Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Aries Weekly Love horoscope for period November 22, 2014 to November 28, 2014

You’ve had your break from reality and now you’re ready to jump right back into things with both feet. You’ll still feel the demands pulling on you but they will be of a different nature. But they will come in handy when you make that big move that is coming up.

If you’re feeling a bit run down or not quite yourself in the livelihood of the way you do things, it is more than likely because of being overworked, or in the instance of the last few weeks, over social. Although you’ll feel compelled to go all out for that special someone you may want to keep a close mind on what you are doing, but be sure not to over indulge. If you want to show affection, do it with love and attention instead of expensive gifts or splurging. It will be just as effective, if not more so.

Another aspect to keep mindful on is in the possession of things. Share what you have, don’t take what is not yours and give back what you borrow. It seems while you are so keen on what you are doing in your life and how far you should push things, others are just as keen as well. Now is not the time to be fickle or capricious.

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De Ja Vu (@De Ja Vu) : January 30th, 2010

Why bother if you’re just going to repeat the same horoscope from the week before last? Even if events were slightly similar.. at least reword it!? Add something new? Lame and total copout.

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