Scorpio Love Horoscope 2015

Love is passionate and transforming this year, as you learn to adjust to the changing needs of your relationship. The knowledge and experience that we discussed above may also come through a close partner/lover who is likely to be full of energy and positive attitude. This understanding of things will help you to achieve deeper levels of closeness, intimacy and possibly sexual appeal.

You now realize that your relationships be based on solid foundations of personal freedom and stable career. As such you’ll find yourself busy in worldly affairs and may not be able to shower enough care and attentions to your loved ones. You’ll further want to focus only on professional relationships and especially associations that matter the most and last long.

You may also attempt to get rid of irregularities and habits/addiction. There might be an inner struggle/tussle over some issues and you may feel tied down to everything and not able to express freely. This may also be due to increased demands in both personal and professional lives. Make sure you don’t just run away from responsibilities. You’ll surely need to prioritize who deserves your time the most. The end result is a newfound identity and a realistic understanding of your own limitations, and your capabilities as well. Your perspective on life changes to be a more somber and dependable person. You feel connected to your hear and you need your lover to listen and adjust to your needs and desires.

This is going to be a year of mixed results. Though the most of the year will be a good one for you however the mid of the year especially the time of July and August will bring some disharmony and contention in your relationship. Things will start improving with the coming of October. You will be able to focus upon needs and requirements of your partner more and you will try even harder to bring stability and harmony in your relation.

Try to communicate with your partner very often in order to understand him even better. Those who are still single should try to open up with people around them. You may fetch someone very special this year, be prepared to enter into an alliance if you have been looking forward to it. Overall this will be a peaceful year for you and your partner and you will be able to enjoy good time with you partner.

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Ais (@Ais) : December 1st, 2009

it is mentioning about Libra not Scorpio.

dnyaneshwar (@dnyaneshwar) : February 22nd, 2010

when will i marry

prateek singh (@prateek singh) : March 9th, 2010

hi myself prateek,d.o.b is 15th nov 1990 i reallly love a girl sneha bt ther z been a misunderstanding galore ,shes a libran born on 4th oct 1989,so wts d scene for both of us ahead


I love Bidyarani but she is thinking with me as friend. What to do?

savita yadav (@beabu1) : January 11th, 2011
Avatar Image

when will i marry?

danial (@danial khan) : January 29th, 2011
Avatar Image

i really love a girlbut there is some confusions in around me. that what is right n what is wrong but i love her so much n just can,t live without her,her name is mahnoor.plz pray 4 me.

harinder (@harinder) : March 11th, 2011

how will going 2011 for me

harinder (@harinder) : March 11th, 2011

when will be my mareige

GERMELYN (@Blessing-Lilian-Anams) : March 7th, 2013
Avatar Image

As for me wer nt goin to knw d person jst bcoz we knw dem long tym,stil dey cannot show der real personality,dats its better to stay wit d person in 1 haus even in a short tym,

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