Pisces Love Horoscope 2014

The year starts with new beginnings in family and relations (includes possibility of birth/adoption of a child). As time progresses, you may face and enjoy eye-opening experiences. Towards the end of this year, you’ll observe a slow down in the overall romance trend. It may also be that you’ll want to review relationships and thereafter take the next move. Surely a good time, as you enjoy everything – fun, romance and creative spirit. You may meet new and exciting people and mingle nicely with them, something that’s a side product of success. Love and romance may come into your life and the existing relationships are revitalized with warmth, sharing and caring, and plenty of socializing opportunities. If you are single, meeting someone special is likely and you’ll truly enjoy the “magical moments”. However, this relationship may not last for a very long time. Talking about emotional success, relationships with your children may be especially fulfilling now. There is warmth and love in every relationship you share with people. You are more interested in seeking pleasure, recreation and relax fully this year.

Although in the past you were proud of your personality, you’re now appreciating the significance of relationships beyond the immediate family. You now come face to face with your self-defeating approaches and blind faith/ideals/fundamentals. You may now consider a different approach regarding love relationships. You can feel the pressure that’s coming from your role and responsibilities and commitments towards yourself, family and society. You may find yourself stuck in a rut and have a blurred vision for future. You’ll also gain immaterial things like values, integrity and love. Your superfluous attitude and ego would be constantly challenged, keeping you down to earth and humble.

This is a very good time for your relationship with your partner. The first half of the year brings stress, contentions and disharmony between you two. However your tendency of being optimistic even in the blues won’t let you sink easily. Be careful about your relation just to avoid confusions and deal with the problems in intelligent manner. If things grow from bad to worse try seeking your elder’s advice.

However things are completely different for those who are single yet. You may be lucky enough to find the person for whom you were waiting since long. You will find that all your dreams have been fulfilled. Make sure that you completely commit yourself into this new relationship to draw the best out of it. Those facing problems in relations or the ones who faced a break up will find things going better than before and your relation will see a brighter phase.

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luis magallon (@lm48@live.com) : November 19th, 2010
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that is good prediction, very acurate, thank you luis. m

Katy (@Katy) : January 3rd, 2011

Damn I hope the prediction is right…

lucky (@lucky) : March 3rd, 2011

I hope this year i can get good growth in my wealth and reputations any ways thanx..

Ruby (@ruby_gavaldon@yahoo.com) : March 6th, 2012
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Hi how r u guys ding

NASHRULLAH K. ZACARIA (@jcdgreat) : January 2nd, 2013
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please give me some advices regarding my life for 2013, my bday was march 13, 1982…
thanks and best regards…

elenita gagarin (@nitz.pisces26@yahoo.com) : April 2nd, 2013
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i was born on february 26 1968, but im still single. when and where should i meet my future partner?

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