Aries Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

The combination of Earth and Fire is an exceptional blend with both the people with different approach. As the young and bright Aries soul craves for excitement in all forms, the strong headed Capricorn is decidedly more practical and earthy. For Aries love is demanding while for Capricorn it is undemanding and quiet exchange of affection.

The Capricorn man is a very sovereign and committed person with inbuilt wisdom and persistence. Generally he leads an ambitious life and pursues all the ambitions fiercely. He believes in permanence and self discipline and never involves in a relationship just for fun. In a relationship with an Aries woman, he is an affectionate partner with lots of understanding and patience to keep the relationship strong. Though at times he appears to be cold and detached, but it’s just one of his characteristic, while deep inside he is a loyal lover.

The Aries woman has a jaunty and carefree personality. She is glowing and fervent about everything she gets her hands on in life. At times she can be arrogant and is usually very possessive regarding the love of her. She gives a lot of enthusiasm to her Capricorn man and always accepts and admires his wisdom and ambitious nature. Any kind of jealously within her can turn her fiercely cold towards him for a great length of time. However, the dedication and purity of love always brings her back to her Capricorn man.

The Aries woman’s positivity and sparkling personality impress a Capricorn man. As she finds him mysterious, his strong silent aura excites her and brings closer to him. She always stands for him to help him fulfill all his ambitions and also provides him with lots of excitement and passion in his life. Though her carefree nature sometimes disturbs him but as he reaches around middle age and becomes a little more carefree he tends to enjoy her company a lot. She coaxes him into the world of dreams and teaches him to live with less caution. She deeply admires him for his rock solid determination, tolerance and sincerity towards her and their relationship. She may sometimes hide her feelings from him because she finds him as cold and detached but she needs to understand that deep inside his lonely heart, he just loves and cares for her.

The calm and composed surface of the Capricorn man pulls the Aries woman towards him. He is usually a self motivated person busy realizing his ambitions. Once he accepts a woman in his life, it is a serious thing for him. He finds her foolish sometimes but totally adores her innocence. He titters at her mistakes and grins at her profligacy. He gives her undivided attention and tames her fiery personality very calmly through his patience and mild approach. He makes her a more conventional and acceptable person with his devoted love. He always loves the strong personality of his Aries maiden and gives her complete freedom to enjoy her adventures but with some care.

As the time passes and Earth and Fire starts blending nicely to just provide shelter and warmth to each other, this relationship takes a very beautiful picture. When they permanently overcome their mutual unintentional selfishness with their deep love, nothing can separate them. The strength of their love is unconquerable. Their unison is delicately decorated with all earthy and fiery beauties. An Aries woman is spontaneous and ardent, governed by her emotions while Capricorn man has more practical motivations. As they both come a long way together, they blend their differences so beautifully and they enjoy the rainbow of absolute and pure love throughout their lives. And when they finally have a harmonious relationship admiring each others differences, they grow a deep and lasting devotion both emotionally and sexually.

When the Fire and Earth signs connect physically, the intimacy may take some time to form up. Usually in the sexual relationship between an Aries woman and Capricorn man, she takes her chances. She is the one in this relationship to initiate physical relationship. She brings excitement and passion to their love making while he brings deep warmth and permanence to it. He enjoys observing her body and how it jiggles and wiggles with just about any little movement. When she catches him when he’s too weak to resist, he responds to her fresh, enthusiastic expressions of love with profound intensity and a depth of affection that surprises as much as delights her. She could help her physical relationship by motivating him, a little help, a little support and a little encouragement. The intensity of their oneness makes them want each other more and enhances their relationship more charmingly. They both love to explore and fondle each other, together. Both have a lot of fun being explored, fondled, cuddled, and get squeezed in lusciousness of the moment. He gives up himself over to the pure bliss of the moment and this comes as an award to her. A moment when she totally owns her Capricorn man.

The strains, worries and misinterpretations are quite obvious between the Capricorn man and Aries woman. The biggest fault comes where they both are selfish in their own ways and defends their way to be right. Though he loves the independence and courage of her, he cannot justify her impulsive reactions. Similarly, she always respects the determination and patience of him but finds him cold and detached making her insecure. She needs to be less demanding and he needs to be more expressive if they really value their relationship and want it to work. To maintain a healthy relationship between the two, they need to have ample amount of communication. If they both are patient enough and wait for the wisdom of their hearts to guide them, they definitely enjoy a beautiful relationship throughout their life.

  1. crystal 6 years ago

    ha there iam aries women datin a capricorn maen we been 2gther for 6mon nw and we have our ups and dwn but alwys gt bck 2gther at the end of the day i love tis man he no how to make me laugh smile and cry and i gt watever i wat iam nt givin up on us and no1 takin my place love is on my side

  2. pete 6 years ago

    i’m a capricorn man and have been dating an aries woman for 3 months now and already its had its ups and downs. however, i am never surprised at how selfish an aries woman can be, at times only thinking of herself. i’m carrying this on becoz i hope that it will get better in the long run

  3. wendy 6 years ago

    Im an aries woman and have recently met a capricorn guy, it was love at first sight. We just seem to be at ease from the first moment, dont want to be apart from each other.

  4. sarah 6 years ago

    Hi all,
    Ive been inlove with a cappy for over 4 years now, and wow it has been a struggle. He has been off and on inlove with me too untill he chose a sagg to be with. I was heart broken, distraught. Men come easy in my life but being a true Aries, when I fall inlove I fall hard. I done everything to get away with him, even moved countries! only to get my heart broken AGAIN by a fellow aries. Now my cap has broken up with his gf, and feeding me lines like “I need you, you are always there for me” bla bla bla. Should I go back to the cap, the only man to blow me away? does it really take patience?? how long does aries girls have to wait?

  5. chioma 6 years ago

    wen i met him, my cappy man Azuka. I was not in love. But after the last time we were together, I left wit memories. Culd not control D emotions i was feeling. I felled hard. But as we all kn, they always shy away from commitments maybe bcos of their past relationships. I tried to show him i understood. and that i loved him. But i went abt it D wrong way. I played a game wit him. I used my friends Facebook Acct i opened for her 2 keep in contact with my man. I was acting as my girlfriend and indirectly telling the man i loved more abt me. Till one day he found out. And asked of the truth. I culd not bring myself to tell him. Until he said those last words to me. Do u kn u have lost me for good? I knew then it was over. I tried not to call him too many times. Was just sending him sms every night. I called yesterday and he picked up. Am happy he has forgiven me. But i kn he does not trust me again.
    Wat i did, I did bcos i loved u. Not bcos u were a fool to me as u view it. There was a lot to be said. And i used D opportunity to tell u more abt me and am not regretting it. Am regretting the fact that u were hurt. And i lied to u. I love u. And i don’t believe in aris and capricon’s not being a good match. Our sex is great but u have to open up to let me love u the way i feel.

  6. Turd Ferguson 6 years ago

    Very good description of what I’m going through. I met a cap guy last summer in august at a party and I loved his strong silent aura and penetrating eyes. I guess my carefree attitude attracted him so we started dating in the beginning of september which was a mistake. It was too little time and none of us knew what we were getting into after so little time of knowing eachother. He is 2 years younger than me but seems just as mature in some ways not in others. We dated for three months but during that time he had drifted away from me mentally and I got extremely attached to him. I could feel that he didn’t care about me too much because he wasn’t responsive when I would kiss him or hug him. He would just let me. When I told him it was three months the next day he broke up with me… I think he noticed someone new because he told me he cared about me and wanted to keep me around as he went out and did other things which he realized was very wrong. He promised me he would never cheat on me which makes me think

  7. Turd Ferguson 6 years ago

    That was the reason for leaving me, to pursue this new person. We split up for about a month but he started calling me more than when we dated and wanted to see me everyday. We would hang out and he would flirt with me so much and pretty much told me he was there for me physically if I needed him but I made it clear that if I wasn’t his girlfriend it wouldn’t happen. During this month i got unattached to him but remained a loyal friend and in the back of my mind I was waiting for him to change his min. He seemed fine with being friends but got drunk and told me he really missed me and made a mistake. I told him that he was making me wait and that if he didn’t do something soon I would move on and not look back. You can’t give caps ultimatums because they hate being told what to do but if you make a clear statement about leaving they realize they must do something. I never found out if it was another girl but he said it was because he saw me as a friend which is bullshit. The break up devastated me but, I rea

  8. Turd Ferguson 6 years ago

    lized that he found out who I was and how serious I was. I am a long term aries who is very passionate but it can only happen with one person. He found this out and I still don’t know if he is a serious person although I hear that caps always take a relationship seriously. I see a lot of problems with his personality but can’t communicate any of them. I Feel like I’ll insult him deeply. I need to find a way to talk to him before this gets more serious and before I get too the point of not wanting to be patient anymore. I’m hoping he’ll judge my reactions and see why I act like I do but I know he can’t read my thoughts. I Feel something deep for him and I feel like he’ll belong with me forever but he makes me think he doesn’t care. I always think of him for his bday and v day I got him gifts. He got me nothing for either… although he sayd he has no money this is not enough. He could have picked me a rose or done something but the intention was not there and that’s what matters. I need to learn to talk to him

  9. Profile photo of Iffer1991
    Iffer1991 6 years ago

    Hi there, so I’ve been reading evryones comments, and to those of you that said to run away from this relationship compatibility I would just like to say that obviously this isnt gonna be for every aries and every capricorn. Every aries woman is different, and every capricorn male is different.
    I have been dating my capricorn male now for 2 years, and yes it has definitely not been easy. Above it says that the male seems cold and detached but really has a huge heart right, well the aries woman has to see past the coldness and unattatched fake actions of the male for it to work. so that comes with patience, and LOVE. When we first started hooking up he had just gotten out of a 5 year HORRIBLE relationship with a whore. she used him basically took his heart and ripped it right out of his body and peaced. we were not looking for a relationship at all. but honestly after 1 month his stupid fucking smile made me realize that i fuking loved him soooo much. he was still cold and detached for the first year. his ex found out him and i were seeing eachother so she decided to pop back into his life they would text all hours of the night. he spent 4 nights with her all together without coming home. he would leave on random weekends when she called to go hang out with her. and i stood by waiting for him to come home. SEE most and every girl would have ran so far away from that guy and boy did everyone tell me to. But no I didnt listen and now I have the greatest man that i have ever met in my whole entire life. adore him in so many ways, i admire his strength his stubborness i admire everything about him. He is the love of my life. he keeps me in check makes me more responsible as sometimes i tend to not be, and i keep him happy. He loves me soooooo much more for sticking by his side and loving him unconditionally through everything that he put me through and i know that he has no doubts in his mind about us, becasue if i could stick with him through all of it then obviously i am naver going to leave him. he respects me sooo much more than he ever would have respected and loved any other girl, because they would have ran. All of the bullshit that I went through was worth it sooooo much. So for you girls out there that say run, maybe you just need to put your stubborness aside for a minute if you truly love the guy. Because honeslty this is a good match if the aries woman likes to be with her man, and not run off to the bars with her girls all the time. the capricorn man needs his female to stick by his side through everything and that is when he will fully show you is unconditional love.

  10. Profile photo of cappy
    cappy 5 years ago

    Hello, i have been dealing with an Aries woman for the past 1 year. I met her on a website and we met once, sex and then just chatted for a while. The she went with someone else and me with someone else. after about 6 months i think, for some reasons she came back into my life while i still was with this other girl. I blocked her on face book as she would not leave me alone. Now for the past 6 months i have been separated from my ex and she has had a few other boyfriends but still does not go away, and i am not sure what she wants, well i know what she wants but, i just don’t get it what does she expect. What i have heard from her is only cursing/swearing at me day and night, she tells me she hats me, she hates my voice, my everything and i just don’t know why, cos she was the one who fucked up not me. She does not want to see me, she does not want to be my friend, she has blocked me on face book that’s after i blocked her etc. I am single now and have been for the past 6 months and have gone on a few dates but non of them compare with my ex, by the way, my ex was a cappy too. When i see them, it just does not feel the same they just dont compare, but i don’t get her the Aries girl and she already has a boyfriend but, yet does not want to be my friend. I know she has been hurt a lot and i cannot do anything about it and it was not my fault why she got hurt.

  11. Profile photo of cappy
    cappy 5 years ago

    By the way, just wanted to add, this girl has not slept for months, somehow i know why though.

  12. Profile photo of cappy
    cappy 5 years ago

    I also forgot to mention, why does she want to see me dead? we had sex a few times sorry cos i could not remember well as its been a while.

  13. Profile photo of cappy
    cappy 5 years ago

    I meant to say we met a few times

  14. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle 5 years ago

    @cappy You see, this Aries woman, is having some issues. A human being is suffering. Can’t you take a small step to help her come out of this mess and move ahead in life.

    Instead of fighting her off, you should ask for forgiveness for whatever happened. And tell her that you are who you are and unable to meet her expectations.

    It might not be your fault but this small thing could be very helpful to her and in turn you’ll feel free and joyful. 🙂

  15. Profile photo of Ms.piggy
    Ms.piggy 5 years ago

    Why he got to be so cold?… he tells me what hapens but not what he feels.. why he hides so mush from me, he cant even call me baby, o tell me he likes me. he takes it side of weakness. but why? I know he feels something so strong for me.. he calls me almost like 24/7. always wants me to be their with him all the time. but when I cant.. he gets mad and starts to talk shit. saing am with other vatos or I dont want to see him, or be with him.. that makes me wanna cry because I love him.. and he dont understand that all I want is him and only. and I dont want to tell him what he makes me feel.. what if he dont care? I always ask him why hes like this, and all he tells me “their you go with your fucking questions!” and im mad I dont know what to do no more.. some times I wanna live him but hes so sweet sometimes. he always knows how to make me smile he makes cute voices and funny moves and so goffy. I love it yes i blow up all the time he talks shit and I talk it back and try to live. but he always holds me not to go. I love my pelon and I wander if he loves me to.

  16. Profile photo of Ms.piggy
    Ms.piggy 5 years ago

    by the way im an Aries woman he is a capricorn man and we been together 6 months

  17. Profile photo of iqqi2011
    iqqi2011 5 years ago

    Hi plz answer my question anyobe…. im a 17 year old girl. Im in love with my cappy bf! we have been together from 2 years , At starting We never saw each other but fell in love . I send him my 1 pic in the starting… because im not that much good looking , im chubby , so he saw my pic , that was a closeup! he liked me. He also send me his picture. Well this was about 1 year back . In this January we made a plan to meet each other . We went to meet each other but couldn’t recognize each other. Even he reccognized me but i can’t even we told each other that we would be wearing this and that etc. but that was a blind date. At that time i was not having my cell phone. so the 3 days after that blind date , he texted me with his number(As he was pretending to be his sister) ” My Brother has went to other city and he has lost his cellphone here so he couldn’t contact you. You also plz dont contact here” i was damn sure that that was my cappy bf… . well after that day he abused me , leaked my mobile number , i asked him many times that why u did this with me but he never talked to me. Still i love him yet. 2 days back he came to me and added me by himself and tell me a fake story that “he was out of city , he has came back just today from other city etc. etc.” im damn sure he was lieing to me. Well I still love him alot . I have read many places that cappy men always love 1 girl. I know he was serious with me in the start but suddenly he starts loosing his interest. It was my mistake also that i was used to be too possessive in my relationship with him. But now im too much changed! I have learned from my mistakes. What i believe is that He has came back to me because he has now realized his mistake(i guess) and he told me also that he missed me alot. Now he is saying “Plz try to forget me. I have changed my aims , My mind , Myself ” i don’t know what to do. He still talk with an attitude with me. i dont wanna loose him at any cost. should i let him go ? Or should i talk him ? should i make him feel that i really love him ? how should i make him feel that i love him ? even after 7 months of break up i love him alot. He asked for my mobile number and told me that he’ll keep contact with me. I guess he is looking forward to keep me as his friend but thats what annoying me. I can’t be his friend. I want him as my love , my lover! im damn serious with him.. I LOVE HIM alot! even he know this… But i dont know what to do.. .Help plz plz

  18. Profile photo of iqqi2011
    iqqi2011 5 years ago

    I must add that i think that he left me because im not good looking , im chubby! Thats what I think . He told me that he hated me but now he dont hate me. should i let him go ?? or should i do something other ? pzl tell me..

  19. Coincidence? 5 years ago

    […] WHAT THE F–K!?!?!??!?!!!!!!!!! Out of curiouscity for randomness I just came across this: Aries Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle […]

  20. Profile photo of cappy
    cappy 5 years ago

    I don’t care if she is suffering, after all its not my fault why she is suffering. I have taken what I need to take and let her live her live but the problem is she cannot let go and I also told her how to get hold another cappy who can fuck her for hour non stop and she does have another cappy now but still cannot let go for some reasons.
    I never fought her, most of the time I just felt sorry for her even though she loved me but I don’t care about her love. People can only show love when they are together. Correct me if I am wrong.
    What expectations? Sexually? If that’s what you mean, a cappy can meet and exceed her expectations. The girl got hurt and I don’t know why, I mean no one invited her to my life she just came herself cos did not like her and I was with someone “another cappy” at that time but she wanted to get fucked but I would never go behind my cappy ex. I tough her a few things and she uses them against me. This shit went too far. She threatened to kill me and I reported her to police. Police asked me if I wanted her arrested, I said no, still felt sorry for her. After about two months she made up a lot of shit about me and send the police to arrest me, which they did and I had to go to court and I was found not guilty due to luck of evidence. The prosecutor withdrew the case as they had nothing of her bull shit against me. As I said she has another cappy now and I think she is only keeping him to shag her for hours thats all, but I guess you have all sort of capys. Anyway, give me an aries female any time and I will destroy her pussy. Those who have tried cappys penis know that they can fuck for hours non stop.

  21. Profile photo of Lind09
    Lind09 5 years ago

    I like a Cap right now. He has moon, mars and rising in Aries and he’s super hot.

  22. Profile photo of kayliancandon
    kayliancandon 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m a Aries girl, and I’m deeply in love with my Capricorn guy and he is deeply in love with me. He tells me how much he loves me and how much he cares, but he never expresses any emotions or tells me how he feeling because he says its a sign of weakness, and when we argue he never says anything back he just listens and gets really silent which drives me crazy. He loves to be in control but of course me being an Aries nobody controls me, and I’m a very beautiful lady and he is very possessive over me and he gets reallllyy realllyyy jealous if I even speak about another guy. And I get extremely jealous if i feel like another girl is trying to come in-between us. How can we control our jealousy issues and how can i get him to be more emotional, and to give me a little space??

  23. Profile photo of MissV1979
    MissV1979 5 years ago

    I met this Capricorn online in 2008, it was supposed to be sex only. And here we are almost 4 years later craving each other with the same passion. At one point during these 4 years I did stop speaking to him for about a year because I found some things out. His wit and charm however brought me back to him. As the article stated he is very quiet and can be detached but as an Aries I pull words out of him. I make him speak and not hold anything in. He is someone I can be open with as he can be with me. We are both open and honest with each other no matter how bad something may be. We don’t judge, and the moments we spend together we try to cherish. It’s funny because we don’t define what we have, nor have we ever said I love you to each other. If we want to see other people or we go on dates we let each other know. We even come home and call each other to talk about what happened lol. I think once we got over a little hurdle that second year and he realized that I was there for him and he couldn’t pull anything over on me it brought us closer.

  24. Profile photo of Crissy47
    Crissy47 5 years ago

     I am an Aries woman and I met my Cap guy in 2004, when we were frist friends. We started seeing eachother on and off in 2008. It was very fustrating for me to date my Cap guy at first, he would call me on and off, never opened up emotionally which would drive me crazy, and at a certain point I had decided to end things with him because I couldn’t stand his standoffish personality. Regardless of my struggles with my Cap guy we both have continued to come back to eatoher others lives. It is ture what they say about Cap males, well at least mines that they are very mysterious, private, calm and very hard to read at times. However, as the years have gone by, I have come to understand him a lot better. Patience’s is key with a Cappy. Even though I am an Aries and we people who are upfront and fast acting being patience with a Cap is worth it. My cap guy is a different person then the man that I first met, he has become more open with his personal goals, accomplishments and more expressive even with sex.
    One thing is for sure, it is hard for me to figure out where I stand with him, and to define the relationship that we have. He has mentioned a couple of times that he cares for me and has even talked about having children together. I am slowly learning more and more about him each and every day, it is almost intriguing and keeps me wanting more.

  25. Profile photo of florah-Ngema
    florah-Ngema 5 years ago

    Hi maria.m a cap and understand your situation as m dating an aries gal. Contact me coz I believe we can help each love my gal and she tells me she does as well but doubt it at times. one thing can tell you is to never lie to your man.if you love him be open at all times and you must be willing to compromise. let Him be in control because he will feel like  you want him be in control and you  might be making him feel less of a man. give him what he wants.treat him like he’s your king and you will see wonders. you hve the power to his heart. ignite love into Him and he will bring it bck. he’s more of a baby boy if you can just find that spell of love in you and though it on him. trust me he is your for ever and ever Amen

  26. Profile photo of windujedi
    windujedi 5 years ago

    Hi, my name is Eduardo. I am capricorn. I met this beautiful aries girl! Everything about her just cautivates, and freezes me! At first, it looked like she didnt want to talk to me… but still something about her attracted me… there was just one little problem, I already have a girlfriend… I know I am being dishonest, that’s why I haven’t told the aries girl she attracts me, really bad actually. I really am attracted to the aries girl, but I don’t know what to tell my girlfriend. I am stuck with this problem, I really need advice on what I should do. I am very sincere, and don’t like having to break up with the girl. I am very nice to break her heart! :/

  27. Profile photo of Lala3
    Lala3 5 years ago

    I think me and my Capricorn boyfriend are lovely together. Wejust want to be with each other all the time. We have so many similarities , it’s almost like we the same person. He is 15 years older than me, I love it. He’s wiser and wonderful to listen to. I can’t imagine ever losing him.

  28. Profile photo of AriesLuvusa
    AriesLuvusa 4 years ago

      I’m an Aries woman and my boyfriends Cappy. Wow, all I have to say is wow, I never knew  love till I ment this man. Most of the above information is true. but I’m glade that I read this artical before really getting into  deep with him because if I did not, I would of lost him months ago lol!
     To me his Capricorn traits are everything that I look for in a man. His silents turns me on, I love how he trys to calm me down when Im upset. I know he only means best when tells me what to do. it not like a controll thing but if it is its not to much. we comprmise. He does not believe in the zodiac at all. its so funny because its helped me understand him. 
     My cappy is very affectinate. Always rubbing my leg, leans over for kisses, ask if Im okay tells me he loves me. I do not tell him i love him yet. I do things to show it. I think the next time I see him I will tell him that I truly do love him too.  I would go through hell for this man , he has a dark side and it okay. I just let him be. there has been a few times were I felt unwanted or his thoughts were somewhere else but I just give him his time to get out of his funk. I love him soi damn much…….TEAM US

  29. Profile photo of Shani__b
    Shani__b 4 years ago

    My name is shaunice johnson and I am an Aries lesbian. My girlfriend name is Amanda Parker. I am 21 and Amanda is 26. She is the more dominant woman in our relationship,holds back a lot, non-chalant at times! the main part that struck me the most was the selfish way we both waist time defending who is right. I also think that if we let our hearts decide and be patient we will maSmushedSmushed

  30. Profile photo of Shani__b
    Shani__b 4 years ago

    We will make it! So thanks! 

  31. Profile photo of Shani__b
    Shani__b 4 years ago

    I left out that she is a capricorn

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  33. Profile photo of Billionaire
    Billionaire 4 years ago

    Okay so after reading all of these comments I see that this relationship between Aries and Caps is truly one of mystery. Well I’m an Aries Lady madly in Love with my Cap Beau, so yeah it’s been 4 months but we’ve uncovered so many layers with one another that it seems much longer. I stumbled upon my cappy accidently, u see he was in a situation and I was being my self and offered some encouraging words and a phone number in case he wanted to talk. It was all very innocent, but the calmness and mystery of this man blew me away. Long story short we fell for one another and have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions ever since. No one man has brought so many emotions out of me as he does.(All kinds of  emotions I never knew I had) He caused me to feel again. B4 we entered one anothers life I was a bit cold and had a lock on my heart in terms of men. I really  didnt care for the feelings of men and just played target practice on the ones that showed interest. (All due to past hurts). I mean my Cappy is so handsome and strong and sensitive and insecure and loving and rude and smart and an ass and caring and moody and expressive at the same damn time. Wow I am all those things to but can  easily see it on another person( ephiphany lol) minus the handsome tho. Anyhow I love him to pieces and we have broken up a few times but ALWAYS find our way back. Well me more than him but when I say that I’m leaving for good he tightens up. To be continued…………….             

  34. Profile photo of Aries_woman
    Aries_woman 4 years ago

    I am a 32 yr old aries woman married to a Cap man, and I want a divorce. Its been 8yrs and he is 30. He is possessive, and shares his feeligs but not a strong enough man for me. I feel as if I have to tell and teach him everything. He doesnt cheat that I know of but is a compulsive liar about small stuff. He’s lazy and he settles for less and lacks goals. We have no kids and I often wonder if its a sign. We are in church but I am so unhappy wirh him. I feel that maybe we got married too young. I just want out, whenever I tell him this he promises change but never does. Maybe its time I just move on….

  35. Profile photo of kayliancandon
    kayliancandon 4 years ago

    I guess My Aries Fire was to much for my earthy capricorn. He hates me because I’m telling him the TRUTH about himself, and how he should stop making all of these incredibly stupid desicions in his life.. Maybe I came off a bit harsh because I kept it kinda bottled up inside, and he claims I was “putting him down” & “Dog-ing him out” apparently -_- , I just don’t want him to screw up his life anymore than he already has.. But now he won’t talk to me at all and i’m perfectly fine with it. aries ladies whatever you do, don’t let capricorn drag you into his negativity..

  36. Profile photo of maxy
    maxy 4 years ago

    Hey y’all, here’s one for you. I am an Aries woman, dating a Capricorn man. Love at first sight is an understatement. If you have just met a Capricorn, be open as soon as possible. We established open communication from day one, and it is working out incredibly. While he is reserved and I am selfish toward other people, our very open communication enables us to get past the short-comings that we both have. We learn from each other, and I believe that is the crux of any strong relationship. I read a lot of these articles, none from this site, stating that the match was not a good one, and even gave a 52% chance of lasting. I didn’t buy it, and we laugh about it because we are exactly who we have been searching for. I couldn’t be happier with this guy.

  37. Profile photo of Ariescapaqua
    Ariescapaqua 4 years ago

    @kayliancandon That is exactly what they have the ability to do if you let them, drag them down with your negativity. Capricorns can and will make you feel that you are inadequate. In my experience after 2 years with one, they are just too cold and calculating for us. Not trying to talk bad about Capricorns, but we need someone whose intentions and love is demonstrated just not in a chasing negative way. In my experience, Scorpio does this well, so does Leo. Capricorn and Aries are square to each other, so everything all of their words and intentions come from different directions and almost go against each other. I will think twice before I date a Capricorn again. Very intriguing but next time will be different. I tried being the nice supportive girlfriend and totally got taken advantage of for doing that. Always trying to comply to their needs and wants, but you will find that for every mile you walk they give a small inch IF THAT. They calculate everything and if it isn’t worth it, they won’t show the interest you deserve. NEVER think there’s an ulterior reason why, if He doesn’t show the interest, it’s because it isn’t there and they are sticking around for some other reason that benefits them. Otherwise they are fine with pushing you out and ignoring you coldy without a second thought. They will move on just fine with their life and they won’t care because you were the one walking the miles for them and they were the ones giving nothing in return. So it’s easy for them to just do that. Just look at this forum and tell me I am wrong. Many Aries women devoting their time to talk about and wonder about their Capricorn’s intentions, and No Capricorns on here doing that for Aries. Not even in an argument will they give you benefit of the doubt, they just let you simmer in your own anger and again contribute NOTHING to solving the problem because if they don’t care they just DON’T CARE. As you can see, I am resentful. I don’t want others to suffer like I have. 

  38. Profile photo of anitasuun
    anitasuun 4 years ago

    well, with me it was a total opposite experience. im a aries women, i dated and was in relationship with a capricorn man for a short time. this capricorn man loved me all his teen age to now that he is 25 years old. we were in kind of relationship for a short period of time. it was sweet while we were in relationship that he used to take me at his place despite his family dont used to like me at all. he even fought with his dad for me cuz i went to his house and did all drawing and painting at his room wall and his dad was mad about it. we broke up because i never found joy to be with him.even though all these years he was and is so damn patience with all my craziness. i was mean, cold and selfish towards him. after all he was hopeless and hurt because of my act and started to do cocaine, that i regret so much.. he confess me his feeling once a year in such a unromantic way like he is talking with a stone. just unnatural and felt like he memorized all his action from books.  when we watch movie he always kept me at his lap like a baby for hours even when his legs hurt, he do all these small things to make me feel his unconditional love with that serious and straight face. he knows every little thing about me and act in a cautious way not to make me mad. and today i was just wondering why we never got along even he was that damn nice and patience with me and i found the answer. capricorn need to light up and have fun with life. imma  girl who throws hands in the air and dance even when things dont work in my life.  im go with the flow person and he was too organized, stern, negative. i never had fun with him.

  39. Profile photo of Tinker93
    Tinker93 4 years ago

    This is so True I am an Aries who is dating a Capricorn and it is hell sometimes I dont think it’s worth it but his mysteriousness and him being so silent makes me stay. Capricorn men drift off for weeks. Specially when they are mad at you. You can text them and text them and text them but they will not reply until they are ready and have really thought about the situation. And contemplating if the relationship is worth keeping. It’s horrible but it may be worth it you never know. I’ll never know. They don’t show emotion or feelings so you never know how they truly feel but I can say when they say it they mean it. 

  40. Profile photo of ariesgirl59
    ariesgirl59 4 years ago

    As an Aries woman I can only say that a relationship with a cap is like meeting the devil himself. There is no worse match in the zodiac. And no just so you know …..Jesus was def not a Capricorn. Just more proof of the devil trying to claim gods throne. Caps are despicable.

  41. Profile photo of MissV1979
    MissV1979 3 years ago

    An update to my 1/12/12 post…..yet another year has passed and we’re stronger than ever. I love this man with all of my heart and soul. Since my last post we’ve said “I love you”, and we’re in the process of planning a trip to Puerto Rico. I cannot explain the bond that we share, only that it’s stronger than ever. He’s still quiet but that’s one of the qualities I love about him. We had a disagreement about a month ago, we talked about it, and agreed that we would get passed it and try not to argue again. He comforts me, and when I’m with him, I feel so protected! I will tell anyone that I am truly a lucky girl because the passion this Capricorn man has and shows is unbelievable. He says that I belong to him forever, and I am happy to have the job! Once last thing, HE LISTENS!!!! When I suggest somethhing, he may seem as though he isn’t listening, but he always makes it happen no matter what! I’m so ready to spend my life with him!

  42. Profile photo of Poopoococo
    Poopoococo 3 years ago

    Im a Capricorn male whom met a Aries.  I fell so deep in like with her since day one.  I feel some comfortable around her, i actually could be myself around her!  She makes my day, even if i dont speak to her i cant think about her and be filled with warmth. I could see myself falling deeply in love with her. I pretty sure i would never intensely hurt her cause then i would too hurt

  43. Profile photo of PendragonChris
    PendragonChris 3 years ago

    I know I won’t be speaking from any experience (yet) on this matter… but to all the Aries woman looking at a fellow Capricorn man…  What was written above is accurate…  We ARE (generally) cold on the surface analyzing debating to eternity before making a decision.
    There is an Aries woman at work for the last year+…  we always got along to a certain extent but the last few months have REALLY been a fun STRONG whirlwind of enjoyment together…  I have been debating and analyzing… even testing to extremes over the last few weeks and have decided to make a move tomorrow…  (wish me luck).  Even others are making knowing glances at our interactions…
    She brings out the energy of youth and excitement in me…  Maybe it’s because I am at the cusp of Sagittarius (a good match for an Aries) that is aiding in our friendship.  I feel strongly about a future with this woman and if a Capricorn who, as above, analyzes something to death has come to this conclusion then perhaps it can be.
    Anyhow, as stated in my opening sentence, Aries woman… patience and perseverence.  Do not surcumb to your fleeting urges to abandom when it appears to be a waste of time…  the article has it right to a “T”.

  44. Profile photo of PendragonChris
    PendragonChris 3 years ago

    **** UPDATE TO ABOVE ****
    Never “made the move” as I stated above.  I take back everything I said about the possibility of this sort of thing working out.
    Wene to work today all gung-ho ready to “take a chance” and noticed her acting completely different…  very cold and aloof.  I asked her if everything was all right and she said yes…  a few other people asked her the same question throughout the day.  Near the end of the day I asked her if there “was anything we needed to discuss?” perhaps I did something…  She said “no” everything was fine.
    About 30 minutes later it seemed she was coming around back to her normal self and I thought “good”.  Was talking with someone with her just out of earshot and made “a joke” as I normally do…  I can be quite jovial when I get to know people.  I heard her say “It’s okay, you guys can talk about me as you always do” and I thought she was kidding around as she normally does, but I could tell she was serious and the Aries paranoia had kicked in.  I proceeded to explain to her what we were talking about and it made matters worse.
    At the end of the day I heard the others that I was kidding with and in earshot through the whole event talking about how they were trying to explain to her the truth of the event.  I got the impression that one of them was ostrisized <SP?> because of it.
    So I guess what many people here said was true.  It can NOT work between an Aries and a Capricorn.  In my case, the Aries paranoia had come through and I am now the enemy.

  45. Profile photo of sweetkittenpi23
    sweetkittenpi23 3 years ago

    Recently met a wonderful Cap man whom is truly a joy to be around. He is aware of my Aries quirks, and is patient. The attraction was pretty instantaneous. We’ve both struggled with our lives; with love and family. There’s a slight age difference but while he can be quite youthful, I can be stoic. Or vice versa.
    Don’t rule things out based upon things like star signs. It’s the person inside that really matters. Sometimes people might surprise you.
    Good luck and Goddess bless.

  46. Profile photo of delvion
    delvion 3 years ago

    im an aries woman. i just broke up wth capricon man, i was really selfish, just demand of his loyalty, and judge for his mistakea.i didnt listen to him. im so regret. i just want to start it over, i really miss him.
    im really sorry.

  47. Profile photo of idgafnomore
    idgafnomore 2 years ago

    I just ran across this, trying to find some answers to my relationship. 
    Im an aries woman, i have been with my Capricorn man for a year now and i still don’t understand him. Im a very loving person i work, come home to cook, clean wash his clothes and he still does not appreciate all that i do for him. 
    I want to get married and all he can say is that i have to change my ways, ok i have a temper and can sometimes be jealous but he swear that he is perfect. 
    He is a cold, he is always in debt to everyone, lazy, stubborn and he swears that he can do no wrong. 
    Im a patient person and i can stick it out, but sooner or later i will get tired. Especially if i see that there is no change in him. 

  48. Profile photo of aimeeloucon
    aimeeloucon 1 year ago

    I’m an aries woman going out with my cappy now for almost a year! In the beginning I came across chats and compatibility sites like this that scared the bejasus outta me due to the enormous negative opinion on this match…but now I find it so hard to believe that so many people have experienced all the awful things mentioned! I am head over heals in love with my cappy man and I know he is truly in love with me because he tells me practically every minute of every day! We spend every moment we can together an he’s very effectionate always kissing me an making sure we are stuck together and he keeps me very calm! We hav our disagreements lik any other cpl but the thought of ever losing him or hurting him has taught me how to handle arguments maturely! C sometines he appears cold but theres so much emotion under the surface and once i understood that this no longer bothered me! Communication is the key and no matter what sign you are if you love someone enough you’ll do anything to make it work! Me in this man will marry I’ll never let this cappy go he’s amazing!!

  49. Profile photo of AriesTruerThenTrue
    AriesTruerThenTrue 11 months ago

    I’m a Aries thru & thru & I LOVE & AM DEVOTED to my Cappy man, we’ve had differences & get thru them, I feel so attached to him & want to marry him, I love catering to him & he shows his amazing sweet, attentive, loving side, I let him work thru his negativity but always give him reassurance that I’m there, sometimes his fits make me laugh then he laughs. He’s my love, live & best friend & we’re both curious as too where we go in life together.

  50. Profile photo of kamran4friends
    kamran4friends 3 months ago

    Iam a cappy and i have a deep & serious feelings for my arian girl. I love her but she doesnt , we were good friends since 5 years, we used to talk on phone, & sometimes do video chats on skype ;  and suddenly bad thing happened. I was being felt ignored and told her go to hell in anger state.. , This word has ruined everything and that showed me her another face. Although i have apologized to her countless times but she says its over. Since one month I’m trying to regain her back, and she kept insulting me, Although those words were harsh but still i managed to listen them and accepted what she said. I dont want to loose her.I still message her and she replies me such as” i dont care, go to hell, you were never my friend, you have no value for me in my life”, I never seen that side of her .I still believe this is her anger state which is all saying it to me, and i still believe i will melt her heart & get her normal as she was used to be before. Now, the issue is how & when it will happen?? Any suggestion?

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