side."

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January 15, 2044

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Your next birthday

  • December 15, 2024 is on a Sunday.
  • Your next birthday is 156 days away.

December 15, 1997 Facts

What is my generation?

The person with birth year belongs to the Generation Z group.

When am I eligible to vote, open a bank account, buy a simcard and open a bank account? (Age of Majority)

  • United States: December 15, 2015
  • India: December 15, 2015
  • Philippines: December 15, 2015
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2015
  • Canada: December 15, 2015
According to data from the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, 205 countries and territories have a minimum voting age of 18 for national elections out of 237 countries and territories the organisation has data on as of October 2020. Some countries may issue additional requirements for voting eligibility from time to time.

When am I eligible to get a driving license?

Learner's Permit (Under supervision)

  • United States: December 15, 2012
  • India: December 15, 2013
  • Philippines: December 15, 2013
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2014
  • Canada: December 15, 2013

Light Vehicles (Mopeds or quad bikes, unsupervised)

  • United States: December 15, 2013
  • India: December 15, 2015
  • Philippines: December 15, 2015
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2014
  • Canada: December 15, 2013

Full Driving License

  • United States: December 15, 2015
  • India: December 15, 2017
  • Philippines: December 15, 2015
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2018
  • Canada: December 15, 2015

When do I reach age of consent?

  • United States: December 15, 2013
  • India: December 15, 2015
  • Philippines: December 15, 2013
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2013
  • Canada: December 15, 2013
Disclaimer: This is not legal advise. Age of consent is a complex legal system which can vary depending on individual situation and circumstances. In the United States, as of April 2021, of the total fifty U.S. states, approximately thirty have an age of consent of 16 (with this being the most common age of consent in the country), some set the age of consent at 17, and in about eleven states the age is 18.

When can I marry without parental consent?

  • United States: December 15, 2015
  • India: December 15, 2018
  • Philippines: December 15, 2015
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2015
  • Canada: December 15, 2015

When do I reach legal age of drinking (consuming alcohol)?

  • United States: December 15, 2018
  • India: December 15, 2018
  • Philippines: December 15, 2015
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2015
  • Canada: December 15, 2016

When do I reach legal age of smoking (consuming tobacco)?

  • India: December 15, 2015
  • Canada: December 15, 2016
  • United States: December 15, 2018
  • Philippines: December 15, 2018
  • United Kingdom: December 15, 2015

Astrology Analysis

Ephemeris for December 15, 1997

Note: Moon position is location and time sensitive.
Planet Position (Tropical, Western) Transits on December 15, 2023 Secondary Progressions for December 15, 2023
Sun 23 Sagittarius 19 23 Sagittarius 0 19 Capricorn 48
Moon 7 Cancer 54 22 Capricorn 59 19 Gemini 49
Mercury 28 Sagittarius 11 8 Capricorn 8 27 Sagittarius 5
Venus 1 Aquarius 25 12 Scorpio 26 29 Capricorn 48
Mars 27 Capricorn 39 15 Sagittarius 0 18 Aquarius 4
Jupiter 19 Aquarius 0 5 Taurus 58 24 Aquarius 16
Saturn 13 Aries 19 1 Pisces 54 13 Aries 54
Uranus 6 Aquarius 17 19 Taurus 52 7 Aquarius 38
Neptune 28 Capricorn 21 24 Pisces 54 29 Capricorn 17
Pluto 6 Sagittarius 9 28 Capricorn 51 7 Sagittarius 3
Rahu 14 Virgo 36 21 Aries 45 13 Virgo 14
Ketu 14 Pisces 36 21 Libra 45 13 Pisces 14

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