Taurus Love Horoscope 2015

Communication is the most important element in any relationship and more so this year. You or your partner is more inclined to short trips, messages and communication with acquaintances and social circle. If single, neighbors or siblings/classmates could be particularly advantageous. You are now able to freely speak and express your heart and ideas.

You now long for emotional security and a carefree lifestyle. There is unusual warmth and coziness in relationships with parents and other family members. You’ll experience greater than before sense of safety and wellbeing at your base/home.

Throughout the year, you’ll be pulled in two different themes of freedom and obligation. As a result of this, some relations will have to go, but strong relationships are here to stay and would actually improve a lot to a great extent of love and satisfaction. You’ll have everything (friends/money) that you need to bring the long required changes in your attitude and perception. There might be separations with dear ones/partners. You may be experiencing troubles in significant one-to-one relationships, this year you’ll be able sort out most of the problems. You’ll also understand what relationships mean, what you want from them and who are your friends and partners. A feeling of loneliness is possible and there is a need for evaluating your commitments. By the end of this year you’ll be proud to have “quality” friends and partners and possibly this will result in solid gains in years to come both financially and emotionally.

This is not a very good time for you at love forefronts. Misunderstandings and doubts may silently creep into your relationships. Married people should leave the matters of doubts and suspicion unattended. Your negligence may leave the marks of suspicion even firmer causing a long term problem for your relationship. Financial instabilities may create problems in your relationship. Try to be patient and deal with the matter intelligently and work upon it as soon as possible.

Those who are still single and planning to get married should try to limit their doubts about the people they meet for the purpose of alliance. Your tendency to doubt people may leave you left out. You have a tendency of possessiveness about your partner. It is important for you to understand that every person has its own space and no one should intrude in the private of the other person, not even your partner.

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Kartik (@Kartik) : March 16th, 2011

absolutly right. I just had a break up with my girl. Somebody else took her away from me. The first two months i tried a lot to save my relationship but nothing comes in my favour nd finally i hv a situation to step back cause my girl is getting marry with other guy. I just wish that she will be happy with him forever nd i know she will cause i saw her sunsign aswell which is absolutly right aswell. Wow its unbelivable cause its hurts even a lot. Wish somehow some miracle happen to all who r having problem with their love ones.

joann (@spoinksilverstreak@gmail.com) : April 2nd, 2012
Profile Photo

OMG I know i am a taurus woman.And my bf. and i just broke up it will be four weeks on this thursday and i am still in pain because i still love him and i will always love him.And it just hurts so much but hes not a part of my life anymore so i have to move on and i know that life goes on [my heart will go on]omg i love that song :) <3 but i still miss him even though he was a jerk and douchebag towards the end of the relationship especially. But we broke up twice and its over and i still am trying to deal with  it everday even though i see him in my last period class everday :( but again life does go on. :) <3

Alisha (@wherethewindblows) : January 18th, 2013
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Im recieving this in a very positive my baby and I relationship has been rocky but it is very strong i believe its one tthats here to stay i love him with all my heart and the taurus in me will fight for this we are gna grow stronger and things are going to align we need money and i need friends so i want be so obssesive lol i freaked out at first when reading this but i read it a sencond time and it sounded beautiful shout out to my bubbes i love you dominick heres to us i still see forever with youbaby mwah!!!

sathyakala (@sathyakala4444) : December 9th, 2014
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My love will get success or not

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