Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

When the immature Aries and wise Capricorn fall for each other, an unusual combination is experienced in which the attraction can be exciting, but harmony can be difficult to attain. As this fire and earth sign try to blend in, they may create amazing chemistry or nothing at all.

An Aries man is dashing and carefree, rarely stopping to stare at the small wonders of life. For them life is a challenge and they cannot wait for each and every new day. They want to sore through life. Even from their body language one can easily assess the fact they have the great to potential to attain success. An Aries can easily fall for a Capricorn woman at first sight and the connection seems to be very strong. He is never a diplomat and his quality of straight forwardness is highly admired by her.

The Capricorn woman is very careful, wise and exasperatingly correct at all times. Just like the Aries man she too can be self-centered. Nothing ever changes Capricorn’s reverence for success and a solid bank account. Since security and authority are always her goals, an ambitious Aries man makes a good match for her. She is often much more warm and lovable than she permits herself to realize, and always far more physically appealing and attractive than she believes. Though she appears to be self-centered at times, but once he becomes a part of her family, she is dedicated enough to take good care of him.

The Aries man in love with a Capricorn woman can have a wise counselor and practical partner to take up all his unwanted worries. She is a lady of respect and position and is hurt by even small ridicule. Though most of the Capricorn women are career oriented but for them family and family ties always come above everything else. This attitude of Capricorn woman gives a sense of devotion and dedication to an Aries man. Sometimes she may find him a bit immature but this can be overcome if the age difference is prominent, and Aries is elder to Capricorn, as no other zodiac sign understands the value of experience as the Capricorn does. Sometimes the cold mask of the Capricorn woman can give hiccups to him as she avoids sharing herself until she has total trust on the person.

A Capricorn woman in a relationship with an Aries man, gets a partner who teaches are to fly happily and freely which she never did before in her life. He considers all the tasks of his life as a challenge and gives his best shot in order to excel at them. This attitude of him provides her with the always wanted security and makes him the right man whom she would love to honor throughout her life. He is pretty weak in terms of banks and finance and definitely requires someone to do it for him which is efficiently done by her. The only prominent flaw in the personality of Capricorn woman is her self centered attitude towards everything in life. But still, he always admires her wonderful attitude towards life and enjoys his freedom with her as much as she does.

The Aries man and the Capricorn woman can have an interesting relationship when he is aware of her insecurities and when she does not try to make him feel inferior in any area of life through her intellect. This stability is earned by this couple with due course of time as their love deepens and all the superficial aspects are left far behind. She really longs to love him as fiercely in return of his passionate love as much she receives from him. As their selfless love flourishes, they bask in the sunshine of never ending affection and devotion, which makes them experience the heaven on earth. It is rightly said, love makes it all possible……and where love exists it does not leave space for anything else!

Listening to the inner voice, while burning with the desire to consummate physically, an emotional and mental attraction is built between these two signs. They can greatly improve their sex life when the Aries man tries harder to decipher his Capricorn woman. He is quite capable to taking the mask off her but the only difficulty is that he thinks that she is being egoistic instead understanding the fact that she is donning the mask to conceal her problems. Her indifferent attitude can decrease the intensity of the passion felt by the Aries man for her. He may suffer agonies of inferiority. It’s disconcerting to try to make love to a woman who’s continually having gloomy chills and guilty twinges. Especially for an Aries male, who needs and demands, at all times, intense, concentrated attention directed towards him. She will need to use her feminine appeal, her beauty, to get some advantage here. Instead of hiding her beautiful parts, she can actually make some good use of them to attract him and his love. She must believe that she is blessed with tremendous natural talents to influence, to motivate, to inspire, her Aries male.

The Aries love is demanding and more self-centered with lots of passion to be shown now and then while the Capricorn’s love is quiet and undemanding with no excessive emotions to be demonstrated. The principle which can be successful here is embracing the opposites. You overcome through acceptance rather than through opposition. Abuse is healed through forgiveness, not through condemnation. Mostly Capricorn loves the courage and purity of Aries but sometimes gets upset on their aggressiveness and impulsive reactions which they find thoughtless. Capricorn’s determination is followed by outstanding patience which is strongly admired by Aries but the rigidity and ruthlessness of Capricorn makes the Aries cold and distant, cooling off the flames of passion even before the pick up the actual blaze.

  1. Loybf May 7th, 2017

    I am an awesome capricorn and I met a maldito Aries

  2. Shassa Donaldson March 21st, 2017

    Wow this is amazing to read all of the good things about aries and capricorns, i’ m a 43 year old cap woman and I’m dealing with a 35 yr old aries male Lord help lol I love him I do but we bump heads sometimes and as for relationship it’s been talked about not rushing into it rt now. He’s the only guy I really feel comfortable around, he makes me happy but as far as personality clashes we do. That’s my baby though.

  3. Sonu February 6th, 2017

    I meet a aries guy like 5months a ago,its like i itterally falling for him, sometimes friends and some times more then that and sometimes stranger, reading all these comparability getting a lot of scared to even talk to him

    • Philip K. Quaicoe May 9th, 2017

      Considering the love nature of an Aries man, it’s you who will it work the most.
      Good luck 🍀.

  4. Profile photo of Empiregage8
    Empiregage8 October 26th, 2015

    I’ve believed in zodiac signs for awhile now. And this proves everything to be even more true. I am a 20yr old aries man dating a 17yr old Capricorn woman. We fell in love very early into our relationship. We are true opposites that combine to make a great couple that balance out anything thrown our way. We hit a rough patch last night for the first time in our relationship, and through talking we were able to deepen and streghthen our bond even more! 🙂 we both are extremely loyal and trusting in our relationship. Even though I’m pretty wise, I am immature and spontaneous and very impulsive.. She isn’t very open to to trying new things like I am. After last night when she read about our compatibility and about myself and herself, I believe she well try her best to enjoy a more open fun life. And I’m glad to have her to manage me and keep me in order. She has a hard time being decisive which i have no problem being.. Which iwish she would just so i know she is enjoying doing what she likes just as much as i do. She is more in check and stable and I think we can help each others negative traits while optimizing our positive ones! I know she well always be there for me till the very end.  And if you are a Aries male or Capricorn female and you have the other half, don’t lose them because this is the best match for sure. I’m glad so many other comments before me thinks so too. And because I’m sure you’ll read this since your as into it as me, I love you bae, more and more everyday! :* <3

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  8. Profile photo of September 20th, 2015

    I am a Capricorn female madly in love with a younger Aries male. This is so right on. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and we are at crossroads, I hope we can get back together in a healthy way.

  9. Profile photo of ValleyQueen
    ValleyQueen August 9th, 2015

    So, I’ve never believed in stuff like this, but I was curious and thought I’d take a peek. My heart flutters for this Aries guy. We’ve only been talking for a few weeks, but the intimacy is through the roof. I’m attracted to all of him. I’m a very strong Cap woman and I don’t let everyone in. You have to be someone extra special. I’m glad he’s much older than me because I feel that if he was younger, I’ll be telling him what to do and say. Here’s the catch, we haven’t met face to face…I’m hoping this is real and it will last a lifetime time, because I think I’ve found my soul mate. I wish you all the best. And thanks for this post. I feel better about my feelings…I thought I was going crazy, LOL, we all are. 

  10. Profile photo of Mars_Ram
    Mars_Ram March 27th, 2015

    I’ll tell you all this im an aries in a relationship… But I recently have created a really friendly bond with a cap and omg she seems like that one. I want a long lasting friendship with her, but everything about her drives me crazy and I know it would be easy to fall in love with her. And I see the qualities that she does not see in herself sometimes. I know we can both be self centered, but so long I have compromised myself to make things work in the favor of others, so adapting to her feelings would never be a problem for me. However I get rather emotionAl sometimes and become scared of losing her. I’m never going to be blatantly disrespectful and I asked her to always let me know where I slip, because oft times I am impulsive and stubborn. But I think as friends we can take over the world…. and what I’ve noticEd this review is missing (or maybe it’s just me n her) is that she is up to a challenge…. And that makes me adore her a million times more…. JUST because i know how reserved she is…. I really don’t believe in soul mates, but if I did, honestly this is what it would feel like… Regardless of signs, because I have capricorn friends that I have absolutely no feelings for, NOONE makes me feel like this particular Capricorn does…. right now I just want to learn everything about her as our friendship progresses and hope that (whatever happens between us) we can maintain a healthy relationship. Communication is there. I know she gets upset at how discouraged I can be sometimes but I surely compensate her with pure and honest compliments each day that goes by. Whatever happens our bond won’t be broken 

  11. Profile photo of nunleyaf
    nunleyaf February 16th, 2015

    I met an Aries male on my birthday in January. Yes, I am a Capricorn. However, I am two years older but it doesn’t seem to matter.  I love how I feel when I am with him..almost invincible. Of course, because he makes me feel like anything is possible. As a capricorn woman I must admit that I am cautiou and must trust you first. Mostly because of my last relationship (marriage) of 10 years.  Anyway, my Aries man always pays me compliments. However, when I compliment him, remarks come back as, “oh you are so sweet, but not as much as you receive. This is where the issue falls and no matter how much I compliment him or give him attention, it is mostly dismissed by a joke. Which can be confusing and frustrating. Now, regular day to day communication I give like, ” I missed you today,” is never returned or said by him. I am a patient and positive person, yet, I believe that he does not get me. Or, I am not getting him. In relationships, I believe that there should be give and take along with lots of communication and respect. I do like him for his fun loving ways and the fact that we can learn from one another. For the most part the article is truly correct from where I stand, female Capricorn and the Aries male.

  12. Profile photo of JLee
    JLee January 6th, 2015

    Everything is true. I am a Capricorn and I am married to a Aries man. Its been 15 years and he has cheated. The ultimate betrayal.  Maybe I wasn’t holding tight enough. Either way. He’s still a man. 

  13. Profile photo of EdmondD
    EdmondD July 25th, 2014

    I wish my friend Erika could see the potential!  I thought we had an initial connection, but suddenly she changed everything on me.  What happened my friend?

  14. Profile photo of
    srilaxme February 11th, 2014

    The one thing I like about this article on the capricorn woman and aries man is that it does not say (like every other horoscope reading) that these two will never work out, and that we are complete opposites and it’s not even worth the try. Instead, this article looks at perspectives from both sides of the horoscopes, outlining negatives and positives in eachother and providing solutions to balancing them out – which is exactly what cap and aries relationships is all about.
    I have been with my aries man (im a cap F) for 7 years now – we started very young at 14 years, so that doesn’t go without saying we had our fall outs, and broke up twice with a year apart. Now our relationship is so much more mature, we are the same age, although he is 8 months older. I think from my experience Aries and Cap are better long term relationship, I think that if these two had very different perosalitites they could rub eachother up the wrong way and give up before there could even be a chance for anything.
    In saying that, Cap really needs to be patient with an Aries man, and understand they are very emotional and impulsive, they make decisions without thinking things through, for example they may storm off in a fit of agression, say nasty things over something small that may hurt them. But trust me, Aries feel so very guilty after they have a trantrum like this , and Cap is very good at making them feel this guilt. But still, its up to the Cap to make them feel better – they are like children afterall. Caps sometimes have to be the bigger person and forgive them for lashing out and not to make him feel dumb or inferior from their intellect, because he will hate you for that.
    For Aries man – they need to understand that Caps value respect over all things, and the mini tantrums and nasty comments are not at all tolerated by a Cap, the Cap can’t always mother an Aries out of a bad situation. They need to take responsibility by themsleves, and Caps will really appreciate and admire this, its up to the Aries to let go of his pride and ego, which are the very two things that define him.
    There is no denying how intense the attraction between these two is, but maintaing harmony is the tricky part. In my experience, the bedroom is the most passionate, both libido’s are very high, it is very fulfilling for both.
    In social situations, Aries loves to show off, while Cap sits back and analyses and observes. Sometimes Caps get annoyed at Aries always bragging about how great he is at everything, and Aries sometimes becomes impatient with Caps silence and short remarks. In saying this Aries likes to bring out the fun and outgoing side in the Cap, and Cap likes to bring out the sensitive and calm out of an Aries, they balance eachother with what they have and what each lack.
    But these two are traditional opposites and as long as they accept that in one another they can learn to understand that they have one of the most strongest, passionate and loving relationships  ever. Its all a matter of understanding you two a very different, but also learning from eachother to bring the out the best, not the worst.

  15. Profile photo of SimpleLYFE
    SimpleLYFE September 9th, 2013

    This is painfully true! I am am Capricorm woman and I just broke up with an Aries man. Our relationship started of really strong and fast and lasted 3 years. We had great times together but his insecurities and false accusations caused us to argue and grow apart. Reading these differences made me see exactly where our relationshio went wrong. I hate it did but at the same time that frees us up to find the person that will be the “BEST” for us! Take care romantics!

  16. Profile photo of
    Popcornx3 January 18th, 2013

    Amended:This entirely is dam true! My boyfriend is Aries 26 and im 22 capricorn we dated like about 1year. the first time i met him i didnt chat with him he himself directly come and chatted with me. and we are enjoy chatting with each others the next 2 days he asked me to be his girlfriend and i agree! cause i have the sudden of crush on him too when he told me the same thing! our life is full of happiness & fun. but sometime i felt myself just too sensitive of his female friends. we did quarrel over a small thing.. but end up he always apologize to me and cheer me up 🙂 i really love being with aries man! they have sense of humor , secure , caring & dote on me im really happy 😀 i just cant wait to start a family with him soon! hehe 😀

  17. Profile photo of
    Popcornx3 January 18th, 2013

    This entirely is dam true! My boyfriend is Aries 26 and im 22 capricorn we dated like about 1year. the first time i met him i didnt chat with him he himself directly come and chatted with me. and we are enjoy chatting with each others the next 2 days he asked me to be his boyfriend and i agree! cause i have the sudden of crush on him too when he told me the same thing! our life is full of happiness & fun. but sometime i felt myself just too sensitive of his female friends. we did quarrel over a small thing.. but end up he always apologize to me and cheer me up 🙂 i really love being with aries man! they have sense of humor , secure , caring & dote on me im really happy 😀 i just cant wait to start a family with him soon! hehe 😀

  18. Profile photo of
    yasmenelove October 8th, 2012

    This is entirely true and on point! I am a capricorn woman and he is a aries man. We are both 21 and after 10 years of reconnection that moment we reconnected and hung out gave me this crazy feeling and looking at him i knew he was feeling it too. We were in love and it felt so amazing that for months straight we were together and attached to the hip. We were inseperable.  Then we moved in together and what a feeling it brought to share life together in our own home. Now we are not together anymore due to his controlling and anger problems and how mad he gets when it comes to me.  I love him so much it hurts me everyday and i hope that one day we will find eachother again.

  19. Profile photo of
    Black-angle January 13th, 2012

    I have had so much fun with my boyfriend And almost everything I’ve read here is true. I now understand better and will use this information in the future to help myretaliation ship .thank you

  20. Profile photo of
    kenneth December 16th, 2011

    why you said that aries girl and capricorn boy are not match…hmmm alexis did u prove it?

  21. Profile photo of
    kenneth December 16th, 2011

    i mean i’m a capricorn boy…hehehe sorry

  22. Profile photo of
    kenneth December 16th, 2011

    hi,i’m a capricorn girl and that’s true.that aries girl is so match with capricorn boy but i don’t have aries girl,would u be my match?

  23. Profile photo of
    dm1023 December 12th, 2011

    Im a 22 yr old cap chick im love with a 25 yr old aries man…we just broke up and it sux but i gotta say this is so true the attraction is ctazy fell for him since the first day i spoke to him. He is more impulsive at his decisions does things without thinking thats wha led to this break up just stormed off mad. I am im the other hand mote calm and think things thru..i miss him and i wish hed come back. I can certainly live iwithout him but i cant let him go always on my mi.d will always be in my heart i just wish he felt the same way. We were great together yea differences but with understanding and communication it can work out.I dont think hell find someone whos had this much patience and love the way i do….. good day everyone 🙂

  24. Profile photo of
    shanae142689 October 8th, 2011

    @xyz maybe he just hasnt opened up to you about his feelings

  25. Profile photo of
    spellingbee August 31st, 2011

    Gritta, you are too old for a 13 year old. Find someone older. A 13 year old girl is not old enough to be dating yet, give her a few years.

  26. Profile photo of
    spellingbee August 31st, 2011

    You mean, “soar” thru life not “sore” thru life, right?

  27. dawn March 5th, 2011

    im a 26 yo capricorn woman and i married a 28 yo aries man.. we’ve been together for 2 yrs. i really don’t believe in zodiac compatibility because aries and capricorn is not compatible yet me and my husband blend in perfectly.. we haven’t argue yet, ever, since we met til now that we’re living in the same roof..

  28. alexis March 4th, 2011

    aries girls and capricorn guys shouldn”t be together

  29. dumbo February 26th, 2011

    This is spot on for our relationship…me a capricorm woman with an aries man who is @2 years older… married for over 10 years..
    As the article says the key to having successful relationship here is acceptance, maintaining open communication and looking for positive traits in the other person and learning from each other 🙂

  30. Amanda February 24th, 2011

    Hey Brandon. Was up late and was thinking about you. I ran across this and thought of you. Cute, no?? (lol)

  31. skitz0 January 14th, 2011

    wow, i jzt met an aries man, like literally a few days ago….but we’ve hit it off right away. im excited to see where this can go

  32. kia November 11th, 2010

    All I can say this is so dead on, a little scary I loved aries from the moment I seen him!

  33. AK November 8th, 2010

    This is dead on…i was shocked to read this and the comments and my experience mirrors it and them exactly. 5years ago I meet a 30yo aries man and I was 23yo. We gravitated toward each other like moths to a flame. I was head over heals n days and he says he loved me from the moment he laid eyes on me. It got so intense that it scared him and we lost touch for years until we came back in contact. Needless to say I was devastated by losing him the first time and built up tremendously high walls that not even he could push down. Still over the last 3yrs we have been in and out of each others lives but every time we are together it just…fits. During the times we were together I would be sexually withdrawn and cold at times because with my physical involvement comes my trust and when I was insecure about him or didnt trust him i would go cold sexually which caused major issues….as the astrologist clearly stated. I am finally deciding to relax and let go and “maybe” open my mind to the concept of trusting him again and being the girl he meet years ago :)…its a struggle but my love for him hasn’t waned an ounce. I love him more now than ever.

  34. Robert Salas August 2nd, 2010

    This is 100% true, its amazing how its dead on… However… We met @ the World series of poker in my city of Las Vegas. Im a profesional poker player, and she was promoting her family buisness. We spent some time together, and I know there was something there… we knew that she had to go back to Canada, and we didnt want to open up to each other. However we left a lasting memory on each other. I truly love this woman. This is gonna b really interesting to see if a 23 yr. Cap F and a 25 yr. M Ares, can servive a long distance relationship last… Ill let you know later, or you can find me on facebook, diegoshayden at yahoo dot com

  35. Gritta April 27th, 2010

    well im 16 and my partner is 13 i believe its true that you can have love at first site but i need advice because i would want her too not be shy and i need advice on how to keep a relationship with a capricorn?

  36. flirtygirl April 14th, 2010

    I am a 41 year old capricorn woman dating a 41 year old aries man. I fell in love with him at first sight. This is my second attempt at having a relationship with him. The first time, we jumped into everything too quick and like this article says, it was burned out before it had a chance to start. We are both crazy about each other and are attempting it again, only slower this time. I feel like he is my soul mate, for many, many different reasons and coincidences. He is gorgeous inside and out!!!

  37. xyz April 5th, 2010

    I am seeing an Aries man, its actually a one sided liking. I just met him once, but he left a very strong impression of his in my mind..I would not say it was love at first sight becoz i was aware of my feelings when I saw him first…I just hope he feels the same for me, loves me passionately and confesses his feeling to me very soon….

  38. Nichola March 8th, 2010

    I can’t believe how true this is!! I am a 25 year old capricorn woman and dating a 30 year old aries man. He is very impulsive and I am more careful. I am very ambitious, whereas he see’s everything as a challenge!! This all sounds bad but it doesn’t and the love at first sight is totally true!! We do argue over how I show him more feelings than he does but yet the relationship still is intense as he does like all the attention on him, haha!!

    But like it says, love makes it all possible and our relationship is very interesting, haha!!

  39. Mike November 4th, 2008

    I love this! I am dating a highly evolved 18 yo Capricorn woman, and I am a few years older, Aries male. This is DEAD ON, as she is very interested in being good with her finances, and she is very loyal to her family. Yet I think the best relationships are about a) bringing out the best in the other person and b) learning from the other person and vice-versa….I am learning patience, organization, and saving money while she is learning to be confident and fearless and believing she can do anything. We fit very well actually! We do butt heads sometimes, and I must admit that she relents more often than not, and can admit her faults, which is huge. I can admit mine as well. Yet I think a younger Cap woman and an older Aries male will work out better than if it were the other way around as I know she respects me more because I have had more life experiences, and I think that allows her to relent sometimes when we disagree. But the sheets are always sizzling (key to keeping a CAP happy), and I am ambitious, which is a plus for keeping CAP women. But one must respect their CAP woman as she is usually classy and sophisticated and is not a little girl.

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