Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2014

You’ll tend to take a special/close relationship to the next level this year. By next level, I mean warm and intimate. Your partner shall be possessive about you. Sexual opportunities are bound to come and you are required to be honest, effective and responsible in your acts. You’ll need to rework your attitude towards close relationships and partners. This will naturally result in depth of understanding and strong commitments. Always remember, a practical and flexible approach is needed to resolve issues related to domination, jealousy and self-will. That’s what you might need this year. Strange experiences/events shall pop-up here and there and hence, will enhance your thinking and attitude towards things/relationships.

There is harmony all around still your personal happiness would be constantly challenged over issues of failures/mistakes. You may be seeking isolation already and busy finding out “the right way”. The relationships that you forge this year are likely to have mystical/secret elements; perhaps you are not prepared yet to bring them face to face with the world. You are likely to sort through the junk, the burden and keep only those things/people that you truly need. This is the time when you seek a transformed feeling of safety and peace in all your close relationships and you tend to influence everyone with your renewed lifestyle and expressions.

This is going to be a year of mixed results. Though the most of the year will be a good one for you however the mid of the year especially the time of July and August will bring some disharmony and contention in your relationship. Things will start improving with the coming of October. You will be able to focus upon needs and requirements of your partner more and you will try even harder to bring stability and harmony in your relation.

Try to communicate with your partner very often in order to understand him even better. Those who are still single should try to open up with people around them. You may fetch someone very special this year, be prepared to enter into an alliance if you have been looking forward to it. Overall this will be a peaceful year for you and your partner and you will be able to enjoy good time with you partner.

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Eric Li (@Eric Li) : January 7th, 2011

this is very interesting and exciting for me in 2011

Puneet (@Punmetal) : February 12th, 2012
Avatar Image

Rubbish……i had a breakup in the start i.e January ….lol

khadeejah (@khadeejah) : December 30th, 2012
Avatar Image

hi will i get back with my ex parnter 
we wher together 3 half yrs but he broke up with me in april without a explanation  . or will i meet sumone new2013..?
thankyou khadeejah

haja (@browniecsay) : January 14th, 2013
Avatar Image

@Punmetal lol dat make s 2 of us.

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