Gemini Love Horoscope 2014

Does love follows money? It surely does this year. You now have that charm and style that surely attracts attention of the opposite sex. Wherever you go and whatever you do, there will be success and expansion in wealth, power and prestige. And you are inclined to spend a buck or two to create an instant impression. You are now excited about everything that life can offer and want to grab it all. Avoid over indulgence and keep a check on unnecessary expenses. Expect gains through love and relationships.

Anything done in excess is harmful. You not only attract like minded people this year, you also attract foes and opponents at equal pace. One possibility is that your duties and responsibilities might have become highly demanding and conflicting with your personal goals. Or it may happen that, you may not be able to serve well the people you are responsible to. There is also a possibility that all of this related to a family member/friend and affects you indirectly. They key to success in relationships is a balanced lifestyle. To polish a relationship, you have to turn it evenly to each facet, neither neglecting nor excessively favoring any one. This is especially important this year.

This is not a very good time for you at love forefronts. Misunderstandings and doubts may silently creep into your relationships. Married people should leave the matters of doubts and suspicion unattended. Your negligence may leave the marks of suspicion even firmer causing a long term problem for your relationship. Financial instabilities may create problems in your relationship. Try to be patient and deal with the matter intelligently and work upon it as soon as possible.

Those who are still single and planning to get married should try to limit their doubts about the people they meet for the purpose of alliance. Your tendency to doubt people may leave you left out. You have a tendency of possessiveness about your partner. It is important for you to understand that every person has its own space and no one should intrude in the private of the other person, not even your partner.

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urmi (@urmi) : February 2nd, 2009

I was born on 23rd May, 1974, 10:30pm, at dhaka in Bangladesh. I would like to know my love horoscope and my overview of 2009.

Asad Malik (@Asad Malik) : January 28th, 2010

I born in 10 june 1993 at jehlum in pakistan 6 am . i woyld like to know that will i succeed in my true love in 2010. plz answer me i am really disturbed

DP (@DP) : May 3rd, 2010

I was born on May 25,1984 will please tell me this year i will do love marriage or aarage marriage or arrange with love i am so much tensed about this please let me know.

RAZIA (@RAZIA) : May 5th, 2010

hi dis z me razia i m 21 year old i wana know about my future & love life.

annabelle portolazo varona (@annabelle portolazo varona) : October 31st, 2010

hi this is annabelle 36 years old i just wan to know my love en fiture in the next coming year can ou tell me please im single

Shannon Simpson (@Shannon Simpson) : March 7th, 2011

Hello I was born on 13th June 1997 and I would like to know if there is any love life for me or am I going to be stuck single. 0i really want a boyfriend who is nice to me and loves me for me? Is there one outhere? Do I get him? Thanks Love from Shannon

Why Me (@Why Me) : March 24th, 2011

I unfortunately was born June 17th 1982. My ex BF is a conman, rapist meth addict with ten felonies, out of prison. He just married, on this past Christmas, a Scorpio floozy and they R just So in Love. I think that is ridiculouse.

Farid (@Farid) : April 1st, 2011

Hi, I was born on June 20th. I want to know when will I find a soulmate.

ranjit (@rahul044) : April 22nd, 2011
Avatar Image

hi,i was born in 1st oct 1988..still i am there any chance hang out this year.i am desperately waiting for my true love..

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shoaib (@pappu) : January 5th, 2013
Avatar Image

I was born on 10june 1990 and i want to know that i will love marraige or arrainge marraige??? and what is the great achievement for me in the future?

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