Libra 2017 Career and Money Horoscope

You are experiencing a fantastic phase of your life where you are boiling with new hopes, zeal and confidence. Luck is on your side and you will be blessed with promotions and progressions in every field especially when it comes to your career. You are very much clear about your goals and expectations from yourself. However it is advised to remain alert and not to indulge yourself too much in the success affairs and grow lighthearted. Make it very clear that in order to reach the zeniths of success you will require cooperation of your colleagues at work place.

There will be a slight pressure upon at your workplace to execute the plans that you planned for the forthcoming projects. There will be lesser time and more of work and it would be difficult for you to manage things. You need to refrain from inane activities and talks. You require deep contemplation and stable state of mind. Your efficient prioritization of work schedule will bring you applauds at your workplace and efforts will bore fruits.

Your decisions will prove correct and praised by everyone and your seniors as well. There is high probability that you will get a chance to enter into a significant project or a big responsibility will be offered to you which will give you a lifetime experience. You will be able to concentrate upon your priorities and learn the tactics of being greatly effective. You will be able to accomplish your dreams.

Your talents are appreciated by your seniors and this may get you some important responsibilities at your work place. Entrepreneurs will find it as the perfect time to go for business ventures or to extend their social circle with people using their influential personality. You may feel like you have reached the zenith and there are countless opportunities for you to explore. You can avail maximum benefits out of your property if you invest smartly, keeping long term goals in mind.

You are completely filled with confidence and you move forth with full determination. Success comes to you with your hardship and passion for success. Your decisions prove right and people admire you for your decision making power. Do not flow away in the celebration of success and stay focused upon your goals. You face several challenges at your workplace and this will not let you down in fact this helps you grow.

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  1. Profile photo of oamcgarvey
    oamcgarvey December 16th, 2014

    I’m so relieved when I read this horoscope.  I am a substitute teacher and have been trying for years to get a full time job.  If this is accurate, it looks like one might be in my future.  I do see about being concerned with my image though because I just found out I am pregnant and the baby would come right before school starts.  I feel like that could hurt my chances of getting hired with a school if I need a small amount of maternity leave right away.

  2. Da Silva April 7th, 2011

    My curiosity & all my future thoughts are here exposed out by my horoscope. I love always to browse Libra because I belive it navigates me through my life. I love my star!!!

  3. aldino February 6th, 2011

    OMG thats good thats good

  4. annalou joseph yuson January 18th, 2011

    my birtday.october 5 1980 my bf june 30 1957

  5. Monika Aggarwal July 19th, 2010

    Extremely wonderful…….each word of this horoscope is correct ……….mindblowing

  6. khalid June 1st, 2009


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