Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Any relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is sure to start quickly and passionately. Off to a good start, for certain, but there can be a few snags along the way. Leo are naturally more loyal than the restless Sagittarius, and this creates issues in some relations shared by them.

Leo are magnanimous and gallant suitors — both men and women — with tender protectiveness and mawkishly affectionate towards their near and dear ones. Whatever and wherever they do something, there is bound to be an audience. Leo are proud people and natural born leaders who cannot stand domination and ignorance at any cost. They are very generous in terms of finances to maintain their royalty. They are arrogant and noble creatures at the same time who can step down for no one. They are quick to snap up a compliment as this fuels their generosity and loyalty. Best way to convince them to change their mind about something is to use flattery or try to convince them that it was their idea to do so.

Sagittarius are fun loving people who are never alone. They are always surrounded by a crowd around them who is amused by their optimism and liveliness. A Sagittarian’s enthusiasm and curiosity is contagious while their innocent sparkle is sometimes tough to handle. They are very straight forward, true and blunt people who trust everybody and sometimes get cheated and hurt. They cannot be commanded easily. They tend to rebel against such antics as they are like a free spirit who roams free and changes with the times or situation at hand. They are free spirited, energetic and spontaneous and cannot be pushed around. Their philosophical point of view allows them to be the keg of a joke without recourse and their blaze makes them the center of attraction almost everywhere.

Leo and Sagittarius both strive to lead and control a situation. In the beginning it may appear that this type of a union would not be a strong one as they both can get engaged in continuous arguments. On the contrary, they both possess a sort of natural compassion and are easy to harmonize with each other. Any fire between them in this sort of competition is most likely more of an uplifting of high spirits rather than an argument that cannot be solved. Independence is the key to a harmonious union here. They do what they want to do and as long as they have their own space to do so. Neither of them is very good at accepting another’s criticisms. They would rather learn through trial and error. The few times they do collide and that is a nice change for them. During such collisions, the enthusiasm they exude helps them to strive toward their goals either individually or together as a duo.

Watching Leo and Sagittarius live together, work together, play together whether it is business, in a relationship or in a family setting is just as much fun as they, themselves, have. Their fury and fire intensify easily as the other fuels them. There are times, however, that it is not all fun and glory. Once in awhile there is some sort of give and take needed. With Leo’s stubborn nature and Sagittarius not so much so, it almost always be the Sagittarian who backs off. If anything, the one cause for upset in this relationship would be pride. Not so much of a battle of prides, as Sagittarius doesn’t really know the meaning of the word. However, when the Sagittarius points their playful arrows of bluntness at Leo and gets them right in their pride with some honest yet harsh truth, it plays havoc on the relationship.

Leo and Sagittarius share quite wonderfully knit relationships in almost all the walks of life. When they are friends, sibling, colleagues or relatives, they truly enjoy each other’s company and have a very soft and positive approach towards each other. Also they have a lot of fun and enjoy everything from adventures to luxury. As business partner also they can do well if Sagittarius become a little bit more responsible. As lovers or spouses they are nicely tuned up till the time they keep their prides and insecurities on the farthest shelf. Being parents is quite nurturing for both these sun signs with Sagittarian being more fun parents and Leo being more authoritative ones.

There are some strong differences in this beautiful relationship that are to be taken over to have a peaceful camaraderie. Sagittarius are very open and to the point people who never think twice before speaking a truth. Leo always get irate and puff out their chest in a false sense of pride when Sagittarius have some words for them and Sagittarius get angry at the Leo’s increased arrogance. Also the Sagittarius are not as reliable and loyal as are Leo and this creates problems of insecurities in some of their relationships. On a much more subtle ground, Sagittarius’ honesty and frankness is a nice quality to instill into Leo as it eases them down from their pride that seems to be so stiff most of the time. Sagittarius also benefit from Leo’s strong hands and compassionate guidance more than they admit. With a bit of calming on both sides, this can be a strong and lasting relationship.

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amy (@amy) : October 30th, 2010

This describes me and my husband very accurately. We have learned over years ways to uplift each other

sam (@sam) : December 6th, 2010

Is there a way of knowing how to deal with my sag woman. I love her so much but she says I’m trying to convert her into a lover while she also says she wants a companion. Please help

jeanie (@jeanie) : January 20th, 2011

Call her on her bluff. I’m a sag and that’s what would get me!

Linda (@Linda) : March 19th, 2011

He was Simba and I was Nala. You know Lion King! He was my best friend,and best lover..We had so much fun
together..They say that a sag could get bored with her leo man..that never happened..7years..i will never forget what he did for my birthday..we didnt have a lot of money both working and him in ciropratic school..he had 20.00 to spend..when i woke up in the morning..he had a bubble bath with candles lite in the bathroom along with thin mints<–that was my chocolates and bubble bath champaine..<—made breakfast, vanderbelt perfume..and a sexy teddy. He loved me so tender that afternoon..You know out of all my bdays..this is the one i remember and never forget. He went to be with the lord in 1998..I cant imagine ever finding a love so true..

seralee (@seralee) : November 17th, 2011
Avatar Image

Being in love with a Leo is the best match compare to any other I have ever had in my lifetime! I must state it is amazing!

glo (@doxa) : May 8th, 2012
Avatar Image

I’m a Sag woman and he’s a Leo man.  We have our ups and downs.  We used to live together, but now we’re not.  I used to travel, but now he does most of it.  I find that the only problem that we have is a lack of communication.  We’re both extremely empathic and we expect each other to read one another forthright without question.  We are learning though.  I love him just as much now as I did the day I met him, but you think I’m telling him and his ego that?  Nope.

lucky lucky (@lucky-lucky) : June 1st, 2012
Avatar Image

iam luckiest lioness with sag man. we completed 5 yrs with 2 kids.my life is amezing with funny archor. we both r romentic funny & travel loving. there r some differences but its working verywell.he is a energetic and wender he need lots of freedom so i also liked freedom. he is a loveable father. there are lots of arguments and fightings,we both are hot tempered but great in sex. i think leo dag couple has their sex life roking among other zodiac signs.my life is with sag men is roking. there are some weekness like he cant handel tention,but lion are born to leader and handel most of the thing tactfully.sag mans are flirtious nature some time they are lier but leo women catch him and watched his foolieshed act. i thik leo sag match is best. we both undestood each other v well. sag is wild and rough some times but lioness can control his temper v well . go go go blindly with sag guyes coz he will keep u forever happy. no man is perfect in this world but we are best among others .    

Jose Edmundo P. Dayot (@NobleLeonines) : January 10th, 2013
Avatar Image

Will a Sagittarius be loyal to a Leo??

becca (@becca0224) : March 23rd, 2013
Avatar Image

I have been with my leo for almost 11 years now. It hasnt been easy, we have broke up and got back together I dont know how many times, there has been other people on both sides, but i honestly cant see myself with anyone else but him.. i truely believe this man is my soulmate.

QUEZ (@sagittarius16) : February 9th, 2014
Avatar Image

umm i have found a aries woman and she is everything it described but it says that leo and sag are meant to be and i havent found a leo yet im confused what should i do?

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