Leo 2016 Career Horoscope

This will be a busy time for you and you will have to keep your enjoyments aside to focus upon your goals and complete your projects upon time. Your decisions will get you benefits and you will experience a blaze of confidence within you. It will be difficult to stop you and you will march with full determination and bring you success. Your work shall bring you popularity among your colleagues and seniors. Those in business will also get fame in society.

You will have to face a lot of troubles financially, not because of loss or shortage of money but due to excessive expenditures. Money will come to you as well as it will move out of your hands. Keeping a strong check over your tendency of profligacy is crucially necessary. You possess tremendous potential to be in the black and this is the time you sharpen your skills for a brighter future. Your financial position is expected to improvise and you will be able to give off your older dues.

Confidence will bubble from within about everything that you pursue. There are bright possibilities of an increment or a promotion or a stable financial position for the coming years. This is the best phase to go ahead with money matters such as lifting up funds for future deals, or retailing of properties. You will gain more than expected profits in your business deals.

You might indulge yourself into profligacy which can create an unstable financial situation for you. You need to set priorities about your expenditures otherwise there is high probability of getting stuck into debts. Your greed for money will guide you through the ways which can get you into problems. Do not forget your values for the sake of few bucks. You will find numerous shortcuts to easily get richer but do not opt for unethical methods.

This is a good time when you get easily earn money, go for investments. You have many resources with yourself however you seem live in negligence. Recognize those resources and you will get good money out of them. If you were waiting for any of your dream to come true then you might here the good news now. People facing problems at their workplace will find methods to resolve them or get out of it.

Certain issues may arise that will demand your immediate attention and deviate you from your focus. However they will be resolved very quickly. You may get a chance to meet influential personalities from your field and business men will be able to increase their associates to their profits. The yearend will get you luck and you may get benefitted financially. There are also chances of promotions and increment.

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K.K.JOHNSON (@K.K.JOHNSON) : January 31st, 2009

sir,according my horoscope,is there going to be any changes in my job this year?please let me know

Manjunatha B (@Manjunatha B) : September 6th, 2009

please predict accurately about my job opportunity and love issues.As iam made desparate attempts with many astrologers to know about my future.really iam feeling hell and seeking a calm and peaceful life

Lisa luy (@Lisa luy) : October 2nd, 2010

Life, love, family, most, short about money.

genevive (@genevive) : January 21st, 2011

this kind of website is awesome….its prediction are all true…even in my career and love life its predicts everythings that will surely happen in my future..it give me some tips how to solve my problems and what is the first thing i must do…

julita (@julita) : February 20th, 2011

Pls tell me, if our plan to open a business is good at this time and to change the job.

Santhosh prabhu (@Santhosh prabhu) : March 28th, 2011

Whether i want to stay this job itself for better career or i want to search for new job, pls advice

subratadas (@subratadas) : October 22nd, 2013
Profile Photo

whether i want to stay this job itself for better career or any change in this year

Annie Belanger (@Annie-Belanger) : January 14th, 2015
Profile Photo

So which is it?  In one paragraph, it says “This is not a very good time for my career” and two paragraphs later it says “This is a very good time for your career”.  Bloody ridiculous, playing off the credulity of the gullible.

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