Born on 3 February, 1921 (Thursday)

Zodiac Sign (Western)

Sunsign, Tropical Zodiac

Zodiac Sign (Vedic)

Moonsign, Sidereal Zodiac

Age (Today)
103 years, 4 months, 16 days

Your next birthday is 228 days away.

Life Path Number


Day of the Week

34th day of the year 1921.

Chinese Zodiac Sign
Rooster (鸡)
Roman Numerals

CIII years old

Sunrise: 07:40 Sunset: 16:48

London UTC

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Personality Traits for people born on February 3, 1921

Title: Exploring the Traits of Individuals Born on February 3, 1921

Introduction: Those born on February 3, 1921 possess a distinct set of personality traits that shape their lives and interactions. This article delves into the unique characteristics of these individuals, exploring how they manifest in various aspects of their lives.

Philosophical Nature: A prominent trait among those born on February 3, 1921 is their profound philosophical nature. They possess a deep-seated curiosity about the meaning of life, the universe, and the human experience. This philosophical inclination often leads them to seek knowledge and understanding beyond the superficial. They enjoy engaging in intellectual conversations, exploring various perspectives, and contemplating the complexities of life.

Straightforwardness and Unique Advice: Individuals born on this day are known for their straightforward and honest approach. They value authenticity and transparency in their interactions. When providing advice, they offer their unique perspective, often challenging conventional wisdom. Their advice is often insightful and thought-provoking, as they have a knack for seeing things from a different angle.

Ambition and Striving for Power: These individuals possess a strong desire for power and respect. They are ambitious and driven, constantly striving to achieve their goals. They may exhibit a competitive nature and a determination to succeed. However, it's important for them to strike a balance between their ambition and their personal well-being.

Difficulty Trusting Others and Frustration with Suspicious Behavior: Those born on February 3, 1921 may struggle with trusting others. They tend to be cautious and reserved, finding it challenging to open up and let people in. This can make it difficult for them to form close and meaningful relationships. Additionally, they can become easily frustrated with suspicious behavior, as they value honesty and transparency.

Preference for Expressive Individuals and Challenges Connecting with Inflexible People: Individuals born on this day are drawn to expressive and open-minded people. They appreciate those who are willing to share their thoughts and feelings authentically. Conversely, they may find it challenging to connect with those who are inflexible or unwilling to consider different perspectives. They value open-mindedness and intellectual stimulation in their relationships.

Potential Work Ethic Challenges: In terms of work ethic, those born on February 3, 1921 may sometimes exhibit irresponsible, unmotivated, and arrogant behavior. This can lead to difficulties with managing time and meeting deadlines. They may need to cultivate a stronger sense of discipline and organization to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Educational Challenges: These individuals may also face challenges in the educational realm. They may struggle with laziness and disorganization, which can hinder their academic progress. They may need to develop better study habits and time management skills to overcome these obstacles and achieve success in the classroom.

Impact of Childhood and Mother on Personality: The mother and childhood experiences of those born on February 3, 1921 can have a significant impact on their personality. They may exhibit persistence, emotional instability, and obsessions as a result of these early experiences. It's important for them to seek support and guidance to address these issues and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Philosophical Nature as a Source of Resilience: Despite the challenges they may face, individuals born on February 3, 1921 possess a resilient spirit. Their philosophical nature allows them to continue pushing forward, always looking towards the future. They find solace in contemplation and introspection, which helps them navigate the ups and downs of life.

Actionable Insights and Quotes:

  • "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Nelson Mandela
  • "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." - Vivian Greene

Conclusion: Individuals born on February 3, 1921 possess a unique blend of philosophical depth, straightforwardness, ambition, and resilience. While they may face challenges in areas such as trust, work ethic, and education, their philosophical nature serves as a source of strength and inspiration. By embracing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses, they can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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Shared Birthdays

Some famous persons born on February 3, 1921

  • Herbert Baack, Politician, born in Witten (died: July 5, 2006)
  • Bruno Touschek, Physicist, born in Vienna (died: May 25, 1978)
  • Ralph Asher Alpher, University teacher, Astrophysicist, Physicist, and Astronomer, born in Washington, D.C. (died: August 12, 2007)
  • Samuel Lehtonen, Priest, born in Helsinki (died: August 20, 2010)
  • Gerda Hoffer, Writer, born in Vienna (died: March 20, 2012)
  • Egon Hanfstaengl, Publisher, and University teacher, born in New York City (died: March 21, 2007)
  • Gilbert Lavoine, Boxer, born in Laon (died: January 22, 1965)
  • Horst Sackmann, University teacher, and Chemist, born in Freiburg im Breisgau (died: November 2, 1993)
  • Robert Perloff, University teacher, and Psychologist, born in Philadelphia (died: April 15, 2013)
  • Hendrik Jan Louwes, Politician, born in Ulrum (died: June 2, 1999)
  • André Patris, Journalist, born in Namur (died: October 15, 2010)
  • Arzel Even, Linguist, and Writer, born in Lille (died: December 19, 1971)
  • Michel Bollot, Military personnel, born in Lannion (died: January 29, 1995)
  • Agostino Bignardi, Politician, born in Bologna (died: June 7, 1983)
  • Emilio Grimaldi, Composer, and Writer, born in Cornigliano (died: April 15, 2006)
  • Semion Raytburt, Film director, and Screenwriter, born in Podolia Governorate (died: April 28, 2012)
  • Charles Tidwell, Racing driver, born in Lizella (died: May 4, 1990)
  • Red Durrett, Baseball player, born in Sherman (died: January 17, 1992)
  • Reg Owen, Conductor, and Composer, born in London Borough of Hackney (died: May 23, 1978)
  • Henryk Strzelecki, Politician, born in Wojnowice, Ostrowiec County (died: June 10, 2014)
  • Zbigniew Podbielkowski, Botanist, born in Ostrów Mazowiecka (died: May 22, 2012)
  • Juliaan van Belle, Historian, born in Bruges (died: September 8, 2008)
  • John Millett, Civil servant, Poet, and Lawyer, born in Woollahra (died: May 19, 2019)
  • King G. Porter, Politician, born in Tennessee (died: December 3, 2012)
  • Antonio Natali, Politician, born in Voghera (died: March 22, 1991)
  • Romaine Lorquet, Sculptor, born in 6th arrondissement of Lyon (died: April 3, 2005)
  • Q17749255, Military personnel, born in Minsk District (died: January 15, 1987)
  • Henryk Pendias, Mineralogist, born in Chojno (died: January 20, 1994)
  • George E. Felton, Computer scientist, born in Paris (died: June 14, 2019)
  • Motsamai Mpho, Politician, born in Bechuanaland Protectorate (died: November 28, 2012)
  • E. S. Kolibernov, Military engineer, born in Moscow (died: September 5, 2013)
  • Bernard Daydé, Theatre designer, Drawer, Scenographer, Lighting designer, Property master, and Costume designer, born in Paris (died: June 17, 1986)
  • Q61126806, Partisan, born in Prizren (died: October 15, 1979)
  • Ursula Gondermann, Sculptor, born in Duisburg (died: March 2, 2005)
  • Alexander Lothar Ringer, Musicologist, born in Berlin (died: May 3, 2002)
  • Wolfgang Wagner, Jurist, born in Stuttgart (died: April 7, 2014)
  • Josef Urban-Borský, Opinion journalist, Resistance fighter, Poet, and Writer, born in Plzeň (died: January 18, 1998)
  • Ladislav Kronich, Nurse scientist, Health professional, and Religious, born in Želechovice (died: December 20, 2014)
  • Walter Niebuhr, Writer, born in Kiel (died: January 1, 2008)
  • Arnošt Lisý, Pedagogue, born in Čelákovice
  • Milada Vichnarová, Pedagogue, born in Ostrava
  • Benedetto Ronchi, Librarian, born in Trani (died: May 19, 1990)
  • Consol Ferré Royo, Teacher, and Writer, born in Amposta (died: March 1, 2007)
  • Biagio Lai, Engineer, born in Nuoro (died: March 6, 2000)
  • Pêr Denez, Esperantist, Linguist, and Writer, born in Rennes (died: July 30, 2011)

What happened on February 3, 1921

Ugh, my events diary has no entry for this date.

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March 3, 1967

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  • Your next birthday is 228 days away.

February 3, 1921 Facts

What is my generation?

The person with birth year belongs to the GI Generation group.

When am I eligible to vote, open a bank account, buy a simcard and open a bank account? (Age of Majority)

  • United States: February 3, 1939
  • India: February 3, 1939
  • Philippines: February 3, 1939
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1939
  • Canada: February 3, 1939
According to data from the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, 205 countries and territories have a minimum voting age of 18 for national elections out of 237 countries and territories the organisation has data on as of October 2020. Some countries may issue additional requirements for voting eligibility from time to time.

When am I eligible to get a driving license?

Learner's Permit (Under supervision)

  • United States: February 3, 1936
  • India: February 3, 1937
  • Philippines: February 3, 1937
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1938
  • Canada: February 3, 1937

Light Vehicles (Mopeds or quad bikes, unsupervised)

  • United States: February 3, 1937
  • India: February 3, 1939
  • Philippines: February 3, 1939
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1938
  • Canada: February 3, 1937

Full Driving License

  • United States: February 3, 1939
  • India: February 3, 1941
  • Philippines: February 3, 1939
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1942
  • Canada: February 3, 1939

When do I reach age of consent?

  • United States: February 3, 1937
  • India: February 3, 1939
  • Philippines: February 3, 1937
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1937
  • Canada: February 3, 1937
Disclaimer: This is not legal advise. Age of consent is a complex legal system which can vary depending on individual situation and circumstances. In the United States, as of April 2021, of the total fifty U.S. states, approximately thirty have an age of consent of 16 (with this being the most common age of consent in the country), some set the age of consent at 17, and in about eleven states the age is 18.

When can I marry without parental consent?

  • United States: February 3, 1939
  • India: February 3, 1942
  • Philippines: February 3, 1939
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1939
  • Canada: February 3, 1939

When do I reach legal age of drinking (consuming alcohol)?

  • United States: February 3, 1942
  • India: February 3, 1942
  • Philippines: February 3, 1939
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1939
  • Canada: February 3, 1940

When do I reach legal age of smoking (consuming tobacco)?

  • India: February 3, 1939
  • Canada: February 3, 1940
  • United States: February 3, 1942
  • Philippines: February 3, 1942
  • United Kingdom: February 3, 1939

Astrology Analysis

Ephemeris for February 3, 1921

Note: Moon position is location and time sensitive.
Planet Position (Tropical, Western) Transits on February 3, 2024 Secondary Progressions for February 3, 2024
Sun 13 Aquarius 54 13 Aquarius 54 25 Taurus 48
Moon 22 Sagittarius 8 17 Scorpio 12 29 Virgo 53
Mercury 26 Aquarius 18 27 Capricorn 3 3 Gemini 58
Venus 0 Aries 31 13 Capricorn 27 24 Aries 4
Mars 22 Pisces 22 22 Capricorn 21 7 Gemini 48
Jupiter 17 Virgo 11 7 Taurus 30 8 Virgo 52
Saturn 24 Virgo 45 6 Pisces 40 18 Virgo 42
Uranus 4 Pisces 23 19 Taurus 8 9 Pisces 18
Neptune 12 Leo 19 25 Pisces 50 11 Leo 7
Pluto 7 Cancer 10 0 Aquarius 25 7 Cancer 23
Rahu 1 Scorpio 14 19 Aries 6 25 Libra 46
Ketu 1 Taurus 14 19 Libra 6 25 Aries 46

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