Virgo Love Horoscope 2014

You’ll be confident enough to reach out and make new connections. Love is in the air, in form of affairs, marriages, partnerships, friendships and arrival of new members in family and social circles. There will be socializing and fraternizing leading you to get contacts and contracts and hence extra sources of income. You must learn to keep your egos aside and let relationships flourish smoothly and easily. However, all this busy social activity could divert your mind away from people very close to you. While you were busy thinking about career and professional matters last year, things seem to have set in pace and you’re truly enjoying the momentum.

Now all of this could be related to acquaintances, connections and even siblings, and these relationships may be edgy as a result. You are now rather busy with learning, and you may view socializing as a waste of time. You may feel an extraordinary difficulty to organize your time and effort, and you tend to cut out pointless communication and activities. It’s good in a sense that you now see what works and what doesn’t. You can now try to locate to rough spots and stuck emotions and then make your mind up by seeing things from a different perspective. This way you’ll be able to nurture healthy relationships and have clarity in thoughts/emotions.

You will spend some quality time with your partner this year. Concern, affection and compassion rule your heart and you will be able to share your problems and ideas with your partner. You will be able to experience a wonderful romantic phase of your life. However your doubts and suspicions about your partner may create problems in your love life. Refrain from arguments and trust upon your partner and you will be able to draw out the best from him.

The second half of the year will bring good news for single people. They are likely to meet their partner. And those people who broke up with their partner due to misunderstandings and confusions may be able to make up again with them. Exciting feelings and emotions hall pass through you and you will be able to feel the tingling of the love cells during the second half of the year.

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kady (@kadybabe) : October 23rd, 2012
Avatar Image

thank you for giving me a positive outlook of my life am so ever grateful that am finally changing my life for the better and i now know what i want for sure i found someone special to me and am going to work hhard to achieve my goals with him i will take your advice always until i get it perfectly right am so happy thank you kiss

lola (@lola86) : July 3rd, 2013
Avatar Image

Wow sounds correct…I got a new job at the end of last year and I have no weekends off….ever. I also work until 11pm at night lol, so my husband has been suffering alot, but I have a career in the criminal justice field. I’m really struggling to balance work and home, plus I’d like to have a child. We’ll have been married for 2 years come November, so it’s time to start thinking baby :-) Once I have time of course..smh

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