Leo 2017 Career and Money Horoscope

This will be a busy time for you and you will have to keep your enjoyments aside to focus upon your goals and complete your projects upon time. Your decisions get you benefits and you experience a blaze of confidence within you. It will be difficult to stop you and you march with full determination and fetch yourself success. Your work earns you accolades.

People in the fields like education, literary fields, travel and communication will find newer opportunities coming their way. You are likely to get benefitted from your associates or through a small expedition. You will find opportunities of growth in financial matters and your profession. As such you make small steps with patience and active thinking. However, occasionally you tend to deviate from your work and become a bit lighthearted to concentrate more over your sidelines than your work which gets you in troubles.

Luck and success is on your side and you experience great pleasures in both personal and professional life. However you will have to work hard to achieve your targets. It is advised to you to make concrete plans for your future before you commit for anything. You will work in numerous newer directions and set an example for those looking up to success. You will good opportunities for short term as well as long term projects.
This is a good time for making associations with new people. There are indications of you entering into collaborations, or a partnership. You will enter into a new phase of your life; a lot of developments will take place in your career. Before you indulge into a new project wait to get clear instructions from your seniors. You need to be a bit supple to accept these changes as they come to grab the best of the situation. You feel secure about your future financially.

Those in business will get a chance to take their business to new horizon. Your business will see a lot of developments and you will be able to expand your limits. If you were waiting for the correct opportunity to fulfill your dreams then you find the one this year. You will come across at two big opportunities which if exploited to the best will get you good amount of money.

Certain issues may arise that demand your immediate attention and deviate you from your focus. However they will be resolved very quickly. You may get a chance to meet influential personalities from your field and business men will be able to increase their associates to their profits. The yearend will get you luck and you may get benefitted financially. There are also chances of promotions and increment.

  1. Profile photo of Annie-Belanger
    Annie-Belanger January 14th, 2015

    So which is it?  In one paragraph, it says “This is not a very good time for my career” and two paragraphs later it says “This is a very good time for your career”.  Bloody ridiculous, playing off the credulity of the gullible.

  2. Profile photo of subratadas
    subratadas October 22nd, 2013

    whether i want to stay this job itself for better career or any change in this year

  3. Santhosh prabhu March 28th, 2011

    Whether i want to stay this job itself for better career or i want to search for new job, pls advice

  4. julita February 20th, 2011

    Pls tell me, if our plan to open a business is good at this time and to change the job.

  5. genevive January 21st, 2011

    this kind of website is awesome….its prediction are all true…even in my career and love life its predicts everythings that will surely happen in my future..it give me some tips how to solve my problems and what is the first thing i must do…

  6. Lisa luy October 2nd, 2010

    Life, love, family, most, short about money.

  7. Manjunatha B September 6th, 2009

    please predict accurately about my job opportunity and love issues.As iam made desparate attempts with many astrologers to know about my future.really iam feeling hell and seeking a calm and peaceful life

  8. K.K.JOHNSON January 31st, 2009

    sir,according my horoscope,is there going to be any changes in my job this year?please let me know

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