Aries Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

When the impulsive soul of Aries meet another blazing soul of Leo they get so instantly connected to each other that their fires become almost impossible to separate. Leo is the only sign that makes me-centered Aries to give up its desires and look out for fulfilling rather than demanding.

Aries man has a prompt attraction that is envied by most males around. He is a very generous and has sparks of devotion and loyalty. At times this man can sound possessive and jealous but usually he loves to maintain calmness in the relation. Passion is the most dominating aspect of an Aries man when he is in love. An Aries man in love with a Leo woman is almost completely a different human being. He gratifies her desires, respects her royalty and provides her with the dignity she deserves of course without ignoring his own masculine superiority.

A Leo woman is definitely the real lioness with all royal flavors and strong poise. If treated properly she carries gracious warmth and appealing sensuality in her persona but if misbehaved then she is one of the most cruel and hot-tempered woman of all Zodiac Signs. The Leo woman is a very sentimental woman and when in love she desires consistent appreciation and praise to keep her spirit burning well. Though she always respects the dignity and superiority of her Aries lover but she never considers herself anyways less then him.

Aries man in love with a vivacious Leo girl can always feel proud of their togetherness as she carries such a charm with her that it makes him feel decorous to have her by his side. The Leo woman is always a very generous and compassionate woman with all the qualities of head and heart, but she hates to be avoided or treated casually. The Leo woman becomes gloomy or perfidious if she does not get the attention of her mate which generally happens with an Aries man when he gets involved in chasing his goals. She usually demands sincere devotion in public but behind the closed doors definitely her man rules their home and her heart. Since both are people of strong fire sign, an Aries man can have a lot in common with his damsel beauty which brings a lot of fun when they are together.

An Aries man is just the right person for the Leo woman as he likes to spoil his princess with showers of sincere compliments and expensive gifts and she loves to get spoiled. He is very authoritative and gains the trust of a Leo woman with his values and consideration. Aries man is a jealous lover but still he is crazy about his Leo woman for her outstanding personality and grace. Leo woman is basically very hot- tempered and difficult and only Aries man can actually make her more docile and keep her calmer. The one thing that usually spoils Aries man’s taste for his Leo woman is her flirtatious nature. He is very possessive and loyal mate and cannot stand any sort of ridicule in this piece of relationship. The Aries man who loves a lioness always encourages her to live up to her birthright pride and magnificence.

When these two spirited lovers fall for each other deeply, they set a wonderful example of friendship and strong compassion, all in one, adoring their relationship sitting on cloud nine. They are one of kind couple who enjoy every sunrise and sunset in each others’ arms and they dance through the moonlight with clouds staking the islands in the sky. In their hearts, in their souls once they find each other, they want no more. With her soothing gentleness and tender care a Leo woman makes the Aries man sacrifice his selfish ego and become more tender and caring. This undivided devotion and loyalty of the Aries man makes his Leo woman forget all her old bruises and begin a new life full of love and passion with beautiful rainbows melting in the sky. And even if they ever have arguments, it just works like a magnet bringing them closer to each other and making their love stronger than before.

As both are the fire signs, an Aries man and a Leo woman get well physically rather passionately. Their mutual instinct for uninhibited desire in lovemaking is tempered with their shared need for tender affection. From a mild kiss to sexual oneness, they enjoy every part of their togetherness. They both understand each others’ needs well and prove to be better mates for each other than for any other Zodiac Sign. The ecstasy of the unity of an Aries man and a Leo woman is incomparably wonderful and blazing with all the warmth of fire and romance. The Aries man has richness of sensations and passion which is gracefully responded by the touch of a Leo woman. Even though both are passionate lovers, their need for acquiring attention might create problems in their physical relationship. They are very particular about their physical needs.

The innocent and courageous Aries man may create troubles for the Leo woman with his aggressiveness and impulsive decisions at times. Whereas, the gentle and soothing Leo maiden, can sometimes scratch the feelings of the Aries man with her arrogance and haughtiness. The most problematic issues for these two come when, the Leo woman, gives attention to other males around, which can rupture the self-esteem of an Aries man. And on the other hand when, the Aries man in the habit of garnering the female attention in social gatherings do not provide his lady with enough devotion, which is never appreciated by the Leo woman. But problems between these two signs get solved very quickly as the Aries man and the Leo woman besides being lovers, are also very good friends. An occasional quarrel keeps Aries and Leo from taking love for granted, which otherwise sounds boring and uninspiring to both of them.

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Deedre taylor (@MzDeeLeo1974) : September 16th, 2012
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Ive been dating an aries guy for 2 yrs now. Our 1st sexual experience with one another was a month ago. We have soo much passion for one another its crazy!!! We are the best of friends and we value one anothers opinion. What attracts me to him most is his morales and valus about life. He is a wonderful provider and highly intelligent. Im soo attracted to his mind its crazy, physically im really attracted to him as well, as he is very very tall, dark and handsome!!! its like climbing my own personal tree!1 lol. But i love his corny jokes, he is very very sarcastic but in a funny way. He is very blunt and to the point as well. he is not a game player and i love and admire that. We click so well its like we were made for one another!!! The compatability chart is RIGHT! WE ARE PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER IN EVERY ASPECT OF THE WORDS!!!!
The sex was 2yrs in the waiting but OMG WAS IT WORTH IT!!! i was so nervous but to make love with this man is like mind blowing, i mean earth shattering. he makes me see stars and from the sounds he makes he must be seeing some too. its funny bcus we waited 2 yrs now we are having sex every day!!! and its just keeps getting BETTER!!! OMG 
My bay is very jealous of me talking about other men or being around them, but its funny because he doesnt get mad or go into a rage, he kinda cracks a joke about it or make a weird noise like uuuhhhhhhmmmmmmm! lol. Then its like psychiclly i “get it”. Again he is amazing. I no that this is the man that God made for me and Im the woman that God made for him!! we are same year soulmates, both born in 1974!!!
The only negative in our relationship is that he is a very proud man and he lets his pride get in the way of a lot of things. If he needs help OMG HE WILL SUFFER FOR MONTHS BEFORE HE SAYS A WORD ABOUT HIS SITUATION!!! and that drives me crazy and makes me very very angry with him. Also once he gets stressed out or bogged down with problems he will POOF, DISAPPEAR! Just like that! I wont hear from him for days until the situation gets better. I hate that, but im trying to get him to work on that. Im a leo and I dont like “space away from my mate or children” Otherwise, he is great and we are great together!!!
Ive patiently waited for this man for 2 yrs and now i feel the time is right for a full blown relationship!!! will keep you guys posted!

omar rayn (@omaryan) : April 3rd, 2013
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I always love leo women and when I am with them I feel different.

alicia (@alicialoveesoto) : March 7th, 2014
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I find this very funny im a pisces women with a aries man & he just read this & laughed every single  one of his ex gf are leo women & all he has to say is there psycho & obesseive & everything revolves around them they are all known do be major hoes/whores cause if your not giving  them  attention theyll get it from someone else it may say there a great love match but thats not so he can say atleast 6 of his exs were leos & all would try to force the relationship with him even when me & him got together & constantly still had other guys on the side especially for there needs leo women are like a pisces women worst enemy they all hate me with a passion cause i was never how they are & stole an amazing man away from them & they are an aries man biggest  mistake my fiance always tells me that yea there very beautiful but no they are not ALL women they are very childish  & have the nastiest attitudes witch is very unattractive  to any man there probably  only good for giving you some when you need it says my aries man even though there never really quite good at it 

chad (@chadmax) : October 7th, 2014
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That was to funny!! LMAO!! Can be so true! Still laughin!!@toast

Sunshine (@Sunshine12) : October 8th, 2014
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“The most problematic issues for these two come when, the Leo woman, gives attention to other males around, which can rupture the self-esteem of an Aries man.”

That is so true. 

I have never been so in love before! I thought I had found the one and everything before my Aries mate didn’t matter. We were best friends and shared a cosmic bond. We were perfect! But the one thing that ruined it was his jealously and impulsive behavior.  
Im only telling this story so ppl can know how impulsive an Aries man can be.
I went to a party with a girl friend. It was rather a small get together. Just to hang out and get out of the house. This guy that my aries mate was  super insecure about happened to be there. him and my girl friend ended up hitting it off. So it gets late my girl friend and I leave then he texted me  ” glad you guys came out.” That was it. Anyway my Aries mate totally flipped . I explained what happened and that it was really nothing. he calmed down and that was it but I guess he didn’t forget about it cause shortly afree he cheated on me and that was the end of that relationship. 
I never put those two together but after we split he told me that the text from that guy was the reason. He knows now that nothing happened and that he made a huge mistake.  
all I’m saying is communication is key and don’t act on impulse because you don’t know what you have til it’s gone. 

Crissy (@Leolover) : October 22nd, 2014
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When I was younger i use to flirt with all men and have several on the go and that killed the ego of nearly all men i dated. I now am seeing an aries man and he actually likes to watch other men flirt with me knowing they cant offer what he can. I found this quite sexy.I am a bad flirt when ive had a few drinks..typical Leo woman that loves attention. Its the first time Ive actually been with a aries man..I have one problem with him…he is not  as open as me..he is not open like me and i am older by 4 years than him and I know when he is not…Loyaty is my thing and once a man shows me that then my eyes are for him only.ive only been seeing this guy for 3 months now. we agreed that to keep things open and honest otherwise it will fail.We can talk and love each others company and the sex is crazy…we did it once for 2 days in a row lol. the description is true of aries and leo except mine is not jealous type but i feel he is not as open and honest..for me this would be the thing where I actually stop seeing him, I hate dishonesty but saying that he is close to perfect more than any other i keep my leo ego in check..its what can also destroy any leo woman relaionship. Im in my 40’s and im very attractive and im a great catch but im not superficial i hate the plastic look and my boy is cute but nothing special to look at but his attitude and the way he carries himself is such a turn on and the way he can handle my leo ways.So i guess we need to appreicate what we do have. Us leos can be so critial towards our reminded me how we can take things for granted.hope you find a worthy partner ;]
ps mine has impussive buying and it annoys me cos he doesnt have the money to do it..then i end up paying for the night out..but that will stop as of today.xo

FAIZAN (@faizan0009) : October 30th, 2014
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youreallywanttoknow (@i-refuese-to-tell-my-name) : December 5th, 2014
Profile Photo

its a long one
its really make me smile, when i saw these Leo women saying they are full of themself and they are confident. As a leo women i know,what the truth is that some leo women (young ones) don’t understand about themself either. So others stars you always experiance this in life, but forget it when it comes to leo.the criminal is always the loudest one refusing the crime same with leos,the act of confidence is to hide the insecurties inside them.they will never tell you,so don’t try but i tell you because i am on net here writing a comment no one knows about if i can write i write what really leo star is so its long and i hate to bore people so i seprate it in pieces read as long as you bear :) ps my eng is bad
first insecure
They are not insecure in office they know what the thing, product etc in demand, they did there homework about it and was hundered persent sure,or they rage because they think it won’t work (insecure),yup confiedent about everything (i skip all the details about it) but love,they are never okay with you and demand for more because,they are insecure inside
not believing
There is the thing with Leos the biggest problem. when someone said he loves her she heard it as or add to the sentance ‘i love you for now but that doesnt mean that i love you two weeks later the same’ and after two weeks if you dont tell her you love her with some act (or she think you just casually saying it,until she feel something in sentance)she think ok if he loves me 100 previous week this week its 90 and in 10 weeks he doesnt love me anymore and bearing me because he doesnt want to broke my heart or get useto me something.even though she tell herself thousand time you do but she can’t help herself she saw you as a human whoese emotion can change,she saw it everywhere so its a logic for her. whether they change or not,they think it must have change either to good or bad.if she feels it good then she is more happy and if she feels its bad deppression change to desperation and then rage.
Why right
with totall stranger you see leos don’t argue,or some even immediataly accsept there wrong doings. at work they thought they loose respect but sometime (all people i know accsept it peacefully) you just have to give them logic,they did there homework on it so they become hard to move but if you show them your whole report with PROVE.i dont know any leo who don’t accsept.if yours dont you are dealing with a bad one but at home yeah..its become difficult you see leo see it as if i came out as wrong.he will be like altough you are wrong you pick a fight with me,you are wrong but you didnt understand me coolely but choese to pick a fight,you did a bad thing, now either, i forgive you or loving you less and find a woman who don’t do it,or anyother time even if you are right,i speak about this one and say you are if she comes out right,she just have to cool down and everything will be okay.if you somehow convince that you are wrong she won’t be in trouble of loosing your know,why you stop loving her if you are wrong but you can if she did a mistake.i really tell my self again and again on the fight with my sister that even though you came out wrong she won’t stop loving you.
so she think you don’t love him but before you say it or realize it (which you never will because you didnt stop loving her she only imagine it)she break up with you.she can’t wait for the pain so put it on herself earlier (as she think).
okay i don’t have jealous bone in me at all and i see some really never jealous leos.its because they self reflect on it and i do a lot of self reflect so now i don’t have trust issues but jealousy obviosly is second name of insecurity,said by the world.
okay i tried saying this to some leos and it work magically for me, try it with your and it may work what will happen a more fight,you can handle it we are not that bad or are we?0_0 lol.when you know she is really wrong,don’t take adavatage okay then say ‘even if you did this wrong i still love you’ they really may accsept it or slowly start coming back to warm tears. stop fighting. as i suggest you don’t buy her expensive gifts all the time but after a fight goes to her when you feel she is calm, smile at her ,don’t laugh,and offer to wach a movie or tv or going out anything else you want her trust, gifts only boost her for a time. because she think okay you find her worth to spend your money but after a month she think am i still worthy or its all change.yes give her gifts expensive not giving it will be huge downfall too, but really not all the time.somehow i dont know how you poor things do it make her believe that your love is forever and you ignore her mistakes.which that phsyco me leo never going to believe i want my month graph of my love in your heart now.
we leo crave for attention and love because their is a demon inside us eating it.
if i can help you in anything ask me,i am good at this stuff  honest people like sagitarius,libra and virgo told me this so i can trust it.

youreallywanttoknow (@i-refuese-to-tell-my-name) : December 5th, 2014
Profile Photo

oh i forget about ‘the one’
leos want manly man but not macho or anything real man who deal with situations better then her more calmly,bearing it.she think you have more emotional strenth then her.
i saw a man who put his hands in cold water to wash something and when he realize it cold he just smile a little like on destiny or something and start doing it withourt a word .if i was there i would be like cold,and other man complaining its cold but he doesn’t.he just give me asurance that even in life if he had to go difficult time with me which i certainly wont give.hewont give up on me.
second when all boys in my class disrespect women all they want.then he is the one didn’t argue with me even though i argue first and i was wrong(hehe leo me) he didnt say a word in reply.i didnt pick a fight i taunt at him,he can easily reply but he doesnt because he respect women, the act really shake me but i shove it away.because he is a competetior and can’t betray my girl group against boys,through the time when i constantly think about him. i thought its because i hate him because they are doing better and we are loosing,or he is handsome and i am acting like a stupid girl, in the end we win,but after a month of battle end.he only smile with his head down while i am gigling happily.when i have no excsuse to give to myself i accsept it now after 10 years of not seeing him,even a climpse i still love him,he make me to see no one other,all boys become like a brother to me,my friends say i have a disease i don’t look at boys but you know waiting for him. sry sad story 
but yes tuff guys who are emotionally strong and warm at the same time.i saw other attract to the same

Shevvon (@Mschynabadd) : December 19th, 2014
Profile Photo

aries and leos start off beautifully but SOMEONE needs to back down or it WILL NOT WORK. In tears as we speak.
-Leo woman problems :-(

lioness77 (@lioness77) : September 18th, 2015
Profile Photo

Why are you looking into love compatibility with Aries man/Leo woman if you are a Pisces? Jealousy? Yes, jealousy. You are no match for a Lioness, no woman in the zodiac is. The fact that you are obsessing over his (SIX) exe’s zodiac sign speaks volumes of your insecurity. Your comment was well over a year ago, I doubt you are still with him. You say Leo’s are well known for being whores? Honey, I couldn’t tell you one single trait of a Pisces woman because you are very insignificant and low on the totem pole of women. Leo women are confident, beautiful (your Aries man even says so), articulate, intelligent and the center of the universe. Look at all the comments here speaking on behalf of the Leo woman/Aries man relationship…we shine. I’m fortunate to have an Aries man and he would never leave me because we are soul mates, connected, passionate about each other, a match made in Heaven. I will never leave him either. There is something about this relationship that you could never understand. I see you’re trying to understand though. Lastly, another reason you would never be able to satisfy an Aries: your grammar is horrendous! Your comment was riddled with so spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, run-on sentences that MAKE NO SENSE! Maybe you could get away with that if you weren’t competing against the almighty Leo, but you are competing and, you lose.  

lioness77 (@lioness77) : September 18th, 2015
Profile Photo

my comment above^^was directed @alicialoveesoto 

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