Cancer Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

The Cancer and the Pisces makes the harmonic connection of Water on both the parts. This is one of the most sympathetic and lovely relationships of all the zodiac signs with least amount of arguments and differences. The Cancer is a true image of empathy while the Pisces is true deity of devotion.

A Cancer man is fully equipped man with hard shell determination to achieve his success which is generally in terms of money. He is gentle and caring and most often very loyal towards all the relationships. Though he suffers from mood swings but his great sense of humor also keeps him in good books of everyone. He loves to get pampered and in a relationship with a Pisces woman he definitely gets spoiled by her constant urge to serve and love him. Issues related to finance has the ability to intrigue him and he finds a lot of joy by saving money instead of spending it.

A Pisces woman is extremely gentle and caring with an appealing feminine grace. She is a wise woman with serene nature who is very helpful and always works to sort out problems of other people. She likes to stay in her dream world and usually have a spiritual connection with her lover. In a relationship with a Cancer she blooms well in his tender care and gentle attitude and provides him with everlasting devotion. Even when she goes through phases of despair and insecurity, she never loses her calmness but cannot tolerate depression for a long period of time.

The Pisces woman accurately evaluates the qualities possessed by her Cancer man. She provides him with devotion and care which he craves for deeply and also helps him to become emotionally matured. In any kind of augmenting state, she makes the first move to make any kind of settlement, making him feel needed and valued which in turn is beautifully responded by him. She makes a good home-maker with all the qualities of a lady that are admired by him. She is equally sensitive but sometimes drifts into her own dream world which makes her behave in a detached manner. She never appreciates the possessive streak of the Cancer male. And he might not fully understand her point of view because he cannot draw the line between love and being overtly possessive.

Cancer man is a gentleman who is blessed with the tender hands to hold on to the delicate Pisces lady. His sense of responsibility makes her feel very secure and carefree. The sophisticated sense of humor of Cancer man always makes the pretty Pisces woman smile but his unpredictable nature thoroughly intrigues her. Even though she never asks for his help, he is clever enough to interfere at the right moment in order to keep her well accustomed with the harsh realities of the world and to protect her from getting hurt by others. Though, both of them are bound to display their stubbornness at times, but it brings into line their passions and emotions. He admires her serenity and loves the way she takes care of him and his emotions and in turn showers her with gentle love and strong protection that she longs for.

As the lovely pair of the Cancer man and Pisces woman, hold their hands for the ever-lasting relationship of true love and extreme trust, they make remarkable harmony as a couple. Their eyes always shine with the affection they hold in their hearts for each other and their hearts always beat louder in each other’s presence assuring that their togetherness is no less than a miracle. With the supreme devotion given by her, the insecurities of the Cancer man fades away and he opens up his heart completely to place this lovely lady in it forever with tenderness that is a gift from angels of love. And with this love and security given by him, she responds like a flower to rain with utmost caring smile and loving eyes. Their unison is one of a kind with so much compassion that fills their life with happiness and affection forever.

Both, the Cancer man and the Pisces woman understand the need for a healthy physical relationship because they think it helps them to deal with the difficult phases in life. As they become physically intimate with their Water flowing through each other smoothly, they experience a natural unison of man and woman made by nature itself. The tender touch of Cancer man helps her to bloom up with such passion that she responds even more beautifully than expected by him. The love making of these two is sensuously mild and erotically pleasing and fulfilling for both of them. Usually there are no problems in their physical relationship except for the time when he becomes too cold towards her, and does not make her realize that he loves her truly or when she gives a sarcastic remark during an argument, hurting the sensitive feeling of him. But these problems do not last for a long time, and once all the disagreements are settled, this couple will again start to enjoy being in the relationship.

When Cancer man and Pisces female feel attracted to each other, the relationship seems like a blessing but whenever they go through a rough patch in the relationship then they might feel that they have got trapped in the relationship. Though he admires philosophical insight and healing ability of her but he cannot stand her weak will and tendency to lie and even though she loves the way he guides and rescues her from the cruel world but his offbeat moods and stinginess are unbearable by her. To make this relationship a success, she should try to make him emotionally more mature but she needs to be very careful while she is discussing such delicate issues with him because if she goes overboard then he might get offended. At the same time, he needs to keep a check on the Pisces woman so that she does not drift into her dream world too often and lose touch from the realities of life.

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  3. Profile photo of freja
    freja March 23rd, 2016

    I think its not on zodiac sign all the man can be a cheater or a sincere one. but the lesson that I’ve learned from my experience is too much of something is bad… I’m not a perfect as well. I’ve learned that love is all about giving your love one the best and prioritizng others than yourself. Its all about how to learn to sacrifice, compromising our own demands, giving without expecting of something in returns, trusting tomorrow, always hoping, unconditional, pure, its not being blind of each other negatives, love is not blind but the truth is we are aware of each other imperfection and its a matter of acceptance in weaknesses and appreciation of strength … means that we have to cope with the reality that no one is perfect and its a matter of adjustments..Don’t make someone to be a right person but instead , be the right one. Make your love one happy than perfect..tnx young TammimmB

  4. Profile photo of TammimB
    TammimB March 22nd, 2016

    @freja Hi I’m a an 18 year old Cancer man and I’m terribly sorry about what he did to you. He was a fool for hurting a caring woman like you, I mean it’s not that easy meeting woman as caring and loving as you. If I was older an taller I would never hurt you like him, but I hope you find someone who treats you right 

  5. Profile photo of freja
    freja March 22nd, 2016

    My relationship to a cancer man made me a broken hearted woman (I’m a pisces woman). We met in a very special way in church i’ve fell in love with him and let him live in our family home. We live for almost 8 months together. My family treated him as a son. I’ve did everything to please him , caring him, provide and support for him. We dreamed together about our future then he left and go to his province and promised me that he will come back and I’ve waited for him . I’ve noticed that when he was in His province he almost ignored all my messages all my calls then told me that He is not sure when he come back… I’ve cried and almost begging for him to come back but he just turn off his phone and tell me that he is very busy, …I’ve got hurt and never try to call him again . then he noticed and call me but instead of saying sorry or just apologize he think that im a cheater thats why im not answering his call. a woman like me wanted a caring and sensitive partner . all i wanted during that time is for him to apologize but he didnt. then months had passed, a year ago. My friend told him that I’m still in love with him then he contact me again but after months I discovered that he has a new relationship with a gemini woman . ….

  6. Profile photo of freja
    freja March 22nd, 2016

    My relationship to a cancer man made me a broken hearted woman (I’m a pisces woman). We met in a very special way in church i’ve fell in love with him and let him live in our family home. We live for almost 8 months together. My family treated him as a son. I’ve did everything to please him , caring him, provide and support for him. We dreamed together about our future then he left and go to his province and promised me that he will come back and I’ve waited for him . I’ve noticed that when he was in His province he almost ignored all my messages all my calls then told me that He is not sure when he come back… I’ve cried and almost begging for him to come back but he just turn off his phone and tell me that he is very busy, …
    I’ve got hurt and never try to call him again . then he noticed and call me but instead of saying sorry or just apologize he think that im a cheater thats why im not answering his call. a woman like me wanted a caring and sensitive partner . all i wanted during that time is for him to apologize but he didnt. then months had passed, a year ago. My friend told him that I’m still in love with him then he contact me again but after months I discovered that he has a new relationship with a gemini woman . ….

  7. Profile photo of TammimB
    TammimB December 27th, 2015

    Okay both those guys sound pretty cruel. But your right not all cancer men are like that well because I’m a cancer. I’ve seen a lot of people like you get cheated on and I’ve seen the consequence. Like in a situation where you’ve been cheating on your spouse for months and you just find out he or she has cancer or some other disease, you realize you hurt the one person that literally sacrificed their life and love for you. I honestly don’t approve of cheating, I understand their are temtations but you should never cheat. Its just completely stupid, please dont hate all cancer men were not all like that, I mean I’m 18 and too be honest I’ve never been in a relationship because I wanted to learn from other people’s mistakes. Also to learn how to be a good partner myself to that girl if I ever decided I wanted to be with someone that Is. But in end I truly am sorry for you and hope you find someone decent.

  8. Profile photo of SouledOut
    SouledOut December 11th, 2014

    This is my experience with a Cancer:
    He was two years younger than I was. When we net, we instantly clicked. I admired his charm and he was extremely funny. We could talk for hours at an end. I showered him with gifts and my love. Then he began to be distant. He stopped talking to me as much. The kisses stopped, the phone calls, texts. He then dumps me. And he says he doesn’t know why, he just didn’t love me anymore. I was so confused because I never treated him bad at once in our relationship. Later I find out he had been cheating and lied to me multiple times. I was so confused, I thought Cancers never cheated. I guess he never loved me at all. I put up with his mood swings and tried to help him control his anger and frustration. I tried so hard to keep the relationship blooming but he just gave up. Guess he was overwhelmed? Took me for granted? Why cheat on someone who is willing to give you everything? I will never know.
    Ibalso tried to go into another relationship with a different Cancer but he was a lying cheater as well. He was never commited to his past relationships. He did not care about my feelings at all. He was very deceiving as well. 
    I do not think all Cancers are like this… But I have had bad experiences relationship wise. Friendship wise, they are amazing!!! 

    • Brianna May 12th, 2017

      As Pisces woman I think we are so loving and warm that sometimes with broken men even cancers they don’t trust that we are a good thing for them so they self sabotage. Maybe he himself wasn’t the right cancer

  9. Profile photo of Marehclare
    Marehclare December 1st, 2014

    This is my story. 
    I met a Cancer guy, we became friends really fast. We spoke everyday about everything. I fell for him. One day he told me he liked me and he wanted me to be his girlfriend and even when I really loved him I said no. I’m a Pisces but I was aware of how difficult our relationship would be (we were the same age but he was three years younger than me in course so while I was already halfway of high school he was just beginning it) and he was kind of a player. He was not serious when it came to relationships, I knew I would end up hurt if I had said yes. 
    After I said no he told me he’d wait and asked me to do it as well. We promised we would be together when he could be closer to me. i kept that promise, I loved him for three years more but he changed a lot. He started to have a bunch of girlfriends and then dumping them when he got bored. I couldn’t believe it.
    When we could finally make our relationship work he completely ignored me. He knew I still loved him but it was like he never cared. all he ever did was just look at me from the distance like If I was something untouchable. my heart suffered a lot because I had to see him holding hands with other girls and hugging them. he even dated one of my greatest girl-friends! And he saw me cry because of that. He has said mean things about me behind my back but his eyes keep following me. Then I had to move from my town because of my parents divorce, I would leave with my mom. My last day there he saw me crying, he knew I was leaving, but he just stared at me the whole time untill he had to leave. He never said goodbye. And still he asked for my phone number to my friends, when I went back to visit he awkwardly greeted me and asked me how my life was going. Even when he added me on what’s app he never speaks to me. I STILL CANT BELIEVE THIS. I just want him to explain himself, why did he do all of that. I still think about him even when my feelings already died because I care. He was my past and I want to know why that past ended that way. Why would he be friendly one day and then an asshole.
    can someone commend in my situation? Maybe you might have an idea why he did that 

  10. Profile photo of
    sayakeren September 30th, 2013

    And, yes, the above traits of a Cancer man is only true IF he loves the girl. He can give you the whole world if he loves you, but can be easily tempted to find love elsewhere if he doesn’t find love in his current relationship. Love is above everything else for a Cancer after all. For Pisces ladies out there, other than Cancer, you may want to catch a fish (another Pisces). That was my second most fulfilling relationship, as we both understood each other easily, and we could empathize with each other when we had the mood swing or feeling emotional. A Pisces man would be there, feeling your happiness and sorrow with you.

  11. Profile photo of
    sayakeren September 30th, 2013

    Everything mentioned is true. I am a Pisces lady, had a great relationship with a Cancer man. He was loyal, romantic in his own way, and always tried to make me feel secure. Our connection was as-mentioned: fairy-taleish. We could easily talk about so many things, and were not afraid to become just ourselves in front of each other. But yes, it took a long-stretch on my patience in the beginning to make him got out of his shell and be open to me.
    But then he was extremely possessive, unable to let go, and insecure.
    I broke up with him because he forbid me to have any male friends, left alone best friends. I consented to his plea and cut off my 2 out of the 3 (male) best friends I had to show how serious I was about him and our relationship. But when he finally fidgeting over the last (male) best friend I had, I went nuts. I told him that I knew that best friend of mine much before I knew him. He accused me of protecting my friend over him and asked me to choose between the two. I told him my feeling was only for him and my best friend was, well, a friend (I told him, if I wanted to be with my friend, I could have done it long time before I went out with him). He ranted like nuts, forcing me to cut my friend off with a high-pitch voice and a threat, and being an emotional Piscesian I suddenly slapped him to shut him. He went overboard and punched my face and leaving scratches and blue eyes. I left him at once. After a month, he started texting me and calling me like 100 times a day (literally) — I couldn’t use my phone because he just keep on calling! I ignored everything until he told me he waited in front of my house, every single day for 5 days! He caught me off guard one day and he was down to his knees apologizing and crying and saying all the things any girl would love to hear: “Can’t live without you.” “I’m a mess without you.” “Can’t imagine living this life without you.” “I need you.” Bla bla bla.
    He can’t let go of things he ever possessed. Be that of people, or materials. He has 3 cars although he only uses 1 car (the newest one) — just because he couldn’t let go of the previous 2 cars because he once had emotional connection with those 2. This I could still bear, but some of his past blocked our relationship from moving forward and it drove him nuts (because he knew he had to let go, but his emotion wouldn’t let him).
    His insecurity harbored at his fear of rejection, his extreme care towards face saving (he cared so much about what others think of him — sometimes even more than he cares about what he really wants and needs), and fear of losing his possession (people and materials). He is pessimistic and suspicious most of the time. It drove me nuts after 3 years as I’m a positive person who prefers to focus on the glam than the gloom.
    That’s why he’s an ex. But I don’t deny that my relationship with him was the greatest one I ever had. We both felt the extreme fulfillment of joy and happiness, and extreme pitfall of sadness and despair together. We fought the craziest of all relationships I had, but made up the easiest too. It was a relationship everyone would deem as “Love Conquers All.” Wouldn’t mind to try with another Cancer man 🙂

  12. Profile photo of Jembo
    Jembo July 26th, 2013

    I am yet to meet a cowardly cancer male. I am dating a cancer man. Who, is guarded but completely awesome. My best friend is a a cancer man too. In fact, these two men share the same birthday. 
    My best friend, when we first met, sparked off one another. Our chemistry is amazing. Always an underlying flirtation but we seem to both enjoy it and it brings us closer emotionally. 
    My cancer man I am dating, chased me. We all know us Piscean ladies are either utterly devoted or completely uninterested. There is often no grey area. I found that my mistrust of men prior made me close off my emotions and he has unlocked something within me. I know he is very guarded and we have taken things very slowly. We have been dating now for 6 months. I am 100% devoted to him. He is very loyal to me. I do however, feel that there is something he is not telling me… 

  13. Profile photo of
    wonka July 9th, 2013

    Hello to the one that say that cancer mens are cowards well we are sensitive and stuff and thats our biggest weakness when we are teens maybe but once we manage how to use it in our advantage we will dominate by our intuition because not everybody has that to be honest, we can feel but cannot explain it, while other just talk crap and crap and people think that they exist and we don’t.  
    But for me talking has a cancer man its very hard to deal with being sensitive sometimes when you grow up I feel that I’m weak but deep inside I have huge expectations of myself and even when I have mood swings and feel down, deep inside I can feel that strenght that is not letting me down, I think for every cancer its important to analyse yourself and you have to know yourself, also you need support when you are young and have mood swings and are being sensitive, once you can stand up alone nothing will stop.
    Here are some famous Cancer People just so you know what they have achieved and they are here because they were strong enough to stand up, but sensitive enought to understand their enemies or market or the world.
    “Julius Cesare”  July 13
    “john d rockefeller” Richest men in history.  July 8
    “Richard Brandson” founder and CEO of Virgin  July 18
    “Alexander the great”
    “Princess Diana” 
    “hemingway” Writer
    “Nikola Tesla” Inventor of radio waves, radar, alternative current, xrays ecc….  greatest scientist and inventor of all times.
    “George W. Bush” ex-President of the United States
    “Nelson MAndela” July 18
    “Dalai Lama” July 6 
    “Mike Tyson” June 30 (talking about weak,have a chat with him)
    “Sylvester Stallone” July 6 
    “Vin Diesel” July 18
    “Tom Cruise” July 3
    “Tom Hanks” july 9
    “Zinedine Zidane” 
    “Robin Williams”
    “Michael Phelps” World record Swiming and WR for medals 
    and there are hundreds of more, so Cancer are not weak, they are sensitive its their biggest Weakness and biggest Strenght. 
    I’ve been with a pisces women once and well she left me because I was too possesive she said but then A scoprio women left me because I was not enough possesive….  haha its funny but its also education and madurity and experiences that make it work I think, you can’t just say Pisces goes with Cancer because thats just bullshit I’ve been with girls for ages and it worked so well that according to this website im not meant to be with them. 

  14. Profile photo of amswaeze
    amswaeze June 27th, 2013

    This was absolutely amazing to read! Its my fiance and I to the T! I couldnt help but smile the entire time i was reading this! We’ve been togother for almost 6 1/2 years and will be marrying my High School sweetheart  July 27,2013! The money thing is also correct! He just graduated college and is a Financial advisor as I love spending the money hahaha! We’re very romantic and lovee dovee with eachother and are always togother and when we’re not togother we always talk,or text through out the entire day! Bravo on such a job well done 🙂

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  16. Profile photo of
    janelljones November 30th, 2012

    my cancer man and I have been together for 2 years and best friends for 10. Of course now we see the truly colors of each other, and he is very shelled, selfish, stubborn, hardcore most of time. Not all the time with me, but is mostly. Im a pisces woman and very  insecure, sensitive, and ready for battle  as well. we both have trust issues, but come together so strong a lot of times, to where it is scary. When we do take time to try to understand each other, its freaky we have a lot in common 

  17. Profile photo of
    janelljones November 30th, 2012

    This is sooo dead on, except for the part where they say cacer men are  financial savers, because mines isn’t. He is very selfish.

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  19. […] more information on this love compatibility profile, this time we actually took interest in Ask Oracle’s page on the Cancer Male-Pisces Female couple. They are not affiliated with us but they do shed light on a lot of misconceptions about Cancer male […]

  20. Profile photo of
    southernlights June 6th, 2012

    honestly its really hard for me being pisces woman,, i feel so vulnarable and i feel like iam not born to battle,, somestimes i feel like i dont belong to this harsh world,, i really want to live in beautiful nature with good heart people. So tired to pretend to be happy and cheerful in front of people just to hide my easily bruissed heart. Are pisces women out there feel the same as me too??
    When i read astrology its really damn true that pisces women love men who are strong, dominant  yet tender and possess sensitif heart. If Cancer men are like that i hope that someday there willl be a cancer men who will take me and protect me and understand my pain and dream.
    For people who say that pisces women are not faithful and promiscuous they are wrong. Pisces women are really faithful to their partner or husband as long as they are the soulmates. Pisces women wont sleep around with men whom they dont really love. Pisces women really dont like arrogant, over confident men who like to show off.  If you are tall have broad shoulder calm yet social and family oriented you will absolutely get pisces women attention or even crush. They look for security both financial and relationship. Trust me they are good wife who will both work to earn life and clean home and cook for their husband. But they sometimes are lazy and like to indulge themselves.
    She will treat her husband like king because she believes that her men can protect her and is strong to undergo life. She really needs partner in her life. She likes to lean on his broad shoulder just to relax and feel reliefed that she has someone to depend on.

  21. Profile photo of
    southernlights June 6th, 2012

    @AceParadox (Cancerian)
    is that true that cancerian men are faithful?? and will they chase the women they love  or just wait for the girls to make the first move? what phisical appearance do cancer men like?do the like heavy tall women or small thin women? iam pisces woman (not girl) haha iam attracted to cancer man what makes me really into him when i know that hes a cancer and from the astrology states that cancer man is a family-oriented person and protectif and also a llitle bit possessif which i love, hee are that true?

  22. Profile photo of
    lilgroover June 1st, 2012

    say i dont know who that is saying that cancer men are cowards but u got us so wrong! hell poeple even tell me im crazy sometimes, ill go over the egde for my family and loved ones. that includes relationships!! so whoeva that is talkn u just gotta weak ass boyfreind who just pussy.I dare u da try a real cancer!!

  23. Profile photo of
    hubbify77x April 15th, 2012

    Oh buddy, your story was this side of an epic drama fit for a 5 year run on telemundo.  I have to admit I was captivated, and can only imagine how long it took you to type all of that (really I am curious). From what I can gather you’re about to turn 20 or so.  I believe also that your pisces girl is younger by a hair? I am hoping that I am not writing this in vain considering that her Birthday passed by not that long ago and I can only imagine the possible drama that you two may have experienced since then.  I have to give you praise here because I am impressed by your forgiving nature despite such hard circumstances that I can honestly say persons twice your age would not have the intestinal fortitude to do.  Hopefully I can give you some wisdom here.  I know it is cliche~ but the age that you two are is the enemy here largely due to inexperience.  I would have no doubts in my mind that you two would have been largely successful given 5-7 years of experience to see through this CRAP that you are having to deal with.  Really this is the difficulty of being young (a little immaturity) on both sides.  I wish I could tell you what is going on in her head 100% but I can only offer hypothesis.  Do you think that maybe the relationship has gotten a bit stagnant, and she may be seeking what else is out there because she craves a thrill.  (Thrill here being the excitement of learning about someone else).  Really the whole facebook thing I believe has caused more damage to more relationships (personal and professional) then probably any  economic depression.  A wise person in my opinion would simply not TALK with another person that they had relations with on a PUBLIC easily accessed site especially while with someone else.  This is a blatantly ignorant act, and simply there are no established rules on CHECKING in on someones facebook or other social media sites.  Conveniently you are a creeper when you find something out and confront a person on it.  Otherwise you are just a boyfriend who in all honesty has every right to interact with his girlfriends publicly accessible information.  I feel sorrow for you my friend to have found out information in such a heinous way.  If I were in your situation…I would contemplate this heavily… The facts are you have been hurt probably very hurt by being cheated on.  Not only have you been lied to, but there has been an orchestrated effort with others involved in concealing a secret from you. Granted I can see why the concealment but still it happened. I know you love this woman, but I am seeing a pattern that as time goes on these things increase in nature.  This makes me very concerned for you because if you reach a critical point where you just can’t take it anymore and you break up due to not being able to function emotionally you will be a changed man and will have great difficulty pursuing another deep and meaningful relationship, something that no one ever deserves to endure. From what I can see there is a lot of crying due to fear of loss comforts in being a with a person who is usually so easy going and familiar on both your sides.  I am unsure of the strength of your relationship at this point, and if this is something that you have come to the conclusion (if you’re still enduring) the only thing I can think of is a temporary seperation from one another, let her have the freedom to get out of her system the thing she clearly had wanted to do.  You get to have your fun too, granted if your not miserable sacks of bones being away from each other. This is really the only thing I can see helping reestablish your relationship if you’re committed in staying with her. I wish you the best of luck man, I would not want to go through what you are dealing with, but there is help here if you still need it.    

  24. Profile photo of
    ilove-my-pisces February 29th, 2012

    Turns out she did sleep with him :/ she finally admitted to it after I confronted her again… I don’t know wether or not to stay with her she say’s it won’t happen again and she loves me and is sorry and it was a mistake. And I love her so much that I want to and am willing to believe it. but should I.

  25. Profile photo of
    ilove-my-pisces February 24th, 2012

    This compatability horoscope is spot on. I am a cancer man 20 yrs old, I never dated a girl till 2 summers ago, she was a cancer as well 25 yrs, (I was 18 at the time) it turned out while she was with me she was sleeping with another guy then coming home and sleeping in my bed. I knew something was going on based on my gut and confronted her, she admitted with no hesitation that she was sleeping with him, i told her she had to make a choice me or him, she chose me and I instantly forgave her. But it still hurt and made me realize how easily people can do that. 
    Shortly after her i rebounded to a Virgo age 17, she was fun and completely enthralled by me, but there was no real connection. She ended up becoming very paranoid and jealous for no reason, so I left and moved on.
    3 months later I met a pisces 17 years old, we connected instantly! before I even talked to her, I saw her sitting on a bed and was immedietly attracted, i finally worked up the courage to talk to her thinking she was too good for me and would never give me the time of day. She was surprisingly friendly and very down to earth, we hung out the whole night and the next morning, had a blast but I wasn’t attempting to hit on her or make any advances, we were just hanging out as friends and I was fine with that we were having too much fun as friends to screw it up with awkward sexual advances. 
    Soon after that we became facebook pals cause i lived an hour away . We would chat for hours, then one day we were talking and I said I was going to take a shower, she said me too. I jokingly typed “shower together” but hesitated to hit enter for fear of being creepy 😛 i decided to wait for her to finish typing, when the words popped up in the window “shower together?” and i immediately hit enter.
    That went on for about a month of texting fb chat skype and phone calls constantly finishing each other sentences laughing and completely enjoying eachother. We saw eachother after a month of not seeing eachother in person she came to a house party me and my friends were throwing, we were so excited to see eachother. we didn’t leave eachothers side the whole night, we ended up back at a friends house laying in bed cuddling, and we just sat there looking at each other waiting for me to make a move and her to give me an ok 😛 finally i moved in and she kissed me right back we kised for a bit then cuddled some more. the next day she came back and we cuddled on the couch and we passed out her in my arms, I had never fallen asleep so easily cuddling, I usually waited till the other passed out and would scooch away to my own space. but I fell right asleep more comfortable than I’d ever been, I knew at that moment i was in love with this girl. We had been faithfull to one another during that time, and one night i asked her, “so whats the deal? are we together? or do i have to ask you out?” she said ask me out so i did. 
    😀 The love the friendship the sexual chemistry was so strong! I had never experienced anything so amazingly beautiful in my life. the love was so unconditional! She was needy and wanted to be spoiled and showered in my love, and that was my only desire to treat her like the princess she is. Even living an hour apart and niether of us having a license for the first month our love was intense and strong and neither of us worried about the fact we were so far apart she always found a way to come see me. Then she got her license and i starting her more frequently almost everyday, she would make the trip. We never got bored of eachother. 
    Everything was perfect for about 6 months no complaints on either end, then I pulled the classic crab move and she pulled the classic pisces. I moved back to my mothers for a bit cause I got evicted, me and my pisces were now only 20 minutes away from each other. We started spending every waking moment together, and I became stagnant and stuck in routine and started withdrawing into my shell, causing my love to feel unwanted and insecure, since she wasn’t getting the attention she needed from me, she got it by being her flirtatious self with other guys, She did not cheat physically, but i found out by reading her messages one day and I was hurt, we fought, our first real fight. but through it all i never once insulted her or even called her a derogatory word, even feeling betrayed i didn’t want to hurt her in any way. We got through it but not with out scars, We were happy again everything was as it should be, or so I thought. 
    Even with everything perfect she ended up straying flirting ever facebook again after she promised it wouldn’t happen again, of course this time I was torn by what happened. I begged for an explination to no avail the only response i would get was “I dont know.” and “I’m sorry” she begged for another chance and i gave it to her. Couple months go by and she starts hanging out with this girl, prior it was pretty much me and her all the time, and if we went out it was together. All of a sudden she was ditching our plans to go party with this girl and a friend of ours. I got suspicious and paranoid, and just hurt by the fact that she would ditch me and not invite me to come chill with them even though I was a mutual friend claiming she needed time to herself. We started fighting, I then found out she was up to it again, I told her she needs to be completely upfront with me about anything and everything otherwise im through. She swore she would never lie again, and literally minutes after she promised i caught her in a lie, and I lost it I was broken by her lies I collapsed on the ground outside of my house having a panic attack which lasted 3 hours, and for the first time in my life insulted her. We fought I yelled, she sobbed saying she was horrible and doesn’t deserve me. I couldnt let her go though I loved her too much. we got through it, but after that it was a roller coaster of ups and downs. 
    Then about a month ago she started blowing up on me for every little thing i did, and tried to paint me as a bad guy for the sillyest of things, I didn’t get it. after a week of bickering my friend wanted to go visit friends out of town, we were gunna get a ride from a friend but it fell through and my pisces willingly volunteered to drive us an hour away just to turn around and go home. Turned out she was so willing to get me out of town so she could go alone to another guys house and drink with him, a guy she was attracted to. That night I got a weird feeling in my gut, the feeling I always get when something is amiss with my pisces. I got curious and checked her facebook, I found comments from her on photos of him complimenting his eyes and “I can’t express how much I like this picture” on a photo where he wasn’t wearing a shirt. I confronted her she got mad at me for creeping her fb and called me crazy for being concerned by the comments. 
    we fought for about 3 days non stop about it me knowing she did something that night, she confessed she went to his house with a coworker of her’s and a couple other friends to drink, and he tried to kiss her and she left. I was mad about the situation and we fought more, I didn’t believe her. so i texted the co worker on her phone saying “fuck he found out” in the car with her she scrambled to get the phone from me but not before her coworker texted how. I asked for the truth. she wouldn’t talk to me, and told me to get out of her car, i refused, we stopped at her house so she could get a sweat shirt, and i got out the car and started walking away. she drove along side of me telling me to get in. I asked are you gunna let me finish my conversation with your coworker, and she easily agreed. I texted her friend back saying “he kinda just guessed and i told him.” her friend responded ” you mean that you me my and my boyfriend went there and we were drinking, and me and my boyfriend left and he tried to kiss you and you left?” way to specific. I called the bluff knowing that my pisces had informed her friend of my plan to find the truth and told her to get the story straight. they fucked up though. there was supposedly one other person there according to my pisces. i asked her friend who else was there she said no one. i knew then it was a lie. finally backed into a corner my pisces told me that she went there alone. 
    she cried saying she was horrible.. I reassured her she’s not she’s human and she feared that we were coming to an end and was lining up another prospect. We got over it, or tried. I just can’t let it go, I think she did more that night and just wont tell me. It wont change my view on her i just want the truth sadly. and im pusing her away because of it. 

  26. Profile photo of
    OceanEyes January 30th, 2012

    I actually met a cancer recently. We became physical very quickly. He is totally sensitive but he protects himself. The physical connection is intense and he was very comfortable to tell me much about himself. . . but I can tell that it is not going to be quick or easy to get inside to his true self. He gave much of his emotional side to a previous insinsitive woman who wandered off. Hate how some one else always ruins it!
    He is intelligent, accomplished, and emotionally scarred. Who knows if I will ever get through to him. I just figure as long as I remain sensitive and inviting that I will be able to. Otherwise, there are many other crabs in the sea :~>
    Lady Pisces

  27. Profile photo of
    OceanEyes January 30th, 2012

    @A passing Cancerian ~ I appreciate your response especially since I am a Pisces mother of a young cancer son (minus the successful marriage LOL). My mother is actually a cancer with an undeveloped shell.
    I Love the cancer in men and I hope to have the honor of being the love of a fully developed cancer one day. 
    Much love and respect ;0)

  28. Profile photo of
    Blue_pisces-lady January 8th, 2012

    I agree on some comments above. I have a friend who is cancerian guy who asks me out. However, as a piscean woman it’s quite hard to read what is on his mind. despite of that he is a family oriented person and put his mom on top of all woman in his life.. so my advise is that if you are willing to have a romantic relationship with a cancerian guy, you must be very patient and understanding because he is not liked the aries guys who are straight forward and always ready for confrontations. but as a friend, they will treat you as part of their family thats based from my experience. To The Silent Protagonist,
    on behalf of piscean, lucky for you if you found a piscean woman like that a matured and wise woman. Who is willing to understand and love you very much. It’s just that be careful to hurt a piscean lady with such traits.. once it has decided to end up a relationship there will be no turning back. Loyalty and stability is what a matured piscean is somewhat particular about:)

  29. Profile photo of silent.protagonist
    silent.protagonist November 22nd, 2011

    I just signed in to praise the passing cancerian’s comment.

    I’m one of those rare mature cancer male gems as well, tehehehe.

    For me, relationships with other signs work this way:

    fire signs (aries,leo,sagittarius) => love and hate relationships. A rollercoaster with ups and downs.

    water signs (cancer, scorpio, pisces) => fully emotional relationships. full of dreams, but one has to cling over the other. This doesn’t work one way around. It has to be a full trade between the two.

    earth signs (taurus, virgo, capricorn) => stable relationships. they’re steadfast and 100% supportive no matter what happens.

    air signs (gemini, libra, aquarius) => impossible relationships, they’ll never understand us, this will never work out.

    After all those experiences, now i ended up with a pisces girl, emotional connection and chemistry since day one. I never wanted to date pisces girls before because they were all too demanding, too dependent. But this girl isn’t, she’s awesome.

    One of my biggest illusions was the cancer girl…don’t get me wrong, i always wanted this to work out, she was amazing, but i never could really make her out of her shell completely, i guess it is easier to lure a pisces into stopping swiming in circles instead ;P

  30. Profile photo of smc_2001
    smc_2001 August 30th, 2011

    I have posted on here a few times since I met my Cancer man. We are getting ready to move in together after 8 months and I was wondering if anyone had any tips. We fit together beautifully even though there are times our minds don’t think things out the same. I am excited for the move.

  31. Profile photo of
    Cancerman88 August 30th, 2011

    @Reenia Believe me, just saying hello to the Cancer man you like will be more then enough to grab his attention. I’ve yet to experiance a relationship with a Pisces woman, but hey I’m only 23 I’m just starting out. The best way to seek advise is from the type of person you wish to obtain for a relationship. Something I’ve learned quite recently. Just take things one step at a time, and open up with just a hello that should be more then enough for him believe me I’m sure he’s been waiting on you.

  32. Profile photo of
    df928 August 25th, 2011

    @Xtrykr 🙂

  33. Profile photo of
    LOlO-Daniels August 15th, 2011

    @vanessa if he says you guys will be together eventually but he’s still afar off to you physically , mentally , and emotionally … dont bother even worrying for one second its just hard for them to come around but u can bring him more out of his shyness to give you exactly what he’s feeling for u. He falls in love easily its not that hard u just have to know when to cope with his feelins n moodswings just let him argue with hiself if he ever tries…but further more if ur a pisces like me and ur dude is a cancer like mines…since u n i share a similar situation let me tell if he loves he loves u if he doesnt that doesnt mean u cant get him to…w/out force of course.Be patient w/ him they love patience.!Good Luck.! oh , he’ll be back.!<3

  34. Profile photo of
    Daydreamer35 July 27th, 2011

    To Anna

    Cancer men are amongst the most loyal IF they love their partner. If they don’t love their partner then all bets are off

  35. Profile photo of
    nortonannn July 25th, 2011

    I was in a short relationship with a Cancer and everything started off so well..i mean everything was going so well i thought he was my everything…we never argued we always were happy and joking around!!! then one day i found out he slept with my so called best friend, so basically our whole relationship was a lie. He hurt me so bad. I haven’t talked to him since, I’m always trying to figure why does every say that Pisces and Cancers make a good match, cause i never want to experience anything like that again

  36. Profile photo of
    Reenia July 24th, 2011

    so there is this cancer, i am really drawn to. we had class together sophomore year. though junior year, we didnt. but we always saw each other in the halls at school and i would always catch him staring at me, we would always pass eachother and both glance, the stares so intense, like we wanted to say something to eachother. i did but was too nervous, even when we had class together i always thought i caught him staring at me. 🙂 yes he is a true cancer. reserved, very driven (one of the star athletes), intelligent, focused. any how i really want to talk to him and i understand that i have to make the first move, but how can i go about doing that? i told myself, alright its senior year and im gonna ask him to prom.. help me!

    youngpisceslady 🙂

  37. Profile photo of
    Mr-gentlemen May 14th, 2011

    Somewhat of a turnoff and he might become bored and wonder off

  38. Profile photo of
    Mr-gentlemen May 14th, 2011

    I am a cancer man and i have 2 things to say, my first is to Luna…. Cancer men generally give out more then they recieve so when they share their love/feelings with someone and they dont get it right back they start to feel regret, most of us dont take rejection well and also get discouraged. We hate failure. We dwell in the past a lot, so if past relationships had failures that might be the reason why he pulled back. My other comment was for Jo, cancer men are very eager to love so it might feel rushed in a sense cuz of how much he has to offer you… If ur going to persue a relationship with him u must not have a wall up cuz if it takes too long for him to break down he will get confused and discouraged… For the most part a cancer man wants to be told NO sometimes and wants you to step up to the plate and be the leader or initiator… I had 2 pisces woman before and i would say the biggest downfall wud be that cancer men are very sexual and need excitement and sometimes the kind nature of a pisces is

  39. jo April 4th, 2011

    I am a typical pisces girl, and have just met (literally a few days ago) a cancer guy, the attraction is huge and the connection feels amazing. But because I am very suspicious of men, I still have hard time trusting him. We spent those few days together going out, staying in. he can talk very well, saying things like he wants to be with me, he wants to travel with me, etc. I know that these kinds of instant attraction happen and great relationships are probably born this way but I’m just scared I’m gonna get burnt if I let myself go. On the other hand I don’t want to miss out on something magical here. Also, the guy is very successful, and although he almost never ie answere his phone when he was with me, he can be so passionate in one minute, then suddenly turn cold and silent when he has to deal with his business. I just can’t get my head around the fact that he wants us to happen so fast. What do u think?

  40. Sarah April 4th, 2011

    I think personality goes along with horoscope-so not all characteristics will be exact-but this is a great man for a Pisces woman. I would recommend being very feminine but not passive. My guy loves to be complimented and to know that he “takes good care of me.” Good luck…

  41. EnglishRosePisces21 April 3rd, 2011

    After trying to research a little, and reading all the above comments, I must say I’m quite excited for date number 1 with my new cancer man!..
    He has been very attentive already, and has definitely not been shy asking me out?.. I’m guessing the shyness will come within meeting. :S .. great!?
    Any advice for Tuesday date will be helpful!?.. Obviously I’m just going to be myself but some tips would be nice. Thannnks!

  42. aproudpisces April 1st, 2011

    We may think that cancerian man think negatively and are cowardly, because they hide from us. But girls, have you ever think that he is actually protecting the both of you by getting hurt? In other words, he is thinking positively to save the both of you. This is cancerian.

  43. aproudpisces April 1st, 2011

    I am a pisces lady. Words to ladies out there when a cancerian suddenly avoiding you and turn cold, most of the time, he is actually solving his own problems, take a break from some issues by protecting your well-being, not to worry too much about him. He simply don’t want you to get involved and get hurt, when they want to share their problems with you, they will naturally will, thats when they get outta their shell. I know it drives us lady crazy with this type of personality especially pisces which need more attention and is more needy. Once we understand them, he will show more affection. That will be even better.

    It just based on my experiences with my ex cancerian boyfriend, we are very close friends now due to agony and its ironic, somehow we still kinda have feelings and connection with each other. He is not “brave”enough to step out of his shell yet (he just doesn’t want us to get hurt again when things are not stable enough), once he is able to, i believe he will shower me with love again. At the moment, he could mostly think about work and money. He is a typical cancerian truly.
    Don’t fret girls, if you have a cancerian guy, he just need time to be alone at times it depends but at the end of the day, he will still kiss you good night. My ex boyfriend treated me well however at times we were so stubborn and ended up what happen today. We tried to stay close when we can.
    Good Luck everyone.

    Hightlight: Cancerian man can be a good family man, he will help you with the dishes and laundry. Boost his ego he is more than willing to help you, love him well and he will.

  44. lachmi March 31st, 2011

    absolutely right!

  45. Littlefishie March 28th, 2011

    ive never met a cancer man but I would love to. Despite that I broke up with my Scorpio man, I’m looking forward to meet a cancer man. I want to know how they are like. Lol. =D

  46. Sarah March 21st, 2011

    I have been dating a cancer man for almost two months and the chemistry is beautiful. He is just as described and I feel very safe and secure in his presence. I do not feel like he is a coward at all- he was bashful in the initial meeting and that was it. I am 100% Pisces woman and feel like this is the best connection I have ever had-too bad I didn’t meet him at 20 rather 27. Good luck to all of you on your journeys.

  47. Luna March 18th, 2011

    I am a pisces woman and have just recently started a relationship, of sorts, with a beautiful cancer man. Well, I suppose beautiful wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate considering his intense masculine aura. This is the first encounter I’ve have with a cancer man and I am overwhelmed by the chemistry between us. That being said, despite the chemistry there is also a strong air of mystery as well. We met three months ago and I think we were both so surprised by the connection that we became over-zealous in our attraction to one another. Almost immediately after my cancer man expressed his feelings of love to me, he erected a huge wall and became aloof and elusive. Needless to say, we stumbled backwards. In fact, we didn’t not speak for a week, then he apologized unexpectedly and we’ve been talking ever since. After this little hiccup in our “relationship” I have decided to approach objectively and do my best to stay in tune with his emotional ups and downs. Also, I realize I have to be careful to not spiral down into the vortex of my own emotions and inherent distrust of people as I know this will only drive him away. Any words of wisdom from anyone, please? Thanks in advance!

  48. Polaris March 18th, 2011

    I’m a Pisces girl, and I really like Cancer guys a lot. I think they are able to respect women and understand them too. I’m a really introspective person, so sometimes I may act really mature. I think most of the guys will find that annoying, but I think Cancer men won’t. I like their faithfulness and the way they value their family so much. I like improving myself so that I can be helpful to the person I love, but I never want to take the lead. Also, loyalty is rare nowadays, and I have a cousin who’s a Cancer man. He is the only one with a successful relationship compared to my other male cousins. Although they teased him before as “soft-hearted”, I don’t think so. His loyalty and faithfulness speak for him.

    I may be young, but I want guys who take relationships seriously. Why waste time on something not worthwhile?

  49. Proud Cancer man March 13th, 2011

    Just wanted to add to A Passing Cancerian’s list of brave Cancer men:

    Nelson Mandela (July 18)
    Dalai Lama (July 6)
    Mike Tyson (June 30)
    Harrison Ford (July 13) — well, at least he’s brave in his movies…lol

    Seriously, do not underestimate Cancerian men. We are gentle by nature, but do not push us to the limit, and do not threaten our family or loved ones. I repeat: DO NOT threaten our family or anyone we hold dearly. If you do, I guarantee that you will live to regret it.

    A Passing Cancerian summed up the attributes of a fully developed Cancer man nicely. Fully developed Cancer men are sophisticated beings. We crave peace and harmony, but are not above getting down and dirty, if we have to.

    Pisces girl, you do not know what you are talking about, so please stop embarrassing yourself.

  50. AceParadox (Cancerian) January 19th, 2011

    “Cancer is Cardinal Water, among the most enduring signs in the zodiac. Hard as titanium outside, soft inside. Some are elevated by life to spread their protective shell over others, happy to overcome any hardship for them. Others aren’t given the luxury of preparing their shells, and live in pain and constant fear.”

    I agree with you, friend. It must be made known to all you lovely Pisces girls that we Cancer Men may seem vulnerable and weak — but we are, in fact, incredibly strong and brave when we need to be. When another man threatens me or my family, I will always negotiate (we’re very good at mediating), however if he continues to provoke I will outright knock him on his arse. I would give my life without hesitation for my family or someone I love dearly. We have so much passion built up inside us, and so much courage…we basically have the heart of a lion – but you are our soft spot…Girls are a Cancer Males soft spot. We would never want to hurt you in any way, and would hate ourselves if we did…

    We’re the only guys who can better understand your feelings, who can make you feel like you’ve found your own Romeo, who will sit with you and watch your favorite romantic comedies (My fav’s have to be You’ve got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle :P), who will do everything in his power to be a wonderful and loving father and devoted husband.

    I’ve dated a few women through high school (I’m 18 and about to start college for Psychology), a very wild and passionate Scorpio, a fun loving and very outgoing Leo, and a Gemini (didnt go well :[ I can’t get along with them…)Yeah I’m careful about who I date, I take the time to get to know them before I date them, and when I do I make their lives amazing and full of affection.

    Haven’t come across one single Pisces yet though… Ain’t it a shame 😛 the most compatible sign, and haven’t met one yet. Well… perhaps the best is yet to come :]

  51. Xtrykr January 17th, 2011

    Hi guys, I’m a cancer man, and I think the poster above me hit it right on the nail: “The fully developed model of a male Cancer is the definition of “strong silent type.” Someone who stands his ground. Someone who’s grown beyond infantile competition and displays of bravado. People say finding a mature Cancer is hard – finding a mature ANYTHING is hard. Get used to it.”

    I’ve come to think of myself as a very fully developed cancer typecast. There are some disadvantages however to this though, as I tend to not get noticed to my reserved nature. It certainly does not help either that my Chinese Zodiac sign is Dog, which compounds the effects of my traits…

    Hopefully, one of these days, a Pisces takes notices.

  52. A passing Cancerian January 2nd, 2011

    “hi guys i know that pisces & cancer match together but there’s something cancer men are cowards & pisces girls needs a brave , strong & protective man.”

    “cancer men are cowards”

    Tell that to Alexander the Great, born July 20/21.

    Tell that to Julius Caesar, born July 13.

    Tell that to Vladimir Andreyevich “the Bold”, born July 15.

    Tell that to every Cancer who’s stared death in the face on countless battlefields, purely for the sake of his family, his home, his country.

    Are you going to say that to the face of a Cancer-born serviceman in Iraq or Afghanistan today? I don’t think so.

    Cancer is Cardinal Water, among the most enduring signs in the zodiac. Hard as titanium outside, soft inside. Some are elevated by life to spread their protective shell over others, happy to overcome any hardship for them. Others aren’t given the luxury of preparing their shells, and live in pain and constant fear.

    Few people fully manifest their astrological strengths. We live in a world right now where a half-decent upbringing alone is a lucky break for precious few. How many crabs are being smashed against the rocks, unable to learn how to unlock their inner strength? It’s a big number, I’m sure.

    The fully developed model of a male Cancer is the definition of “strong silent type.” Someone who stands his ground. Someone who’s grown beyond infantile competition and displays of bravado. People say finding a mature Cancer is hard – finding a mature ANYTHING is hard. Get used to it.

    I know lots of young Pisces girls. I can’t sugar coat this: They’re idiots. I see them constantly fawning over loud, rough men who end up abusing them. Then they swim away, blaming the world for their troubles before flittering back to another piece of garbage.

    I know another Piscean, though; a fully grown Neptune lady. Someone who grew out of swimming in circles and approached life from a position of calculated strength. Someone who’s endlessly strong, supportive and wise; who married for the right reasons, had children she raised to be self-confident and now happily pursues her creative hobbies, in an unbroken marriage of over 30 years.

    That woman is my mother.

    And she’d probably smack you for your comment, little fish. I suggest you learn before insulting those you haven’t met.

  53. MysticPiscesGirl December 10th, 2010

    Quote from pisces girl: Hi guys I know that Pisces and Cancer match together but there’s something cancer men are cowards & pisces girls need a brave strong, and protective man.

    Well pisces girl your right but you have only seen the cancer man from one side. Cancer men are the most sensitive men in the zodiac, so they get their feelings hurt easily. When a Cancer man has gotten his feelings hurt he may look like a coward when he runs away, but he isn’t, he has gone away to deal with the pain, alone. But the Pisces woman can help by using her understanding, loving nature to help the cancer man. Eventually he will come out of his shell, and in return will protect you, pamper you and love you.

  54. pisces goddess November 14th, 2010

    I am a pisces woman and never used to read or believe very much in horoscopes. One day, I realized the last 3 of my boyfriends were cancers; somehow I thought, there must be a connection-(now I read my horoscope quite often.) I’ve dated many men and feel that connection is strongest with these although not all relationships with cancer men work out. In fact one x became scary possesive. My advice is to tread carefully and watch their character from afar, before you let your infatuation mislead you. Although clearly you should tread carefully with all men. -My current cancer man is a real man though, mature, stable, and knows exactly when to turn on and off the romantic switch. If you can find a cancer man like this, keep him around!

  55. pisces girl November 6th, 2010

    hi guys i know that pisces & cancer match together but there’s something cancer men are cowards & pisces girls needs a brave , strong & protective man.pisces are strong but next to their lover they want to feel that they are weak that this person stronger than them & very protective & of corse romantic the pisces girl needs love everything else & she’s known that she is from the persons who sacrifices anything for love & i mean ANYTHING.

  56. Bridget August 7th, 2010

    I have been with my Cancer man for 3 year and going strong! We had an immediate connection and chemistry from day one and have never run out of things to talk about. Rarely any arguments and i see us together a long time!!!!

  57. Adelle Cristine April 3rd, 2010

    i wanna know if this thing i have with a cancer man can go somewhere. we just met a week ago but the connection is overwhelming. i feel very attracted to him and i believe, through his gestures, that he too is drawn to me. sadly, he needs to leave in two weeks and i dont know if we’ll see each other again.

  58. vanessa May 11th, 2009

    I want to know if my cancer man will be back together, because we are still friends and talk like were together.

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