Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

The combination of Taurus and Pisces is one of the most fertile and creative association. Although both of them have their differences in the way of expressing their love, they both are strong and dependable in relationship. They both complement each other and share a very strong bond of mutual respect and understanding.

A Taurus man is quiet, modest and honest individual who exerts his willpower with a domineering force that can even bend steel. He is a realist and not an optimist, yet his views are colored with hints of jauntiness here and there. Working hard and reaching his personal goals are of the highest importance to a Taurus man, but he works at his own pace and in his own way, and does not take kindly to others questioning his methods. In a relationship, he is a very protective, highly possessive and extremely caring companion with soft romance to be displayed time to time.

Beautifully feminine, sophisticatedly romantic, sweet and lovingly peaceful, the Pisces woman is the type of lady that inspires love at first sight. She can be naive and unrealistic about the world and other people, but it is simply because she is innocent and assumes the best of her surroundings. She tries to stay away from situations that could bring drama into her life, but being indecisive in nature brings some unwanted situations in her life. Well-versed in the realm of romance, she has most delicate and romantic gestures when in a relationship with a lot of respect and words for her man.

A Pisces woman can fall in love with a Taurus man at the first sight itself as he is actually one strong person who can take good care of her and her delicate nature. Both of them provide each other with the degree of comfort that they have always longed for. When the world becomes too unpredictable and overwhelming for him or falls short of her fantasies, the two can retreat to each other, where reality is a much more ideal place. Both of them are usually quite content embracing their traditional gender roles. The Pisces woman, who is soft-spoken and may have a timid nature, is more than happy to let him call the shots as she strongly regards and esteems her Taurus male. Having a tidy and organized home is essential to him, which is where he is the happiest but sometimes he can grow frustrated with the lack of personal motivation of the Pisces female and lack of desired cleanliness.

The Taurus man makes a perfect match for the Pisces woman, who always wants a reliable man and a stable relationship. He prefers to be the one in charge, and requires the respect and admiration that goes along with this and she has no problem in that. In fact this makes him adore her even more and take a lot better care of her. He always devotes himself to the love of his life and make sure to keep her comfortable and secure in all possible ways. Both tend to prefer staying at home to going out, which is a plus as they enjoy a lot in each other’s presence. But sometimes she may find him over involved in his work, neglecting her feelings and even a bit rude. However, when it comes down to it, these two provide each other with enough of their unfulfilled needs to brush aside their minor incompatibilities.

As the Pisces woman with serene charisma, soothing aura and an exquisitely tender touch, blankets her Taurus man with warm affection and supreme admiration, their love deepens and he forgets all his stubbornness and hard ways to become a noble knight with a heart of gold. He makes his lovely maiden understand the world but still keeps her at the bay, warmly below his arms to be taken care and besides his heart, to be loved dearly forever. Their winters are warmer with soft music of stars and snowflakes and their summers are all shiny and rosy with most beautiful butterflies of love and freshness of morning dew!

The sexual relationship between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man is a thing of indescribable beauty and fulfillment for the two involved. The Pisces female spends so much of her time daydreaming and fantasizing that she often misses much of what is actually going on around her. Lovemaking with Taurus sharply snaps her out of that clouded state and into a reality that is even more beautiful than her dreamy wonderland. The Taurus man, on the other hand, spends too much time in a cold, boring reality, that when he looks in the dreamy eyes of his Pisces damsel, she pulls him into a world that extends beyond everything he ever hoped for in both verbal and physical romance. Though he himself is not one for expressing his feelings through words, but is able to express himself powerfully through the act of lovemaking, thus making his Pisces woman feel secure and comfortable. She has so much to express by her softness and he has a lot to display by his physical presence that they blend it into a very passionate and satisfying unison.

In the relationship of Taurus man and Pisces woman, problems may arise when the couple emerges from the bedroom and the two have to face all the cruel, cold, and practical realities of the world. For both of them have opposite ways of viewing reality and the facts that go along with these views. He does not often speak before he is sure of what he wants to say and for him, truth is written in stone while for the Pisces female, her truth is entirely dependent on her current feelings. She does not view her actions, thoughts, history, or intentions in terms of black and white. Instead, they are colored by an entire rainbow of shifting colors. Hence, he has a hard time dealing with such inconsistencies of the Pisces woman. If Taurus man learns to accept that Pisces woman can’t view the world in concrete terms, and Pisces woman can soften his stubbornness, then this will no doubt be a match made in heaven.

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Kisha (@DaTruth4Liars) : September 20th, 2011
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@Taurus man I’m a pisces woman and I don’t agree with everything she said. I do understand what u mean and where ur coming from. I’m 30 and dating a younger taurus man. In no relationship is it right to try and get someone wrapped around your finger. I want respect and I give respect when it’s due.

Kammy (@kamjo79) : April 10th, 2012
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Wow…I am a Pisces woman, married to a Taurus man for 13 years. This description is dead on scary accurate.  I met him when I was 16, he was 17. Love at first sight.  He was earthy, strong, and dependable, but strangely very affectionate…a perfect man to balance out my dreamy but jaded, extremely female self.  I had already been hurt by every male in my life by that point, but my strong Taurus man came to the rescue. He keeps me at bay. Only a woman who really knows this relationship knows what I mean by that.  Afraid of floating away and needing  some anchoring, but still needing enough tether to pursue my curiosities, our Tauruses are our heros and we respect them for their steadfastness, reliabilities, and abilities to see things through. They love the mystery and unpredictableness we can bring into their monontony. He knows me inside and out…two beautiful children later he can still make me blush. Taurus men are quiety erotic and we love to bring out their secrets. You won’t be let down by a Taurus man. Don’t ever hurt him and let him go. You will be sorry.

Vidoushi (@vidoushi) : May 20th, 2012
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I do not agree with the part that Pisces women lack willingness to clean up,rather they always like things to be organised,structured and tidy.Food for thought!

Airwolf3924 (@Airwolf3924) : July 19th, 2012
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     I am a 23 yr old Taurus man named brian, married to a 24 yr old Pisces woman named tasha for 5 years now. Yes, i got married at 18. I must admit that i had little  previous experience with “birth signs”, but from multiple articles and this one in particular- i am shocked to learn how accurate these are. I been reading everyones comments and find myself relating to most of what everyone is going through. 
     I have always called my wife the “sacrificial lamb”. She is willing to help people that dont desirve it. She has family members that mistreat her and take advantage of her- yet when i confront her with it, she can become hostile and claims that i am insensitive. Though when i do confront her it is usually with a blunt comment like, “this is idiocracy, you helping your sister after (insert situation)”. In the end her sister always disapoints her and tasha comes running back to me for security. 
     I have a STRONG sense of honor and loyalty. I will never cheat on my wife. However, i do expect certian actions from her. She must never betray me. Not financially, not sexually, and not emotionally. While it is true that i am not emotional, i wouldnt be able to tollerate my woman texting/calling/hanging out with other men. Eventhough i have been married to her for 5 years, one major wrong action like that i would drop her like a rock. Yes, this means im extreemly jealous. But i fail to see how this is bad, all i ask is for the same amount of loyalty i give (as i do not text/call/or spend time with other women) to be returned to me. 
     I can come off cold at times. I am rooted in the “real world”. I tend to be optimistic while my wife tends to be pessimistic. My pisces wife stresses over many things. She is often stuck in tunnel vision. It always amazes her how things always seem to easily work out. The entire time i am telling her “it is fine, i have had a plan since the beginning”, but she never believes me till after the fact.
     I have never understood why my wife is like the way she is. I kinda thought she was crazy at times. But after reading this i have relized that my “harden the fuck up” attitude doesnt work with a pisces women. I guess she is genuinely confused and deeply emotional like a pisces woman SHOULD be. I must admit that i havent done many things romantic (flowers, ect) in awhile. I thought it wouldnt be a big deal, obviously im wrong. 
      Tasha does complete me, eventhough her attitude can sometimes confuse me. She keeps the house so clean you could probably eat right off the floor. She wasnt a great cook when we were first married…. ok she was terrible lol. But now, she is an excellent cook. As you can probably tell, im a leader and things must be my way because i feel im always right. Lucky enough for me, she is a listener and a follower. She hasnt had any issues with me leading.
      I hope this helps anyone in a Taurus/Pisces relationship. Without proper education on your partner- this can easily become disasterous. But if you are willing to go against your nature and act slightly differently to accomodate your partner- this relationship can be a beutiful thing. My marriage has been hell on earth some years. But it has gotten better over time. I now relize that most of this is my fault, and with a slightly different atitude things can greatly improve. Remember, i am going on my 6th year of marriage completely BLIND to our differences. So if i can do it, you can.

Lilly (@Cooke) : September 13th, 2013
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My mother is a Pisces and my father is a Taurus and they never got along well. 

robert (@taurus-man) : November 4th, 2014
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Hi all
I am a taurus man I would like an opinion I jave been talking with this girl pisces girl for a arond 2 weeks since she added me on facebook she has a interest in me, she is 20 and I am 26 we talk when she can, she is a student I  am working as a designer by the way she lives in albania I currently live in france I like her so much I even proposed to her to go see her or she can visit me here in france I can she ahe lile me we talked on skype 2 times so far I am hoping to chat to her more on skype but I know she is busy with studies by my nature I am a little shy and patient I would like your help what should I do to approach this in order to mayne even fall in love with me I really like this girl and I want to go far with her she is ao beautiful nice, everytime I talk to her I male her laugh and could see the expressions ahe gave me on skype that she does like me,  please I would like your help what do I need to do and to be sure this girl can fall in love with me??
Manny thanks

Tesha (@Tmarrow1977) : November 17th, 2014
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This was soooo right on for me!!! 

Polina (@Polina) : June 5th, 2016
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@vidoushi true^^ I admit I can be lazy at times (When I read novels) otherwise I’m a neat freak. 

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