Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Gemini and Capricorn have little in common. Nevertheless, many couples have such combinations because they are often attracted to differences. Capricorn is sensual and practical at the same time, but a little shyer at the first stages of love while Gemini is ready to easily take up any new thing, including love relationship.

A Capricorn man is humble and gentle, yet fiercely protective of his loved ones. He is very ambitious and likes to be on top, the very top, socially, financially, and free from idealistic dreams and foolish illusions, as well as needing to show accomplishment and respect. Upset a Capricorn man and he draws back and grows silent and gloomy. His romantic side may start out slow and cautious but his desire and contentment to be loved and respected brings his emotions out. He is a traditional lover who treats his woman well but never lets her forget that she is a woman.

Gemini woman loves fantasy, mind games and a fun lifestyle. She cannot settle down at one thing so easily. Her mind is busy probing, dissecting, searching, calculating and wandering on the wind, all at once, which can cause two worlds to fuse as one the “real” world and the world of imagination. Adventure, change, being able to go when she wants to go and freedom are the traits she hold on to very dearly and does not give up all too easily for anyone. Being in a relationship brings out her most romantic feeling which are irresistible for any man.

Gemini woman has an insight that enables her to analyze her Capricorn man quickly, read him and untangle every knot. She makes him feel easy in her company very quickly. She never holds onto a past she no longer needs and she never understands why others could do such a thing. This seems all too cumbersome to Capricorn man, but his amazement in the way her mind works holds his attention to her. While she in return respects him and his insight. Gemini woman spends money as fast as she can make it. She has a new approach to every subject and is always willing for a new argument. If Capricorn man can avoid feeling threatened by his Gemini partner’s need for space and simply take advantage of those moments to pursue some of his many and varied interests, this can work well.

Although there are definite differences in both Gemini woman and Capricorn man, these do not restrict her from falling for such a reliable man. He wants financial security and strives for that very goal. Capricorn man has somewhat of a serious nature which is sometimes depressing to Gemini woman and her frolic type tendencies are equally upsetting to him at times. If they can each get through these subtle differences they could grow a love that is great and wholesome and quite exciting in the latter years of their relationship. Very unlike Gemini woman, once Capricorn man is finished with a subject, it is completely over forever. If the fickle and unpredictable Gemini woman can learn to be patient, and adjust with his need of solitude, she can find a true and loving mate in her Capricorn man that will be everlasting through out her years.

As the doe eyed Gemini woman solves the cold mystery of her Capricorn man and brings in new dimensions of excitement in his life, they both enjoy the warmth and fun of life with unconditional love and stability that is a rare thing for Gemini woman to experience. Their love has all the expressions of enthusiasm and romance and yet has a silent serenity. With her expressing face having a flashing quicksilver loveliness for her Capricorn man and he having all the care and substance to give to his Gemini woman, they make a perfect togetherness with joyous thoughts and deep intellect. Their achievements and accomplishments are so very delightful for them, that they always bring home the trophy of success when they work shoulder to shoulder supporting each other. Together they discover the inner beauty of hearts and relations and understand the oneness that keeps them close forever.

Capricorn man and Gemini woman possess a strong sexual bond with sensual blend of earthy passion and airy fun. But it is not the core of their relationship although it could be an important aspect. For both of them sexual unity is a means of rest and comfort and to achieve a level of security in their relationship. The Gemini woman provides her Capricorn man with playful physical and affectionate displays and Capricorn man fills up his Gemini woman with words of love and touch of loving passion which makes her feel secure . Their togetherness is generally very fulfilling and they both have a lot to share and make their partner satisfied both emotionally and physically. Sometimes the love making of Capricorn man and Gemini woman is a means of a cozy comfort between the two; sometimes it is a dominant expression of love, whereas other times, rarer than not there may be some more blazing fire of sexual passion. But what ever it is, it is always very gratifying for both of them on all levels.

Gemini woman and Capricorn man basically have two strong differences. First, in the financial world, the two are completely different as Gemini woman is frivolous with money and cannot justify that money should sit in a bank collecting dust while the Capricorn man is conservationist and feels at ease knowing that money is readily available when in dire need. Second, once Gemini woman captures her Capricorn man’s heart, he makes her tremble with the anticipation of the picture that he paints for her in the future. After a while she grows tired of staring at such a painting and wants to spread her wings and fly. If Gemini woman can be patient and get through this down time, she learns that she has a beautiful lover in her Capricorn man. He can be the one who is true and strong for her in the years she needs him.

  1. Mr. Man May 9th, 2017

    Capricorn man and Gemini woman both have things/nature and character that the other needs, they balance each other out!. They both will greatly help each other have a beautiful, happy relationship and life… The affection that comes when they meet is strong and b.e.a.utiful; they just need to be more GENTLY expressive of their feelings/opinions, be patience , COMMUNICATIVE, be truthful, UNDERSTANDING, come to a COMPROMISE, be supportive of each other and working together. Work together, Have fun together…. Cap needs truth+support, Gem needs understanding+patience.

  2. Slash347 May 8th, 2017

    Gemini women are very demanding, impatient, quick to quit/runaway from lil problems, spendthrift, selfish, lazy, don’t have much understanding cos there’s no patience. Do the opposite of these and you win the golden heart of a capricorn man.

    Show him you want to help support him in his business/work together with him..he will sacrifice for you..but please don’t betray him..his greatest value in all things is TRUTH/HONESTY..he could kill for betrayal.

    • Mr. Man May 9th, 2017

      The extreme gemini woman is proud and demanding, but she has a beautiful heart, she needs patience, understanding and loves to be in control..try give her a little of that and see what she does with it, if she is productive with that, then you’re in luck, but if she waste it…let her go, she is just passing through!, she doesn’t know what she wants.

    • Mr. Man May 9th, 2017

      She is a child/immature, any man would have her and let her go cos she doesn’t know whom she is and what she wants. Careful..

  3. okafor chinonye April 15th, 2017

    Plssss I have just read about this and its so true…I dated a Capricorn and I wasn’t patient enough with him but we just had issues like a month now and its really tearing me apart please what can I do to get him back….I love him so much and he really loves me too but because of my actions he has just been cold and wants to be on his own…plssss what can I do to have him back

    • Nik May 3rd, 2017

      The only best way is talk and sort it out. nothing else would help. a phone call or a sms would help to start the conversation.

    • Lacey June 1st, 2017

      I’m a gemini woman dating a Capricorn man aswell nd he was like that when we first got together. Very judgemental, distant and cold. I didn’t chase him. I went about changing things to make him want me. I started studying at a uni to become ambitious. I stopped hanging out with people he didn’t agree with. I googled how to keep a Capricorn man and I did as it said and it worked. 7months and he’s head over heels. But typical Gemini, ok need space now and he won’t let me. It’s either suffocation or he leaves. I ran away. Giving him the chance to stay and accept I need spare sometimes or he can leave. That would break my heart but I can’t be trapped like that forever.

  4. LaDiabla! April 14th, 2017

    My love life Sukks Ballsssssssssss!!! Gemini lady here dated a handsome Virgo he ignores me and now a Capricorn who makes me feel soooo good but has similar traits as Virgo whyyyy me! Oh did I mentioned how horrible my past 8yrs been did 20diff changes and my life sukksssss also!!! FML

  5. Profile photo of December 26th, 2016

    This is the best !!!

  6. Profile photo of Toxxikitty
    Toxxikitty July 26th, 2015

    Gemini woman here… Hoping to shed some more light on the topic of relationships and compatibility as far as Gemini and Capricorn go. I’ve been with my Capricorn man a little over seven months now; The first few months were absolutely amazing, the last few?…. Not so much. It’s almost as though now that he has me, he feels like he doesn’t need to communicate with me as much as he did before. I work a typical forty hours a week while he does “unconventional” work at home and I’m lucky if I even get a “how are you” or even a “hello” whereas me, the communicator, is just dying to talk to him. He claims that he hates texting, which I absolutely understand, but at the same time… Going a whole day, or even half a day, without talking to him just kills me.  The money part is partially true as I know how to save but at the same time I have no problem spending it on something that I really like. He likes to butt his head into my financial matters, which are quite honestly no buisness of his. He also has a habit of treating me like I’m a child, which really gets under my skin. Unfortunately, my Capricorn is also a Narcissist and that mixed with any sign does not make for a good life partner. Just a long, hurtful, headache of a relationship that is not even worth getting into. I feel like a caged bird with him but it’s hard to walk away from someone that you love, regardless of their faults and flaws. I do believe that with a LOT of patience and understanding, the two signs could stand a chance being together but I suggest you scope out the relationship, as well as the person you are showing interest in, before you dig yourself a hole that is difficult to get out of. 

    • tame97 April 15th, 2017

      Hello Toxxikitty,
      I am Capricorn, and in general we are not communicative at all, its not you its us we prefer silence, if he doesnt like texting and if hes into computers then thats good because he will write to you instead.
      Also be specific, get straight to the point, let him know its in your nature to talk remind him who you are, and how you two were in the first stages of the relationship. By the way texting is the worst for us because we dont like how it inhibits our desire to tell you something and if we make a mistake while texting you something important it pisses us off, where as on a computer we love it.

      HOwever if None of this works then theres more going on, then I can share with you what may have caused this but his weaknesses are the same as mine and this is a more private issue. MOst importantly if this is the case then you will share this message I sent you and the next one, because caps hate secrets.

  7. Profile photo of jae-picasso
    jae-picasso June 25th, 2015

    hello, i’m a capricorn man 26 who is in a relationship with a gemini woman. What has been said in this article is relatable towards myself and my relationsup is accurate, yet what has been said within this forum is pretty up and down, from both sides of gemini, and capricorn. Speaking for myself i am stubborn, a bit of a homebody, serious at times, yet full of life, funny, and romantic. but as a capricorn man i am patient and like to take my time with whatever it may be, for instance within dating and up into a relationship up to the time of speaking that 4 letter word of L-O-V-E.
    with my gemini woman we have lots of fun times together, laughing, hugging, mere excitment, then it can turn straight into an argument from our incredible differences, i read within this article that PATIENCE is important, but what i find with a gemini woman she has no patience, she is stubborn as  much as a capricorn,  yet the difference is they do not like to take direction or opinion, they believe that since they are their own person that whatever the feel and think, and decide to do is what they will go and do and wont think twice about what the next person says which i believe is ignorance, and immaturity towards growth. This is not to say you are trying to change them, thise merely means you are listening, giving output and options yet it isn’t what they want to hear and feel that is exactly what you are doing to them, trying to change them.
    through all of this we vow to become better with one another and understanding ourselves with each other, there is lots of hope within a relationship with anyone excluding signs and astrology, it all depends on the attitude, and mindset of whomever it may be and the willingness to realize change is needed and inevitable to allow two of anything to work.

  8. Profile photo of ellenmary
    ellenmary April 23rd, 2015

    Hi I’m a gemini women with Capricorn male. We are so in love however cousins.  Cap men had this happened to you?

  9. Profile photo of Lunaaaa
    Lunaaaa January 23rd, 2015

    Omg I am a Gemini woman and my Hubby is a Capricorn and Reading this Article made my day because we have lots of differences. However, reading this gave me more Hope because i kinda belive stuff like this yet my bf doesn’t. the reason i belive is sometimes i compare and its truth . however, let me get to the point. My boyfriend thinks im just playing games while he is being serious ,yet i gave up so much and gave so much i just don’t understand. what  should I do.

  10. Profile photo of dacie2016
    dacie2016 December 11th, 2014

    A relationship between a cap. and gem.  Will never. Work. I have read this thing and multiple others and nothing good is ever said besides the sex. While the sex may be good the communication sucks. I was with a cap. and I had the hardest time getting him to open up. This is coming from a gem. who is very closed about feelings but trusted in someone full heartedly and crashed and burned. Just thought yall should know that capricorns and geminis do not work.

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      You have to be expressive and patient to a Capricorn man, they have great understanding and patience, they’ll will fix both of you and you will be more happy.Tell him how you feel and note how he also feels, then come to a compromise and move on, you’ll both have a marvellouse relationship that you’ll never regret!

  11. Profile photo of dacie2016
    dacie2016 December 11th, 2014

    I fell for a Capricorn and he broke my heart. I’m with a Virgo now and I had been with him bebefore but we are going to make this work. I’m a Gemini and i always had a hard time reading my ex. He was always secretive and was very flirtatious with other girls. He lied to me about it all the time and I feel like I was just someone that he could have sex with. He talks in riddles when I talk to him. What am I supposed to do? I try to be his friend but should I just drop it?

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  13. Profile photo of johnyboy011
    johnyboy011 October 27th, 2014

    Hi, I really need help! I am a capricorn 16 year old and I am talking to a gemini guy 18 years old. We arent dating yet, however, we hold hands and we kissed once. I feel like jm beggining to scare him away with my quietness and serious nature, any suggestions to how I should act? And how do I know he doesnt just want sexual relationship? 

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      Be opposit of whom you are when you’re with her…let yourself go and be whatever that comes into your mind, gemini doesn’t care..she will love it.If you’re quiet, she will be bored and fly away…

  14. Profile photo of mare
    mare July 8th, 2014

    this is the most beautiful description of the reletaionship between gemini and capricorn i’ve read. i looked up comapility of the signs because  recently i met a capricorn guy, i’m a gemini. his pick up lines were all about money. i was a bit drunk and really annoyed with his approach, so we started to argue. the argument amused me, it was more funny and not so harsh,so i continued to talk. really fast we changed direction of the conversation, and started to talk about love, family… his kindness and humor after he stopped talking about money were really charming, and we had a nice time together

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      Thats nice, that’s cos you were patient..and showed understanding, that’s how to get to know and be with a capricorn..they are wonderful people worth sacrificing for cos they’ll do it for you once they trust you.

  15. Profile photo of June 5th, 2014

    I am gemini girl and in love with capricorn man. my problem is that i dont want to have sex before marriage and if i refuse him he shuts me out. I dont know what to do and my boyfriend says that he loves me but sometime he behave like he dont.

  16. Profile photo of VickyGeez
    VickyGeez January 24th, 2014

    Its my needyness and my bitchyness that i have to work on, and he has to worko n his allowing me to be part of his life. Its easy for him to fall into the, only see Vicky in the morning for a couple hours as we lay in bed and then he leaves, and he doesnt want me to leave with him. I can spend the whole day with him he can take only 2 or 3 hours at a time with me though every time its time to part we cant take our hands off each other. the times we are together reassures me he cares, but im constantly wondering why hes with me at all if he has no motivation to start being active and do things publicly with me. Well give it aome more time. Im supposed to be buying a home in june if things go according to my plans, and hoping hell move in with me, LOL. Well see if that happens.

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      tell him you love him dearly and needed him around you and with you, tell him to give you that attention..he will give it to you, he has great understanding and a beautiful heart..patience, honest communication and understanding is all he needs from you.

  17. Profile photo of VickyGeez
    VickyGeez January 24th, 2014

    I have been seeing a Capricorn for about 6 months off-and-on now. I am 28 he is 26.. or hes now 27 as his birthday was Jan 3rd. it is difficult. Id known him a full year before we even decided to talk, saw eachother every day as we both own a horse we board at the same barn, and his tack stall is right next to mine even and he still never looked at me. But, though it was obvious i was having issues with a guy i was living woth at the time i see why hed not look at me even though every other guy at the barn wanted to jump my bones and they let me know it every day, RJ  was the only one who never made a dirty comment. Id finally broke it off with my then boyfriend and made it known at the barn, everyone wanted to be next in line (no im not big headed i swear, thats just how it is there). I told them all i was only interested in one person there, and that was RJ . They were all shocked i had any interest in quiet RJ who never once hit on me. After i left i texted RJ which id never done before, and told him about the conversation with the barn guys, and that hell def heqr about it from them so i wanted to let him know i was into him. His response ill never forget. “Ohwell i think youre very pretty”. Melted my heart! How genuine, he doesnt even have to try he gets me with a few short words and i can never shut my mouth.
    As it is now, i do find that i cant help having the strong desire to rush the relqtionship. I want him so bad but he acts like he doesnt care whether he sees       me or not 90% of the time. But when he does let a wall down its the most amazing love and caring ive ever had from anyone. Hes letting me in more and more lately. I like to picture the future a lot, but he is a right here right now type of guy, i frustrate him with my future talks. I feel i have to let who im with know exactly how i feel and what i want, hes just a go with the flow kind of guy, theres no flow with me its all arranged and directed where to go, though i am extremely spontaneous and he is not.
    I read here about the lovers aspect; and no the love making is not what makes the relationship, its amazing for me.. ive been with quite a few guys (not proud of it) honestly i believe im the first girl hes ever been with and he is still the best ive ever had not because hes just that good, because hes not, its this desire and passion i have for him that gets me 95% of the way there already all he has to do is say a few words or touch me just right and im in exstasy. He has such a big head because of how much pleasure he gives me without even touching me.
    He told me about a month ago he loves me for the first time. I was shocked, i say he has a funny way of showing it. He can go days, even weeks without seeing me and be totally fine, im clawing at the door to get back to him though. We work so differently.
    Conversations mostly consist of me talking, hell throw in 2 or 3 words here and there just to make it seem like hes part of the comversation but he doesnt hardly tell me what HE thinks, how HE feels. Its just information that will bring no memories. He says hes going to dye my hair blonde because i fumble a lot with my actions. Granted when he does decide to say sometjing its always the WRONG thing, bur somehow it never bothers me.
    He is for sure a huge mystery to me, and i feel ill never figure him out, but perhaps that is what i cant get enough of. It keeps me interested. Even though every one of my friends tell me im crazy, he doesnt treat me right because i dont get the attention i crave from him. I think everyone is waiting for us to crash and burn but whenever we do take a break, its a break he says he wants to work on himself. He says he needs to allow himself to open up more. He says hes used to being alone and its hard to go on allowing someone elae to be a part of so many things hes doing, its q big change for him, and even 6 months aftwr we started seeing each other its hard for him. He says i have to work on my needyness, i need him to be with me too much all the time. . J. 

  18. Profile photo of
    george96 September 26th, 2013

    pleaseee tell me that a relation between this two can rezist foreveerr, pleaseeee, i love my gemini girl and i want to be happy with her and to be togheter for eveer please, she sad is not like the others gemini but i read so many things about it and a relation between this two is not possible, please tell me it would work please, this is a shit is not real i don t want to believe this pleasee i love her so much tell me is not real please i can t live without her i want her to be by my side forever 🙁

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      relationship between both of you is possible, but you as a capricorn needs to be more open/communicative, free to enjoy life, be patient with her cos she’s gonna make you angry a lot..she looses interest quickly, gives up quickly, has lil understanding and spends money a lot. The gemini should also learn to voice out what she feels with patience and understanding to the capricorn, and she must be honest and supportive of him/capricorn. Thats how you can both last. MAKE IT A HABIT TO WORK TOGETHER AND HAVE FUN TOGETHER.

  19. Profile photo of
    noun-noun April 7th, 2013

     I am Gemini and I have been married to a capricorn man for 8 years. I am struggling for the past 3 years. although we laugh alot but we fight alot too.. we both are stubborn which make it very diffecult to communicate sometimes. for a gemini woman communication is very importan as well as romance.. i don’t mean the silly teenage romance,  but for a capricorn they can stay days without communication only high and bye or basic things which is torturing for gemini woman. a capricorn man wants his repect and degnity all the time even if he is worng which is hard for a gemini woamn to keep especially when her man is subborn and doesn’t accpet his mistakes.. they are very good as friends but not as life partners

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      Voice out your needs to him, tell him to be free to speak his mind..communication, patience, listenining, understanding is the key..come to a common ground, weigh the difference and find that which favours you both..then just do’ll be fine and enjoy your relationship..Plan together, work together, have fun together.

  20. Profile photo of
    gemm.x April 4th, 2013

    I am a Gemini female, and I am currently seeing a Capricorn
    man. We met last year through the party scene (he is in his mid
    twenties and so far I haven’t seen the serious Capricorn I’ve been told about – he LOVES to party) and our ‘relationship’ is very unconventional. The description this website posted is
    pretty accurate in most areas for my situation. Yes caps and gems are very different, but it CAN work! There is that deep,deep connection that is truly amazing. I am falling for this man and these emotions are scary for a gem!! We started off badly, mostly because of my dishonesty and aloofness. However.. he has stayed. I think (I hope) he is as captivated by this romance as I am. Now that I have matured I want a steady relationship with him. I know that he cares for me and loves me but he is very hesitant to get into an exclusive relationship with me. I know it is because he is worried and doesn’t completely trust me. So, how do I win my cap man over? How can I prove it to him that this will be worth the risk? Help!  

    • Mr. Man May 8th, 2017

      Well you said it ” he is hesitant cos he doesn’t trust you.. be honest with him, don’t get pissed when he wants to know where you are and what you’re doing…he is very protective of his love/you, express yourself to him and be sincere, tell him what you like, dislike ,how you feel anytime in relations to him, stop demanding and support him, he will know you want nothing from him and he will trust you more and support you. Be patient, understanding, truthful and supportive with him…that’s all.

  21. Profile photo of
    GeminiLaylaa September 16th, 2012

    I was also married to a Capricorn man for 9 years and know exactly what you mean by waking up morning realizing you not the same person you were.
    It was a very lonely relationship with long period of silence and being getting the “silent treatment” It the worst kind punishment you can deal to your gemini partner.
    I loved him with all my heart but the time he realized that he was loosing me it was already too late. He tried to change and be the man I wanted, but for me the love was just gone.

  22. Profile photo of
    vivien August 5th, 2012

    I am Gemini, my husband is Capricorn….I had such heart time through years to make him relax and enjoy life…it took me untill these day hard time…but once he get recpect and apprciation he give me what I want…now Gemini don’t like controlling at all unless you try to do that then with her playfull mind she will try to make her point…Gemini easy to change thier mind in few minut…let her believe you that she is in control and you will see that she will ask you that she doesn’t want that power…Gemini is very complicated personality…if you have her it is mean you having 10 women which is Capricorn sometimes love that…
    I am telling you it will take a while to understand each other but once happen you will be very happy…
    as long as you give her romantic moment and she will be happier than having diamond…that’s me…lol
    she doesn’t mind vication at all…so suprise her with that…she like advantures…do that for her…
    alot of celebraty married Gemini
    like:  Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, johnny depp and vanessa paradis, 
    you relized these two couples break up and it is always gemini start with breaking up…
    now if gemini will get what exactly is looking for she will never break up with you… Elvis and Priscilla were still freinds untill his death…
    good luck

    Divorced but Friends till Elvis’ death

  23. Profile photo of
    Popppie August 1st, 2012

    For any capricorn man who wants a long fullfilling relationship w a gemini women u need to let her be herself which is a very outgoing friendly person w yes some personality traits that will drive you insane. Find a way to mingle w her friends cause she does the same w yours. I have been w a capricorn man for 20 yrs our daughter is capricorn and two of my closest friends are as well so they r compatible on the friend level but when u add n the romance and basic life,a relationship is a challenge even after 20 yrs. That is probalby why we are not living under the same roof right now. I need comunication, respect, and my dignity in all aspects of my life and a capricorn will take those things from u a little at a time. You wake up one day and its just gone but only in their company cause when ur with others u can still be u. Dont get me wrong there were good times but that was a long time ago and I think our stuberness of our signs have kept us together. Emotions run high w these two signs and fights can be ugly w two people that r so stubborn. Good luck to those who try,maybe the signs have nothing to do w it maybe they do. I have loved my capricorn man for 20yrs and will probalby continue to just dont know if I can live w him any longer. 

    • Mr. Man May 9th, 2017

      You both need to learn more about each other, your likes and dislikes, come to a compromise, communication, patience and understanding is the key between these two. – Cap builds, Gem spends; build together, determine when and how much to spend.. work together, have fun together..that is the balance.You’ll be fine.

  24. Profile photo of
    cappyforever May 30th, 2012

    @vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae Thank you so much… sorry I knew I should have put a bit more detail, until 2 days ago there wasn’t any trauma about my previous relationship when I was 19 because just 2 days  ago I came to take a look at this to check compatibility… from now on it might be a trauma, I just remember very well that relationship with a gemini hurt me deeply and I can’t believe I forgot to consider that detail in dealing with a gemini again but the reason is that I don’t follow this sort of thing, I guess is a lesson I now need to learn, if this doesn’t work I will suffer again my illusions getting broken once again….. but will have to learn for once not to deal with gemini again in the grounds of love however gemini friends have been quite the best I had

  25. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle May 30th, 2012

    @cappyforever Probably you are still carrying that “relationship trauma” since you were 19. And that is really making you so much serious and possessive to your current partner.

    All you can do is try to be in best of your mood and be always celebrating every moment as if there is no tomorrow. The thing is happiness creates more happiness.

    Try out a few things on our Solutions page and especially Trauma Releasing Exercises. Relationships are all about skills and fun.

  26. Profile photo of
    cappyforever May 30th, 2012

    Hi there! Can anyone help me here please? We’ve been living together for around 6 months and the descriptions I see here above are so matching with our story… well happens that both of us are in visions to project our life together but because of having our difficulties I get my doubts on whether is going to work or not…. I’m the Capricorn she is the Gemini, I want to stand on the solid ground but often feel she doesn’t want to follow me although she says wants to be serious, she was actually even serious first than me, both of us are at 35yo… so is kind of time for building a family and having children for first time (both of us)…. I want to know a few things… how can I get my Gemini woman not to ever cheat on me when Gemini is one of the most unfaithful zodiac signs (no offence please I didn’t invented the zodiac) and I’m not quite sure about the fun side of my Gemini woman… I’ve always been funny in my life (and very serious too) but with her I feel serious for some reason, I want to make her laugh and I noticed is not easy… how can I make a Gemini laugh? my greatest friends in life have been Gemini and we have laugh till it hurts but with my girlfriend it doesn’t happen so much that way… she is not a serious person but also I notice she doesn’t laugh as much…… is scary for me to see that Gemini finds Capricorn boring at some stage… I don’t want to loose her…… at age 19 I got my heart broken by a Gemini, I don’t want it to happen again, I’m stubborn I guess in trying to make this relationship work…

    • Mr. Man May 9th, 2017

      Most definitly you’re stubborn..just be like her…be more communicative,speak freely, find subjects to talk about (family, entertainment, people, countries, family, sex, relationships, a lil about life), be more outgoing, have fine cloths to wear, be patient, be gentle, be understanding, speak gently to her, EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS…Just be like her but don’t get lost completly forgetting yourself. work together (cap’s), have fun together(gem’s). cap and gem can have a beautiful and happy relationship and greatly help each other..they just need to be more expressive of themselves, communication, patience, understanding, supportive of each other and working together. Cap needs truth, Gem needs understanding+patience.

  27. Profile photo of Stratus-phere
    Stratus-phere April 23rd, 2012

    I’m a Gemini dating a Cap. man…its only been 2 weeks. But this man has completely swept me off my feet.  He’s very private and serious…I am very flighty, but I yearn to be grounded…and he keeps me grounded. Its a little tough at times because he’s moody sometimes.  Everything on this page is true about the both of us.  When we get into our romantic phase, its hours and hours on end of building castles in the sky, romanticizing about the future, and hot and steamy chats.  But I’m learning to be “patient” thanks to this site.  I’m hoping we have a long lasting, meaningful relationship.

  28. Profile photo of
    jessicabondi April 19th, 2012

    I read this because almost every female friend I have is a Cap and I have dated many Cap men  (am Gemini). I do not know if agree with what this says, every Cap man I know sleeps with a ton of women, parties all night, is the life of the party. I on the other hand hardly ever go out and enjoy my quiet time. Gemini’s are NOT flighty and shallow or frivolous. just do not agree with what this and all sites say about gemini’s.

  29. Profile photo of
    mermaid520 April 2nd, 2012

    Hi Frank,
    I have known a Capricorn male friend for more than 8 years and though we are the type of friends who don’t always see each other but we always keep contact and are really close. When I first met him, I had a crush on him for 2 months but then his friend chased me and so we dated for the past 8 years and recently broke up. When I broke up, I recognized that all along, I still really like my Capricorn friend and I feel that he also have some feelings for me but maybe he thinks that I am his friend’s ex and don’t want to hurt my ex’s feelings. Though, my ex knew that I liked my Capricorn friend before I met him, the guy I like doesn’t know if I like him or not. How can I give him clues or hints that I like him or the dating with friend’s ex is a bad thing. My plan is to wait a year after broking up with my ex so that things cool down and hopefully my ex moves on and has a gf so maybe he won’t mind then.Thanks!

  30. Profile photo of
    jhen@ March 6th, 2012

    haixt you know the feelin of being inlove w/ my bestfrn gem..for almost 7yrs since in hi school untill secondary ..he is so cool yes so vocal and flirty …im so scared of my feelings , i avoiding him since i realize he has the same feelin for me even his saying” i love u” bhest…it makes me feel bad… so scared,wt f  the time comes he will soon  leave me …im a serious person being so realistic practical and honest …..haixt he has alot of frnd but im his only one bsfrnd…..

  31. Profile photo of AnaLauruhh
    AnaLauruhh February 11th, 2012

    @ogresoul well i am very srry to hear that. Sometimes it is for the best and you need to do what is right for you first. I did ask my Capricorn guy to Sadie’s( which was yesterday)and we had a really great time. Afterwards, we went out to eat and though his friends wanted to join in, he just wanted the two of us to go out alone…is that a good sign from a Cap?p.s there is this girl that i know he thinks is cute that he danced with yesterday (she’s a freshman btw and he’s a junior) but he stopped dancing with her very quickly and told me that the way she danced was just really bad, his exact words “She was just flopping aroung” and then said that i was the best dancer he’d ever danced with and he sounded VERY sincere…… 

  32. Profile photo of
    ogresoul January 30th, 2012

    @AnaLauruhh i would say in a nutshell: I care about her so much, I dont want to mess her up. I am not good enough for her right now. even if it means she finds happiness in someone else. I actually hopes she finds someone else. there you go, typical Capricorn self sacrifice right there for you. I truly believe my sacrifice is for her benifet, i just care about her that much.

  33. Profile photo of
    ogresoul January 30th, 2012

    @AnaLauruhh ewwww, you are not going to like this: me and my Gemini lady stopped talking. I am not even sure what happened, we went into a downward spiral real quick. we talked a little bit (5 minutes twice in 2 months) and the cause is me. I am just not ready to be with anyone, I warned her of this and told her to start looking somewhere else. I just dont want to waste her time.  She tried hard but I had to cut her off, i honestly feel she is better off without me…nothing sad about it, just being realistic…I am not in a good spot right now to be with anyone financially and I dont want the responsibility of someone elses feelings. She is ok, she is a tough cookie and i do miss her but “It aint gunna happen”. As she would say “it is what it is”. it is a bummer but its for the best, I am grateful for her though and it was fun.

  34. Profile photo of AnaLauruhh
    AnaLauruhh January 7th, 2012

    @ogresoulHahahahahaha thank you for the tips (:They are helpful!And it’s really nice to hear that geminis get capricorns talking because i had read that capricorns can’t stand it when people talk a lot!And i think i will try that tree joke hahayes you did forget two and three hahaAlso, what would be pushing it?We started talking Dec.17th (I remember because it was the day after the party where things got started) and there’s a Sadie Hawkins dance coming up(some time in February)….would asking him be pushing it?Sometimes i feel like he might not be interested because say if we’re messsaging, he will give a short reply but for example, i asked “Did you go?etc.” and he will reply “Yeah i went.” i then reply “Well how was it?” He say “It was alright. Why didn’t you go? Is that me just over reacting, me just used to guys who wil say a lot more, or are Capricorns just that way?hahaAnd i think it’s great that you have a young spirit!I bet you’re gemini lady friend loves it! (: 

  35. Profile photo of
    ogresoul January 6th, 2012

    this may or may not help you much, but when i was younger people my age used to tell me I act like an old man/fuddy duddy/to serious and to “loosen up” ….now people my age tell me I need to take things a little more seriously or treat my like they are my mentor like I am so much younger than them and are usually in deep shock when I tell them “Um, we are basically the same age”. for example my supervisor was poking fun at me for carrying so many tools to a jobsite and i told him “i  do not find my bag heavy and i like to have as many tools on me as possible so i didnt have to run back and forth to my truck” he scoffed and said “Haha, what to you get to my age and have pains in your back and body, you’ll stop carrying so many tools…you’ll see!” I asked him how old he was, he told me 43…..I didnt have the heart to tell him me and him are the same exact age….I didnt want him to feel bad. :-/

  36. Profile photo of
    ogresoul January 6th, 2012

    Hmmmm i forgot two and three. hehehe.

  37. Profile photo of
    ogresoul January 6th, 2012

    Well, Capricorns age in reverse. I have read that before and I believe it. I am much more lively than i was at 17. I was mega serious when i was a teenager and people thought i was 30 years old , lol. Now at 43, other people my age think I am much much younger. Me and my gemini lady friend spent at least 4 hours on the phone…our all time record is a little over 8 hours (that was a miracle for me, I usually spend 15 minutes max with anyone). Gemini’s can make a Capricorn talk alot, I have had male Gemini freinds and the same deal there, Cap’s and Gemini’s make great freinds, Gemini’s tickle our Capricorn funny bone. Try to be funny, Capricorns like dirty jokes, Dark topics, etc. Dark topics might be hard for a gemini but dirty jokes, sexy talk is easy for gemini’s. Hmmmm, tell him to tripped while walking in the park and you landed on a tree branch and you THINK the tree took your virginity….garuantee’d chuckle from your cap freind,lol. Ok you get the idea. I kinda feel wierd telling you to say that but one: your capricorn is way more mature than you think, even at his age and you as a gemini is way more intelligent at your age than the other signs. you two can be great freinds, just dont push the boyfreind/girlfreind thing so soon or you will frighten him off. TAKE YOUR TIME, he is a challenge for you and you’ll never get bored because capricorns are forever a mystery, even to ourselves… 🙂

  38. Profile photo of AnaLauruhh
    AnaLauruhh January 6th, 2012

    @ogresoulthank you so much….well sometimes i’m afraid that we’re gunna run out of things to talk to because his replies are sometimes so short or general that i am kind of forced to start a new topic….how can i really engage him in a conversation?p.s we’re only 17..i dont that helps?haha 

  39. Profile photo of
    ogresoul January 5th, 2012

    @AnaLauruhh sure anna, whats up?

  40. Profile photo of AnaLauruhh
    AnaLauruhh January 5th, 2012

    @ogresoulHey Frank, I’m a gemini girl and I am kind of talking to this Capricorn guy and since you’re the only Capricorn on this site, I would really like to get some advise from you…. 

  41. Profile photo of
    ogresoul December 30th, 2011

    i recently broke it off with a Gemini woman (I am a capricorn). I thought she was magnificent…she didnt think so. We were great freinds but she wanted me to move faster than I wanted. she was great, she had everything I wanted..except she had no passion, she rejected romance, rejected passion, she called it fluffy B.S…she just wanted to have sex. I am sure it would have been pretty nice but I wound up breaking it off. Another thing, she wanted to change me so much I thought to myself “If i am that bad off in her eyes, why the heck is she even interested in ME in the first place” very odd woman. I just thought of the future and how much I might wind up disliking her so I fastfowarded the relationship to the very end quickly. I do miss her but its not going to happen.

  42. Profile photo of July 27th, 2011

    Gemini woman here. I have been married to my Capricorn husband for 17 years. The above is the perfect description of us. The compassion and fire is eternal. As far as money goes, he has away of joking with me about it. I will call and say I went to the mall and can not believe I didn’t buy anything, he replied the sky opened and angels sang. and then told me if really had to have it i should. I guess my point is as a Gemini woman we do not like to told we can’t have something. he respects my individuality. So because of that I give back by realizing he is write , do I need it or do I want it. I see how these two signs are great together. We balance each other out. He is my best friend and my true love. Because of him we will have a retirement some day with all the bells and whistles from me.

  43. Profile photo of
    breya4 July 12th, 2011

    I feel that geminis and capricorns are two othe most misunderstood signs. Gemini being a child at heart & capricorn always having the adult-like attitude can eaisly make this the best or worst combination. I recently ended a relationship with a capricorn male. Our differences were too strong, neither one of us were willing to compromise. We had more bad days than good, but the thing that I think made us hold on so long was that when we did have good times they had an unexplainable aspect to it. Something even bigger than magic. Gemimi and capricorn are by far not the perfect couple, but with work they sure can make imperfection look good.

  44. purity April 11th, 2011

    im a gemini female with d ease of being wit one man without wanting to explore oda men…. iv got a capricorn boyfriend and its bin far from dat fairytale luv but has bin wonderful. we’v bin 2geda for 2yrs nw

  45. Angela January 5th, 2011

    I am a gemini woman and have been with a capricorn man for 13 yrs. We have the best marriage in the world. It takes alot of respect but it is what it is. He saves the money and I love to spend it. After we got that worked out everything has been wonderful…We are going strong.

    • Mr. Man May 9th, 2017

      ” After we got that worked out everything has been wonderful…We are going strong.” Nice…work together, spend/have fun together…

  46. chestnutt November 8th, 2010

    HI! I agree with this last post, i dont spend money like crazy and my family will tell you that im cheap..LOL… maybe I have earth traits 🙂

  47. jackie October 12th, 2010

    I’m a gemini women and I’m the most frugal woman I know. I never spend any money, and save every penny I earn. I can’t believe this write up… it’s not true.

  48. Pearl June 23rd, 2010

    Gemini woman here. My capricorn husband and I have been married for 13 years. The assessment above is spot on. A few subtle differences – where we specific individuals are concerned – but pretty much on point. Although I can spend frivulously, I do feel more secure when money is in the bank. But I dont’ look at the bank account every day. He on the other hand, his mind is always on the Jerry McGuire “coin”; how he’s going to get it, where it’s going to come frome, where it’s going to go, allocate here, allocate there. BUT don’t be fooled… my man can SPEND as much as I can. Sometimes he is worse than me… I do depend on him to let me know what I can spend. We’ve bounced in our account more than once for not checking in… lol Every time I read a Gemini-woman, Capricorn-man compatibility profile, the word for gemini is PATIENCE. And the word form Capricorn-man is…. PATIENCE… what does that say?

  49. Pearl January 26th, 2010

    My ex is a Capricorn. We were together 4 years, and he was an incredible, steadfast, dependable and romantic lover. He was also a little gloomy and very hard on himself. My passions were up and down, but he was always consistent. Our Gemini-Capricorn match was great. We’re still very close. He’s amazing. I’m now in love with a Taurus man. I think I like the stabilizing effect of earth signs.

  50. Manjit December 19th, 2009

    I’ve been in love with a gemini girl for the last 14 years and I think she’s been wonderful.

  51. Nazia May 18th, 2009

    Hows the gemini girl & capricorn boy married life??

  52. Nazia May 18th, 2009

    Does the Gemini dominant over capricorn????

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