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  1. Profile photo of del_O_Rama
    del_O_Rama 5 years ago

    My one and only true love was a libra but now i have no body just a friend with some benefits

  2. Profile photo of sarjil
    sarjil 5 years ago

    I am sagittarious I don’t know which sign I choose so confused. Which is best match for sagittarious leo or aquarious please help me guys for life time relationship 

  3. Profile photo of

    can i became a ca in future

  4. Profile photo of 4 years ago

    plz tell me that igot my love r not. nd when will i marry with my feauncy plz tell me as soon as well 

  5. Profile photo of 4 years ago

    nd i am sagittarius nd he is capricon.plz tell me when will we marry with  eachother

  6. Profile photo of Pharaoh11
    Pharaoh11 4 years ago

    @Yve Hi, I’m a Sag, Dec14. I just started dating a Cancer. Eeeek, you said it was your worst experiance? What should I be warned about? This is one sign I have no experiance with..

  7. Profile photo of 4 years ago

    Hi,m a sag gal. I had a relationship wit a leo guy… and he is awesome… very generous. gud in bed :)n the relationship was great until one day wen i find out that he cheated on me. flirt wit many gals. I trusted him b4 bt nw its hard to believe him.. leo  guys always keep secret,always try toprove that they r rite, big ego, wel i don mind but wat matters me is loyalty n they can never be. libra guys r so indecisive…tauruus are damn boring.. i jus had a chat wit a taurean  ( jus fren) and he was telling the story of his life.. wel dats fine but he is going into so much detail mks me tired of listening.. hav to stop him.. scorpio guys are gud in bed…they  knw hw to aroused a women.

  8. Profile photo of Michael-Thoummany
    Michael-Thoummany 4 years ago

    Myself is a sag born on December 12 there.  What make me different from other sag men is I rarely get jealous towards the person I love there.  The one I truly love yes I can sacrifice my free spirit sag way to be a more understanding towards the one I love there.  Yes myself love to write poem and spoil the lady in the most romantic way ever. What make me different from other sag out there I don’t believe of cheating on a lady and be the most loyal partner to them in the relationship.  Yes in a relationship I value and respect my lady very much.  I like to help the lady who is with me in everyway what they want out of life or want to follow there education path I’m willing to invest for them.  That myself is not afraid to be tied down either this trait rare in sag like me but ready to want more in the realm of a relationship now but a stable when will suit me who I can build a connection and build a love to last a lifetime.

  9. Profile photo of Michael-Thoummany
    Michael-Thoummany 4 years ago

    Every sag are not the same here we may have similar trait here but our value and what is important to us is different.  Myself different because I’m willing rot change and adapt to the one I love here this is hard to find in Sag but love change if it help the relationship there.  As a Sag growing up I learn not to be selfish in a relationship but think of all my action is it contributing there happiness there.  

  10. Profile photo of sarjil
    sarjil 4 years ago

    I am sagittarious whats best marrage match for sagitarrious get long well I am talking about marrage for life time which hororscope go with sagittraious

  11. Profile photo of DJKM
    DJKM 4 years ago

    What can be some major turn-offs of a sagittarus woman?

  12. Profile photo of megdalene
    megdalene 3 years ago

    In luv wit a capricon guy and m a sag gal.he is

  13. Profile photo of 456123
    456123 2 years ago

    scopio fuck bed. connection amazing when one. scorpio man cancer woman. pisces scorpio. really carring outgoing and suitable for witch or orackle really hilarious and funy especially born 12 – 14 november. dont know special qualities maybe mariage but striky and forward. Met in woolworths for 3 years then plit becuse of my familky situation no s or mother. sss.  but the relationship is eally good one. sexy. Same thing… however man and pisces where really hilarious and funny.  So met again and deviantart and nightwish works anthing outy but not homeys or homey. Like swimming or rrrrrr bath or drive drive and e really good.  Dream come true in regards to show movies and closenesss like mother sister. Great planner and dealer- towards tability not like a pices cancer so pisces o but cancer _ not good. saggitarious worth it. especially when hot o hot o sexy with al. sa

  14. Profile photo of pysch23
    pysch23 2 years ago

    Im a sag. Been with my other half 2 1/2 years now july will be 3 years and he a cancer must mean something!?? Right no babies or marriage yet?…., will it last

  15. Profile photo of EvatheDiva50
    EvatheDiva50 12 months ago

    Good morning to all you “male Saggies”. I am in awwww at your love making! You went hours and hours pleasing me and I reciprocated! I “bow” down to you and “curtsey” you, too! Where did you find those skills with your lips, hands, tongue, and c*ck!? My God! God was hearing his name called out by me all afternoon (yes, afternoon) and we made sex with the lights on! No wine, no candles, no music! You drooled as I modeled my red teddy (you chose the color amongst the many teddies I had placed on my bed) and you took photogenic takes with “MY” cell phone. You are not selfish and you have an “eye” for beauty as the eye of the beholder. You caressed my body from top to bottom and EVEN ran your fingers through my toes (such an erotic experience!). You kept asking me to “talk to you, to tell you what I wanted, how I felt, etc! You were NOT a wham*bam*thank you Ma’am and I salute you! You PROMISED to arrive back after you fed your animals and guess what?! You did! We went thru “round two” and it was another home run! You asked me if you could “make love to me” and I just melted like BU-TA!! “Where the HELL have you been?!” I kept asking you over and over. Your answer, “Right here waiting for you”. OMG! You could not go wrong! You did everything 110% right, perfect, and you looked deep into my eyes while we made love! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “I am not worthy!”

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