Gemini Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

When two Gemini get close to each other, they are one of the most active couple of all the Zodiac Signs. They have tossing ideas, dreams and challenges to be taken up at large and may sometimes even block each others’ way. But they understand their need of freedom and usually have nice tuning.

A Gemini man is a person who loves his independence and audience, whether it comprises of males or females. He is very intelligent and smart person with some mood flashes to be taken care of sometimes. He is always a good partner in aspects of being a friend, an opponent to learn from and a protector. Gemini man loves his friends and has friends in both genders. In a relationship, the faster his Gemini lady love mixes with his friend circle, the smoother things go in their relationship. If his lady goes along with his rules and accepts them, Gemini man does the same for her.

A Gemini woman is naturally glib and bright conversationalist. She loves to wander and her independence is one of her basic necessity. Gemini woman changes her moods faster than other women but her sentimental gestures and charm keeps the relationship alive. Gemini woman’s display of affection towards her Gemini man keeps fire in their romance. She charms him with her qualities but never feel dependent on him. She is equally an outgoing and rejoicing partner who never bores her man, in fact most of the times she delights and amuses him.

When the Gemini woman and Gemini man get together and have a conversation the third party won’t get a word in edge wise. Being very bright, intelligent and quite interesting, conversation flows very well between these two. Their clever wit and sparkle keeps it quite interesting and underneath it lays the seriousness of what is to come. Within the words, both the Gemini man and woman are able to work on figuring the other one out but they’ll never figure it all out, nor does the other Gemini allow such a feat. Their clever wit and companionship can pull them out of almost any difficulty they face. Refreshingly adaptable, they blend their different personalities well. They have the ability to cunningly outwit anyone, anywhere giving them the reputation of having strong intellect. Both the Gemini have a sense of loneliness that they keep buried deep down within themselves which can sometimes create blunders in their relationship.

Both the Gemini man and woman are generous in spending money; in fact they are rather extravagant so money is never an issue with this couple. Even though both the Gemini are highly flirtatious and secretive, there is a place in their relationship, after some time has gone by and trust has been built, that they open up almost completely. It’s a bond of loyalty and fidelity that holds on to for a long time. Any embarrassment or fear behind such situations does not seem to affect the Gemini couple. Their minds stay calm, skilled and clear headed through it all while they maintain their own little secrets not divulged to anyone. The Gemini woman laughs most of the time, but sometimes in an off chance she cries. The Gemini man understands this brief touch of pain she encounters and also shows her a slight touch of affection making their relationship more affectionate and bright.

As both the Gemini discover the reality of love, they rediscover their soul and oneness in such a form that their odds become good and they unlock the doors of their hearts to be loyal and true towards each other forever after. They give an exhilarating glimpse to all the possibilities they share in their life and also have the power to discover a satisfying substitute for their once seen dream. The Gemini man always understands well the moods of his Gemini lady and his fineness and tenderness always helps her out of miserable conditions while the magical presence of Gemini woman makes the Gemini man more sharp and multi dexterous. They both encourage each other and magnify each others’ virtues. They bring out the brightest star, and most colorful rainbow out of their dreams, walking side by side, and remaining close forever.

The sexual relationship is a strong quality in a Gemini man and Gemini woman’s unity. The physical nature of the two together is something they both relate to on a very high level. They move in like a twister and whip this unity into a short-lived passion only to send a calming effect of warmth soon after. Gemini man relates to Gemini woman on a physical level as well as emotionally and mentally. Every aspect of their sexual affair is strong and extremely passionate. He is sensitive to her needs and she is passionate for his. Their unity brings anything and everything to the surface from making love in an old abandoned house to finding themselves doing it under water. Their needs are fulfilled easily by each other and the passion soars beyond reality. The sexuality that this relationship gives off is one of the tremendous desires and fantasy conjured up to create incredible means to no end. There is nothing simple or basic about the love making of two Gemini.

As the two Gemini form a love association, together with their good qualities, they also have similar kind of attitude problem. They both are restless and there is shallowness in their feelings as a result no one is able to complete and satisfy the other. Though they give each other the right space but their unreliability makes them impossible as a trustable partner. They can always have many dreams but none so strongly determined to be fulfilled. Moreover, none of the two is savings oriented as such thought they do not stop each other from spending but at the end of the day they both may feel financially insecure. To make this relation to workout, both the Gemini man and woman needs to be more around each other with stronger will to love their partner and take the finances a bit more seriously.

  1. Nicole June 13th, 2017

    I started communicating online with a male Gemini about 8mths ago. We became lovers about 3mths ago but then l realised l was falling in love with him.. It was about that time l also realised he was attached but l cant stop seeing him as our compatibility is through the roof. He is the best lover I’ve ever had but its the emotional intensity l crave the most.. its intoxicating.. l’m trapped and l can’t break free of this hold he has over me.. l know this will end in tears but I’m spellbound by him…

  2. Rick June 12th, 2017

    i have been in love with a gemini woman for the past two years. she has been my caompanion and we both give a lot of attention to each other and we understand each other.

  3. Alexia June 12th, 2017

    I’m a Gemini woman who unknowingly has been in love with a Gemini man for years. I recently found myself always thinking of him, wishing we were together. I loathe the simple thought of him being with someone else cos I know he is what my heart wants. I’ve read articles about gemini and gemini compatibility and I’ve come to the simple conclusion that only a Gemini can accommodate another gemini if they set their mind to it.

  4. Rose May 8th, 2017

    I started a job and met a gemini male its as thou were twins yes i agree if this fling doesn’t work out we would still be friends

  5. Richard April 29th, 2017

    I’m a ,Gemini man just met my Gem lady in church and I’m all blown away .she is 7 years older and it’s not a problem for me but something tells me she’s going to use that against me .how I wish we could communicate in our dreams ,we have the same interest .the same songs ,she even had my favorite chips the day we met .the feeling of oneness overwhelmed me ,this feels like a friendship that will last forever

  6. Kattie April 21st, 2017

    I’m a gem dating another gem_ male. We’ve had our relationship last for about 5 mo now. We finish each other’s sentences and conversation is the best when we get into it. Other people think of us more as twin brother and sister and at times we feel like that. Then at different times it’s more romantic and sexual in more ways than one. We enjoy being on the same page with each other and have been through it all. Sometimes the trust factor comes up a lot. Since we are both attractive ppl, one of us gets jelous of the attention the other may be pulling. When that happens, I’ve noticed one of us takes the lead and we give each other the space to get over whatever it is that is bothering. I feel insecure and secure at times, if that makes any sense when it comes to finances. Just because he seems to think that I spend to much and, then I tend to feel the same way when it comes to his spending. We have a project we have both been working on. This project is making a hm for our family. And I have learned along the way that this relationship works best when one of us communicates to the other. That it’s time to switch off and change gears yet again. I still love him to death though and know that whatever happens we will always remain good friends.

  7. Jazmyn April 17th, 2017

    I’m a Gemini woman and have just started an affair with a Gemini man. It’s like im talking to myself when we start a conversation. I really like him he’s kool. Still cautious tho

    • Sasha April 23rd, 2017

      I am a Gemini women heavenly in love with Gemini man this is my very first Gemini on Gemini experience unfortunately the Gemini man is involved with a live in Scorpio women ….. Yikes
      I too dated a Scorpio yes 9 years with a Scorpio guy and one of the worst relationship I had ever had in my life why 9 years my biological mother is a Scorpio who never wanted to be my mother simply because she never wanted to be a mother to too yes Gemini’s and Scorpio’s have the most complicated and mentally unhealthy relationship because of the nature of the Scorpio

  8. Cedezzz April 16th, 2017

    Im a gemini woman may 28 an my little boys dad is a gemini june20 we argue alot but everything else is good we get bmmad fast but get over it even faster we both super fukn jealous doe but Scorpio men r the ones who always tend to steal me away lol because my daughters dad was also a gemini n i left him for a fling that last 3 yr with a Scorpio the sex is just fucking amazing with them lol

  9. Twisted lol April 8th, 2017

    I’m a Gemini women, I have a date with a Gemini man today. Excited

  10. Profile photo of brownamber170
    brownamber170 March 15th, 2017

    Im a Gemini women and I’ve dealt with Gemini men I never clicked with one I click with Libras

  11. Diya March 12th, 2017

    This is assuring… M a Gemini woman in love with a great Gemini man… I want this to last forever..

  12. DarkGemini March 6th, 2017

    This sounds like.. All im looking for. I’ve had pisces, capricorn, aries, taurus, and many encounters w scorpios. Aquarius lately. Few leos. But im waiting or hoping, to grace the presence of a Gemini woman. Nvr really got to know one. The closest i’ve been is a girl i met on grand theft auto. All we do is text, and it is the deepest connection i’ve evr felt. Jus makes me wonder what a real relationship would b. As a gemini, i feel our tru soulmates r other geminis. It jus makes sense. Im 22, i feel alone, cold, distant and broken. And im about 99% sure only a gemini lady can change that. I need my other half. Life makes no sense to me right now. I pray that we find each other someday. I know ur looking for me too. I can feel it. </3

    • Unknown March 14th, 2017

      I feel the same way, I’m a Gemini woman looking for a Gemini man

    • whoyagonnacall April 1st, 2017

      Hey Dude, I’m feeling the same way as you do. I’m 20 years old ( also gemini) and I feel pretty lonely since I messed up a relationship with a Saggitarius woman (pretty good match btw). A few days ago I met my gemini girl and I never felt such a close connection before, it’s possible! You’ re not alone:)
      I’m sure you will find your gemini woman too!

      Best regards from Germany

  13. Mabinty February 21st, 2017

    Am so happy for this great new……anyway money is not everything. ….as long as we both happy we can cope. ….am in love with Gemini

  14. Profile photo of GemSpringKR
    GemSpringKR June 8th, 2016

    Just as I was about to swear off all Gemini men, I ended up in a wonderful relationship with a man that has the same Birthday as I do. He’s not as sensitive as I am or emotional (duh, he’s a dude). His flirting can drive me nuts. but we fit together like no other. I couldn’t be more excited loving someone like me, and equally love how different we are.

  15. Profile photo of Beautifulmatch
    Beautifulmatch October 26th, 2015

    This article describes this match really well. 
    for me there has never been a more fulfilling match in every aspect in my life than my  partner, my soul mate , my other Gemini. 
    I love this

  16. Profile photo of
    wisegem April 7th, 2014

    Hey, we can’t help the financially irresponsible thing.  After all, we are two Geminis. Hahaha 🙂
    Relationship sounds simply splendid.  Was always kind of afraid to get with a Gemini guy, but this article gives me new hope.  It’s looking better all the time! 😉

  17. Profile photo of loucoe
    loucoe April 15th, 2013

    I find this article very interesting.  I grew up with my cousin next door, across small field.  She was born on same day as me in Australia to my mother’s sister.  They moved back next door while we were both 8 months old.  We grew up together in every way she was closer to me than my own brother and sisters.  We were so naught always up to all kinds of michief, from breaking into huts of men who were working hard all day on roads and taking their jam sandwiches and sticking stones inside,, we would hide behind bush and watch them try to eat.  We got caught and had such serious trouble from our parents, which deterred us for small while until we found more trouble.  Then when I was 8 years of age she was mowed down off road by very well known woman with plenty of connections who was on contail of drugs, my mum and sister were also hit in this accident. Thankfully they survived but my cousin died.  I was empty from that time on, the recklessness that was already inside of me became stronger and stronger.  I  could never feel whole.  In my early twenties I thought I fell in love I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy.  Although this relationship had been for 6 yrs with a (Satigarius) once our son was born the violence and passion wore out and I realised I needed to get away.  When my son was 3 I met an eastern european man in unusual circumstances, instantly we had a very strong bond, he has reared my son, from 3 years of age, in August my son be 11, his only dad his ever known.  His gemini, in some strange way I feel like he completes me, its part of me thats been missing since my cousin died, I love him, we are marrying in July which has me wrapped in knots.  Oneside of me wants to marry him, I feel his for me, his gorgeous sexy, but  I cannot totally except.  An old woman I knew had a very good saying ‘whats for you won’t pass you’, I know this man is good yet I cannot give all of myself to him, even though I have every intention of marrying him, and even though he would never say I feel he is the same.  Yet we cannot leave each other, and on some very basic maybe even stupidity in my feelings and memories I feel he was sent here for me to meet, we care so deeply for each other, we are drawn like magnet together, but its not passion, that’s gone past. I will be with him forever if I cannot explain connection, on some plane of my mind I feel he was sent to me to help through my ups and downs and some unforseen force binds us together yet we are not passionate for each other but bound in someway that I just cannot explain.  If this not make sense sorry, people’s opnions bad or good is appreciated, but prob in reality I block out what I not like.. Thanks if u managed to read all of this.

  18. Profile photo of Othalis
    Othalis October 4th, 2012

    I’m a Gemini man fascinated by the Gemini-Gemini match, mainly because of the similar dynamics we share. Unfortunately, the closest I have come to a Gemini-Gemini relationship was a short two week stint with a friend of mine. She left her ex-boyfriend a week before our encounter and I think our encounter was exactly what all Gemini do when we feel uncomfortable or bored, and that is to explore and experiment. She ended up going back to her ex-boyfriend though, needless to say, the encounter was short and extremely intense on all levels, especially on the mental and intellectual levels. I am still somewhat infatuated by the idea of spending time with my Gemini friend but I realise that it probably was just a temporary thing given the background of the situation. Hopefully, I’ll meet another Gemini in the near future to spend time with and adventure with. I’m certainly now even more interested in this match after having gone through the experience with my Gemini friend.

  19. Profile photo of starsign1981
    starsign1981 September 28th, 2012
  20. Profile photo of
    krishay26 November 4th, 2011

    it is very challenging to love a gemini man..although i am a gemini woman , I do feel like I understand him a great deal and the passion is intense between us…but we have been apart for so long now and the communication is so difficult being apart from one is killing me to be away from him…i am lost ..”

  21. Hunter April 11th, 2011

    Chances are, Gemini matches are too busy with each-oth… oh… gotta go! (Whoo-hoo!)

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