Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2015

You are likely to have a better control on areas of work and health. You have that zeal, enthusiasm and creativity. As a result your career/job flourishes fabulously. Benefits may also come through co-workers or employees. Everything may seem to come easily and efficiently to you. It would be wise to remember that the more uprightness and sincerity you bring to your services, the higher you earn in terms of money and confidence.

You are likely to establish or solidify a significant partnership. You’ll also make a lot of friends and find yourself negotiating with people. Shape yourself up as you’ll enjoy fame and popularity this year. Discovering a lot about yourself through a co-worker/partner is likely now. You are likely to reach out to people from various backgrounds and these associations could be confusing at times.

You’ll also reassess your life goals and think seriously in terms of what you want from life? Obviously there will be some mental tussle, but don’t you worry, as results would taste real sweet in years to come. All this surrounds to a simple question – Where am I going and what things do I need to get at that place? You may find yourself working hard, working out duties and responsibilities, and end up either earning name and fame or being punished for taking short cuts.
You’ll also be able to build up a secured foundation, both for professional and personal life. Your social/professional status will be challenged and you’ll go up the ladder if you deserve it and may go downwards if you don’t. Deserving people are always aptly rewarded and so happens this year.

There may be financial gains from close bonds by way of legacies. This is a fine time to relax and feel at home with the people who care for you. Beauty attracts you but refrain from getting involved in extremities of any form of pleasure. You are not only passionate but also choose your moves carefully. Avoid unworthy expenses and wastage and be wary that your lust for money doesn’t makes you irrational.

You now have a brighter chance to chase your dreams and meet new and interesting opportunities. Revival of long distance connections is also on your cards. Travel across the seas/overseas or a trade proposal may be coming your way, opening a vast and new expanse to your career. Make your hay while the sun shines. Work continues as usual but you are unable to manage the new responsibilities handed over to you.

Those who are in creative roles like architecture, engineering, advertising and publishing are likely to produce some great and out of the box ideas. Meeting and caring for young and dear ones occupy most of your time. This is a fine time to pursue creative activities and impress your buddies with your flares but don’t get carried away. Watch your words when you interact, as it may result into awkward situations.

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sue brook (@sue brook) : January 3rd, 2008

give me more of what is going to happen to me please ?

gautam k akhani (@gautam k akhani) : January 2nd, 2010

i m in share market trading but i m always los why? my birthdate 30 05 1978 tim 00.35 place radhanpur (utar gujarat)

alexis (@alexis) : January 13th, 2010

Well supposedly 2009 was a Jupiter influenced standout lucky year for us Aquas.
Wrong on so many levels. Probably one of the dullest on record punctuated by the sound of doors slamming in my face, no matter how hard I tried.
I can’t really think of one success. I basically trod water.
So if that was the best for 12 years I dread to think!!!
At least it fired me up for this one. I think Saturn is leaving…please…just go!!!

Xiao Ma (@Xiao Ma) : January 17th, 2010

2009 was the worst possible Year I ever had. Whatever I did was against me. I lost my wife house and I can be happy to be still alive. I wonder if those people do this on purpose to us. Aquarius is the sign of Genius hated and loathed by most. What have I done to deserve this? I tried to make the world a better place. Anyone that wants to have a look at my Invention that nearly costs my life feel free. As for the predictions, take them with a pinch of salt.
Xiao Ma

miko (@miko) : April 20th, 2010

I must say that the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 was the worst time or year ever for me! Everything went wrong, from little things to paper cuts and bruises to big things like getting fired from my job. I really have a bad feeling about this year. Any advices or predictions?

kirtee kumar falot (@kirtee kumar falot) : August 3rd, 2010

i m very confused about my future. i am fond of music & acting. i also want to direct some movies.but my family conditions are a big problem for going towards this line.. sometimes i want to make big money on one hand & make powerful carier like I.A.S. or manager of a big company on another hand….. where should i go?????? i born on 30-01-1988 at 5.45 am.

lynne (@lynne) : August 13th, 2010

a above 2009 and upto today has been the worst time of my life i feel im in a big hole and cant get out why o why im a good person but life is kicking me in the teeth from all angles when is it going to end 28-01-61 6pm Meridan west midlands

pravincooar (@pravincooar) : September 24th, 2010

when my fanancial problem will be solved.born on 11.02.74-1:20am mauritius.

sonam tsheten (@sonam tsheten) : October 26th, 2010

month starting from july has been horrible and still i m glad that i am alive.i am haunted by these disturbing thoughts and i am relly afraid what if it happened help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Oracle (@vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae) : October 27th, 2010
Profile Photo

Solution is simple and easy. You need to start thinking positive and divert your mind somewhere. Here are a few suggestions –

a) Affirmations – After every few hours repeat to yourself that “You are truly loved”.
b) Join some health program or personality development program. Start pursuing your hobbies.
c) Prayers, meditations, yoga, pranayama etc. will also help.

myway (@myway) : January 13th, 2011

so many horoscops all telling me differnt things whats true looking for some money from the lawyer didn,t tell me anything about that

Gofaone (@Gofaone) : February 4th, 2011

since mid 2008 life has never been good for me.last year i was dismissed from job.will i ever be able to start my own business,what kind of business can give me hope and success?

mohammad shahid ( : April 30th, 2011
Profile Photo

pls tell me real horoscope for me name is mohammad shahid dob.20.4.1983
pls tell me about my careers

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