Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Though the Cancer and Capricorn are just opposite to each other but still if it’s a pair of Cancer woman and Capricorn man, then it works rather well. They both compliment each other and understand the importance of lasting relationship. Devotion and affection comes to both of them easily and generally they make a happy duo!

Capricorn man is an ambitious man who is strongly determined to reach the top with his efforts and undoubted courage. He is conservative and domineering in nature and his most endearing quality is his dependability in times of need. Once out of his serious course, he is very tender and gentle with a soft smile. He is basically strong and serious and at the same time shy too. In a relationship with a Cancer woman, he is incurably romantic and he admires his lovely maiden for her devoted nature and family loving qualities.

A Cancer woman is full of delicacy and sensitivity with an ultra feminine touch that makes her irresistible. She has the capacity to adapt to all situations and be patient and very composed especially when she is emotionally and financially secure. Peace of mind and security are some of the most important things for her. She reciprocates the true love of Capricorn man by being sympathetic and loyal towards him, in fact she always proves to be better than women of all other zodiac signs once her basic needs are taken care of.

The Cancer woman is one lady, who can easily attract a Capricorn man. She has such a graceful appeal that he senses it vividly as soon as they meet. She is one of a kind independent woman who is capable to do almost everything and hates to be dominated but being dominated in a love relationship with him usually never hurts her, if he proves himself to be a good provider. He is deeply respected by her as he is dependable and strongly ambitious which makes her both financially and emotionally satisfied. He can find an escape from his seriousness in the rich and refreshing humor of his Cancer female. But she seeks constant change in her routine life and he might find it difficult to comprehend the need for such changes.

The Capricorn man may have a stern external appearance but once he comes in contact with the lovely Cancer lady, he displays well his gentle side. She always finds her safe home in the domineering, tender, and affectionate Capricorn male. So it all works out in a favorable manner for both of them, in most cases. He specially admires her for being a family bird and a conservative because even for him family matters the most and extravagance is something he cannot stand. From day one, this couple develops appreciation for each other and this strengthens their relationship constantly. But there are times when he just concentrates on boosting his ego which is not be appreciated by her. Sometimes he may even turn cold and unresponsive both physically and emotionally showing his selfish side, this makes the relationship terrible, if not taken well in consideration.

The Cancer woman and Capricorn man makes a lovely pair as they both have same qualities or the different qualities that are admired by their counter part. His love has such endurance and magnificence that she feels blessed to have such a comforting and dependable man in her life. While she has got that magical key which can unlock the emotions in his heart and help them flow smoothly and lovably. Like a glimpse of eternity, they both have wonderful rewards waiting for them in their relationship. They both have such a magical chemistry that even their unspoken needs are fulfilled by each other. Their home is always a warm hearth where each family member is taken care of well either elders or little ones and where they both rest peacefully in each others’ arms, admiring their accomplishment and qualities forever.

The physical aspect of Cancer woman and Capricorn man is a beautiful blend of Water and Earth, which can tenderly be made in a garden of graceful blossoms with strong love and its right expression. Since both of them take relationship very seriously and look out for permanence, their physical mating is also deep and long lasting. The sex life of a Capricorn man ranges from frankly erotic and sensual to tender and affectionate. He is capable of a deep and steady sexual expression and physical intimacy as his sex drive is never halfhearted making the Cancer woman to enjoy the physical relationship without the presence of any kind of fear due to the stability provided by him in his physical expression. But he may lack the kind of sensitive imagination that makes mating between two people a trembling, ecstatic kind of sharing of themselves and this is a sexual dimension that she adds to their relationship, and the Capricorn man feels touchingly grateful for the enlightenment. Their physical relationship develops and strengthens with time when the Cancer woman finds more and more sufficient emotional security from the Capricorn man and when he gets the much needed romance through her. And this physical relationship helps them to stay together for a lasting time.

The problems between the Cancer woman and Capricorn man are numerous, but essentially minor, none that cannot be softened and healed with a little more understanding, a little less selfishness on both parts. He has the propensity of using people for his own need without taking into consideration their feelings, this can make the Cancer woman upset as she may find even herself to be a victim of this at times. Capricorn man should try to set himself loose when he is with his Cancer lady. She works at a different pace and is faster than him. When he does that he can see much more growth and success, both in his profession and personal relationships that he has ever seen. Both need to be more patient and humble while dealing with the emotions of each other.

  1. Profile photo of heaty007
    heaty007 5 years ago

    @CHINEDU Bro this is crazy man!!! I’m a Capricorn man and that’s me to a tee. My ex wife said I didn’t share my feelings but I loved her like crazy. Now I just met a cancer woman and she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. This is the crazy part, ever since I met her I have started becoming awesome at everything I desire. I workout, I cook, my business is making more money and whats crazy is this article is like me and her. She move and drives at high speed and I go the speed limit all day. This is crazy but I am already imagining a long future with her. I simply just stopped talking to other girls and didn’t even care, she got me. I’m whipped!

  2. Profile photo of Rubilee5
    Rubilee5 5 years ago

    Im a Cancer Lady and my mans a Cap && this article fits us like a glove (clear down to the business aspect of it)!!!!!! Its to crazy to because until I read this we really could not figure out why we just get along so well. We started as best friends and now we are in love πŸ™‚ Hes always telling me im a wild child and im always telling him hes an old man!

  3. Profile photo of moiysrialila81323
    moiysrialila81323 4 years ago

    aha!! this just made my day, i’ve been trying to figure out why we like each other a lot, im a cancer and his a cappy. yep he doesn’t show his emotions right up but i know there is something there, those eyes when he looks at me, oh geez, they’re amazing. we were friends, ans still is, but even when we were still on the friendzone i felt special around him. he’d pick me up on our group dates even though i was in a relationship with his ol’time buddy.( our buddy, we were all classmates during gradeschool) after that relationhip, we always hang ut, he always picks me up and bring me home safe. and that didn’t rang a bell though i knew that who ever he is with is so lucky to have him. and now, i have him. i feel that we’re both looking forward to be together for the longest time ever we could be. we laugh and play like kids, fight like adults, trust and defend each other like a brother and sister does. and he just beeped me, saying that he is so blessed to have me. i am too.. =) love my pare. πŸ™‚

  4. Profile photo of Queenvee
    Queenvee 4 years ago

    Wow! Was having self doubt about a Capricorn guy I met but reading this really made sense of all of wut is going on between us this really made me think twice n I know he is a keeper. Im glad I found this web site to help me reassure myself and to persue this relationship! This was so so true about both of us! Amazing how this stuff hit straight to the heart!! Thxs again πŸ™‚ 

  5. Profile photo of PEANUHBUTTAH
    PEANUHBUTTAH 3 years ago

    girl i can tell by tha way you responded 2 dhis U is a real Cancer

  6. Profile photo of HARMEN SHERGILL
    HARMEN SHERGILL 3 years ago


  7. Profile photo of cchin
    cchin 2 years ago

    I read all of the comments and OHH MY GOODNESS! There was soo many cutee stories and you know it did give me hope. Obviously there were ones which ended terribly, but reading through all the post I seriously was in thee best mood ever. Because I am in thee best mood ever I shall share my story. I’m a cancer baby and I just met a cap a few weeks ago and he lives about an hour and 30 minutes away from me. We see each other like every wednesday, but we actually had a real convo last week. So while i was in town on saturday (where he lived) I decided to throw a party. I asked my cousin to invite him since they are like Best Buds but sadly he left early ): so i didnt have the chance to get to know him in person.. Later on that night he messaged me on facebook and was like ” I didn’t get a goodbye hug” Of course i got flutters in my stomach but i was just enjoying the single life and all of sudden this cap enters and changes everything. I replied and we ended up talking till my phone died. The next day we just started talking and throughout our whole conversation we were flirting. He definently got me to laugh and smile a bunch. I’m not one to really believe in the zodiac signs, but somehow him and this post it just makes me want to explore this journey with him. Is that crazy? Am I crazy? I hope not lol. 

  8. Profile photo of sweettropicalpeaches
    sweettropicalpeaches 2 years ago

    I am a cancer female and i am currently with a capricorn male….. and all this very accurate…. he does has serious appearance but deep dow  sweet,gentle,hilarious,and devoted…. We have  been in a relationship for a year nd  8 months nd it has been amazing…. I love his easy goind, charming, and calm personality

  9. Profile photo of kittycatloves
    kittycatloves 2 years ago

    I’m a cancer girl and my boyfriend is a Capricorn. This is my 2nd Capricorn relationship. First one lasted two years, but I was always very doubtful with him. I longed for marriage and babies my whole life, that’s all I’ve ever wanted since I was 7 years old (now 20 I know I am so young for marriage and babies but I am such an old soul. My mom and older sister always tell me that.) With my first Capricorn bf I was never completely sure if he was the one. We broke up March 12th 2014, and TWO weeks later, I have met my 2nd Capricorn male and he is my soulmate! We started dating exactly two months after we met. Met March 25 and dated June 25. I am completely and utterly in love with our story. From day 1, we were completely taken by one another. since the first day we met, we have been completely inseparable. We are so proud of one another and love each other passionately. I can agree with this article, in that, I always nag him about how he doesn’t express his feelings like I do and now I see why. We are still learning one another and he doesn’t get my sensitive side all the time. It hurts but we need to communicate on that. He’s like no man I have met and we are both so deeply in love with one another. As a cancer women, we think love makes the world go round. Atleast that’s what I think. πŸ™‚ I feel so secure with him. He makes great money and has his own house. I feel so at home with him and me being SUCH a home body, I’ve always wanted to wait until marriage to move in with someone, but with him, it feels so right. Every few days we send one another very heartfelt text messages reminding the other of how grateful and thankful we are. He is my man and I have only dreamed of loving someone as much as I love him my entire life. Thankful for my cap man!!! I type this as he sleeps and snores beside me. He’s the one. 

  10. Profile photo of sweetdebz65
    sweetdebz65 2 years ago

    This is crazy! I am a cancer and my ex husband is capricorn and we are still very good friends.  He has remarried but tells me every chance he gets that he still loves me.  We just married too young! I am now involved with another capricorn and it seems as though we have known each other forever.  This describes us to the Tee.  I am normally pretty shy when I meet people for the first time but something about this guy made me feel very secure. From the day we met, my cap has been drawn to me like a magnet.  We saw each other every day for the first 60 days and we didn’t get sick of each other.  He went away for the holidays and called me twice a day every day. I missed him so much.  He also expressed to me that he has never been this open with a woman.  He says “I can’t explain it”.  I think I will let him read our about compatibility.  This explains it all!

  11. Profile photo of heartdesire
    heartdesire 2 years ago

    can ihave your email.. there is something i want to ask.. thank you.. i really need your help.

  12. Profile photo of heartdesire
    heartdesire 2 years ago

    i have a problem with my capricorn man.. i really love him damn muchh.. :'( i want him.. if anyone out there who willing to share and answer some of my question.. pls email me.. i really need help.. 

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