Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Aries and Taurus are quite different as Aries are instantaneous people while Taurus takes everything slowly. As a result Taurus finds Aries over reactive while Aries finds Taurus to be tad slow, or even dull. Stubbornness and clashes of will are more than likely to pepper their relationship over time leading to some heart aches or severe problems also.

The Aries people by nature are usually aggressive, impulsive, determined and extremely optimistic. They are risk takers and expect the best out of people. They are always on the move pursuing new and exciting things. They are extreme givers and would break their back to help another. Aries don’t like living in the past with its regrets. Instead they have a competitive side and may spend their lives striving for success without compromising truths. Problems with debt are very common in Aries as they tend to bite off more than they can chew or become involved in too many affairs or tasks. The attention of an Aries can be easily distracted by something new and exciting which plays at the very heart of their manic nature.

The epitome of strength, Taurus people are very calm and collected human beings, who know how to put all of their time and efforts and channelize them into one direction to produce incredible results. The majority of the time their emotions are predictable and moderate. The exception to this is when Taurus people have been pushed to the very edge of their limits, and then they display a surprisingly frightening temper or stubbornness. They live in the past especially the hurt from previous experiences. They want a stable life which may require being alone because they can be very self-sufficient and resentful. However, they do have a warm side that exercises thoughtful wisdom and even a sense of humor. Taurus people do require a lot of relaxation and down time to get through life.

Taurus tolerates the very aggressive Aries who may try to come across as composed to show strength. Taurus understands the fire behind the Aries’ courage and strength. But also understands the problem of manic decisions and risk taking and the overall underlying issue of Aries being very susceptible to other taking advantage of them. But the strong, drive of an Aries attracts the Taurus especially when the Taurus is looking for security in financial aspects as well as others. The Aries brings forth the new creativity and the Taurus sculpts it into results. Aries may question the introverted Taurus’ ways even when they are enjoying time together. Aries might convince a Taurus to open up to a social world full of life and surprises. In doing so, they have the Taurus expose their loves and passions such as for art, music, outdoors or even a simple hobby.

The Aries examines the sensibility that Taurus offers, but secretly of course. It may benefit the Aries to have someone bring them down to earth every once in a while and defiantly keep themselves out of trouble. The Taurus may begin to ignore the Aries’ mighty dreams and ideas which in turn raise insecure and depressed feeling with Aries. For if Aries cannot be the worlds best champion, what good are they, in their own minds. And an Aries leaves at the thought of not being someone’s champion. If a Taurus feels too much heat from Aries, they withdraw and issue a statement of silence to Aries which in turn annoys Aries. Taurus may also flood Aries with negativity to drown out their emotional enthusiasm. This also sends an Aries into a fury or makes them back up and move on. They may seem to drive in different directions at times in terms of motivation, but during conflict they can grow stronger by facing and learning traits and techniques from each other which they lack.

Aries and Taurus have a high time following up with the relations they share. Though there are many mutual reasons but they have to make adjustments for working long way together. Siblings, friends and colleagues have a great time together with fewer reasons to compete and more to enjoy and cooperate in. But relatives usually do not usually find interest in each other. Commercial project does not have very bright future as they both are hard working but are less of a team and more focused on their personal priorities. Romantic relationship has to face a lot of fire and earth to get them together and usually Taurus woman and Aries man make a better match than vice-versa. Responsibilities come handy to both of them so they both prove to be appreciable parents. But their childhood approaches always stand different and this can be surprising to them when sign is child and other is parent.

When analyzing the contrasting natures of Aries and Taurus, it is important to know that one’s strength is considered the other’s weakness. At first one may conclude that blending the two natures would serve both Aries and Taurus well, but this has its drawbacks. For one, both are set strong in their ways and have learned to live and succeed, which only reinforces their behaviors making them harder to break. To blend would be to change and both are not apt to change any time soon. In doing so, much caution is needed as an Aries seems too overpowering and unorganized causing the Taurus frustrations that may lead to dysfunction as the Aries sees weakness holding them back and the Taurus sees too much room for error and lack of stability. If both are to get along they must fully understand each other and not force unwanted change. Besides, both bring valuable tools to the table of life.

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HisPrettyKitty (@HisPrettyKitty) : June 27th, 2010

Ugh this match from personal experience was frekin horrrible!! I hated his clingyness and his jealousy was the fuckin worst!!! >.<

Kai (@Kai) : April 9th, 2011

My Aries boyfriend & i ended it about 2 months ago. we were a perfect match an he was the best boyfriend i’ve had. i ended it because i thought i was in love with someone else. now he has another girl and i kind of want him back. :/

sharon (@youareonmymind) : July 1st, 2012
Avatar Image

hey, i met this taurian guy frm my college 3 weeks back and we strtd tlkg on bbm..everything was going he usedto send kisses and hugs..and v used to have late night talks..but we met last sunday for a movie..there he held my hand throughout the movie..and in b/w he tried to kiss..but i pushed him away. there was no change in the way he was talking to me yet he didnt say bye while leaving..and i deleted him frm bbm on my frnd’s advice..but later i started missing him so i texted him like a million times but to no availl..and one day wen i said “jst give me one reason and i wont text you back” he replied x_x sayng dt i deletd him dts y hes nt talkgn to even aftr dt i literally begged him to talk to he never replied :( and frm yestrdy i stopped..dude dese taurians are maniacs…

Antonia (@Miaja) : January 18th, 2014
Avatar Image

I’m currently daiting a aries man and I’m a Taurus. I honestly love him and think he’s wonderful but he is starting to worry me. Since it is a long distance relationship the best we can do is video chat or call. I haven’t heard his voice in half a month and the texts messages don’t show any affection . I wonder if he’s cheating , but i keep telling myself that he would never do that.I feel like ending the relationship because I don’t feel loved anymore but I don’t want to hurt him and I do love him . I asked him if he still loves me and wants to be with me and he said yes , but I feel like he’s just using me for when he is lonely. The things he says aren’t the classic douche lines , they’re deep and unique and they make me believe that he does love me but   still kinda convinced that he’s a really good liar and knows how to play with girls feelings. He use to be so perfect but now i geel like I’m loosing him.I don’t know if it’s my fault or his own desicion.I don’t know what else to do . Now I’m restless in my bed and it’s 7:32 am , I haven’t slept, my eyes are hurting from the crying and I just want to be loved.Sorry.

Michael (@AriesLoverFromTheEastCoast) : January 20th, 2014
Avatar Image

I hate to tell you this, but you should probably move on. I used to be like this (An aries man myself) and its exactly what you think is happening. He probably isn’t cheating on you, but most likley exploring all options he has in his local area. We’re so passionate in the beginning, make women fall so hard for us, and then we fade, like complete A##holes. Luckily, I’ve changed my ways, but be warned, leave now, save the heartbreak. Best of luck :/

Paulos ( : March 25th, 2014
Avatar Image

I notice most of these postings are from Taurean women who are or have been with Arian men.
I lived with an Aries woman for 18 months. It was bad from the get go. She was GORGEOUS – thats it…couldnt cook, (even though she had two kids) useless in bed, a horrible flirt, wanted to party every weekend and loved spending money she didnt have (usually mine) I gave her my heart and soul (I know Im stupid – but Im a Taurean, I was blinded by her beauty) WORST 18 months of my life bar none.
I was gearing up to leave her – then in the end – she left me. And when she did she didnt look back, not once.
The most ungrateful – mean spirited person Ive ever encountered, who played me for everything I had. I would NEVER date an Arian women again for all the tea in China. Enough said.    

Lavie247 (@Lavie247) : April 20th, 2014
Avatar Image

Me(aries),he (Taurus)
At the beginning things were fine between us,we could laugh,joke,do all what people do when they are in love. Well after some months he know, I have fallen for him and am committed, he started being cold,communication with no passion, some message the only thing which was missing was “dear madame & sir” I told him I don’t like the way he chat with me(distance relationship), he said am to intensive about like! No any kind of romantic affection from him! He purely says he loves me,but I just can’t feel his love in my heart anymore! The arguments went on,we broke up,started over again more than 4 times now! Two weeks ago I decided to end the relationship, it doesn’t make sense, he is so cold,I had to force communication etc. It was my first time to date a taurian, I know they are lovers of big words,keep what they feel for themselves or talk about it like he is reading a receipt!! I do love him,but hell I have no idea what is happening in his life,he just says he is doing something, no details, he says he loves me,he want to be happy with me but doesn’t really try to meet my needs!! Me am tired of his coldness!! He does take things in his hands, twice he forgot my birthday, I gave a party,send gifts etc.from him nothing is coming not even a postcard,absolutely NOTHING!! HE WANTS to be RIGHT ALWAYS, CAN’T TAKE CRITICSM. Never had such a horrible relationship like with this taurian guy in my would life!! Almost two years I let him play this, but no more!!! Never ever again a Taurus in my life!! I have learned my lesson!!

Christie (@Christiearies) : August 14th, 2014
Avatar Image

Need some serious advice preferbaly from a taurus man… I am an aries woman, falling for a taurus man.. well I’m afraid I fell for him the moment I met him. There is something different about him and with him being alot older I feel I dont have any control in whatver we have and he holds all the strings…he is hot and cold, one minute he likes me and he is jealous of me and the next we dont talk for two weeks.. is there something wrong with me?? I constantly communicate with him and ask him why he is such an idiot about things and then we argue which happens ALOT! But I cant help but want him.. he is all I think about and I normally pride myself in being a strong woman who walks away from men at the drop of a hat. Why has this man in particlar broke down my walls? when all he does is make me feel down.. I know the answer is too cut all strings but then when i go to he pulls me back by saying just a little thing to keep me hanging for another month or so… someone help, I’ve read just about every page and so many people have the same problem why do I fell I can be different?

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