Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

As the sensitive Cancer man and woman fall in love with each other, they make one of the most amazing pairs. The element water mixes so well that they usually live a very cozy and comforting life, supporting and understanding each other in all aspects of life.

A typical Cancer man is a gentle person with lots of emotions and sophisticated mannerism. He is one person who works hard with determination to achieve success which is more a synonym of money for him. Though he is known for his flirtatious nature but once he is in a serious relationship, he proves to be a very caring and loyal partner. While Cancer woman is usually a delicate damsel with soft eyes and friendly smile. She cannot handle rejection and criticism and is herself also never rude or arrogant. She too is a very possessive lover and can suffer from unknown insecurities and fears at times. Both the Cancer man and Cancer woman finds money to be most integral part of their lives and extravagances is a crime in their eyes.

A Cancer woman is definitely a great match for a Cancer man who seeks same level of security and love as she does. She is basically a humble lady and hardly shows her aggressive side to anyone. Though her shy nature prevents her from taking the plunge but she is still strong enough to stand for her family and loved ones. She is a deity of love and concern and she hold enough affection in her heart to give to all people around her. In love with a Cancer man she finds a mate to whom she can easily deliver her sentiments as he is equally sentimental and ready to love all the time. Sometimes she may unnecessarily brood over mundane issues or get drowned in inferiority complex, but, if treated with affection and care she is just a jolly bird, twittering around making things brighter and happier for herself and her Cancer man.

A Cancer man is a great combination of brain and sentiments who is admired by his Cancer woman for both his wisdom and his ways of expressing love for her. His cautious nature makes him and his lady love feel protected in the outer world, which all Cancer people tackle with care. Both the Cancer man and Cancer woman may have their different mood swings leading to some small arguments but generally they share a very strong bond. Only a Cancer man can find the right words and manner to calm a Cancer woman. Marriage always appeals to both Cancer man and woman as they both believe in permanence and emotional security plays a great role in their lives. Marital tie-ups usually are common in a relationship where both the people are Cancer. Where on one side the Cancer man provides economical security, his Cancer maiden makes a cozy home for both her Cancer man and children.

Both the Cancer man and Cancer woman enjoy a good relationship as they help each other in times of need and be cordial with each other and never lose their calmness. Their unison eradicates all the secrecy and mysteries of their lives making them one. The harmony that abounds over a Cancer home is more romantic and poetic then compared to any other zodiac sign. The warmth and protection provided by him vanishes all the worries and insecurities of her and the care and devotion given by her makes him stronger and more resistant to mood swings. They both generally have angels singing for them once they feel financially enough secure, which a Cancer man makes sure of. Their oneness has the brightness of fire, softness of silk and calmness of water that lasts for them throughout, making them a happy and satisfied couple.

Both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman love to play sexual games because they are scared of rejection or think that their partner might not respond positively. But when both the signs are Cancer, they understand well each other’s emotional as well as physical needs and respond well to each other. Though none of them is desirous of handling, a demanding sexual passion but still they enjoy their oneness to a great extent. Physical relationship for them is way to display their affection for each other. Be it the Cancer man or the Cancer woman, both of them expects to spend some time together after consummation as this makes their bond stronger. Romance and their mood is a vital part of the physical relationship shared between them. If any of them senses being ignored throughout the day, then the things may not turn out beautifully during making of love. But generally as both the Cancer man and woman are humble such issues does not exists for a long time and they generally share a very warm and deep physical relation which not only brings them physically close but also strengthens their bond of attachment and provides them emotional security.

Generally a Cancer man and Cancer woman go very well with each other. They both sympathize one another finely and also appreciate each other’s sense of humor. Their beautiful imaginations bring bright colors to their lives and keep them intact with their mate. But at times they may have some problems when one of them goes through a bad mood swing or becomes dominating and possessive about the other. There may be times when some kind of uncertainties prevail in the Cancer relationship and result in some sensitive tears for both. They should try to avoid any kind of secrecy in their relationship to maintain the trust. And since they know each other well, they usually cope up with the bad days to bring the laughter and security back to each other.

  1. Lena June 20th, 2017

    My cancer man and I, 18th and 20th, waited 10 years to be together. He started drugs and then another woman who provided the drugs 10 years younger. He violated his probation and now serving jail time. He is the love of my life and I have not gotten over him yet. A tragedy occurred, my heart is broken.

  2. Bettie June 13th, 2017

    I have met a Cancer man; we have not been out on a date yet, because he works a lot. We did go to the park and he was such a gentlemen. He did tell me that he like me and wanted me to know that. I praying that all will go well between us..

  3. Amber May 17th, 2017

    I am a cancer woman July 14 dating a cancer man July 19. What they say about cancer compatibility is so true, my cancer man showers me with sweet texts,compliments, and is the sweetest man I have ever dated.

  4. cancer mate April 22nd, 2017

    I’m a cancer woman and I’m currently dating a cancer man and exactly what it says there about them is so true. he showers me with praises and always willing and ready to please me. In fact we share the same birth date .

  5. Kalina February 6th, 2017

    I was dating a cancer man for a month and he told me he was in love with me and obsessed! He had gotten us a place for the 1st of March and said he could see us together forever. ..from one day saying he was in love with me, to the next day breaking up with me … saying he spoke to his counselor and sponsor and they said it was unhealthy how fast he was moving. He won’t even speak to me and blocked me on Facebook! I’m left sad and confused … I had never felt so close to any man in my entire life 😢

    • MAD WORD April 3rd, 2017

      I’m a cancer man and I’m 99% sure this is what happened….. He was in love with a woman but she wasn’t ready to commit at the time and they separated. She decided she now wants to be with him(probably not for long) and he went back to her. He gave you a bullshit excuse because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I think this because I’ve done this to women more than once but now the Off and on waste of time relationship is over and I regret the way I treated the women who loved me because the one who didn’t got what she never deserved.

    • Jenn April 12th, 2017

      Same exact thing happened to me. Was wonderful one day, then shut completely out the next.

  6. Profile photo of MoonMoneyMonotony
    MoonMoneyMonotony November 1st, 2016

    I love and adore my Cancer man. He’s not just my soulmate, he’s my best friend. I’ve never loved anyone so much or so deeply. No one has ever had my back like him.

  7. Profile photo of Doublecancer
    Doublecancer July 18th, 2016

    I’m Dave July 11 my wife of 10 years July. She is 5he greatest thing that ever happened to me.I’m so into her were I wish we could share the same body and our spirit becomes one.I have met my mate for life and if I could give up everything to turn the clock back I would,all  the material and families. I would give it back I even wish we could be bury in the same casket. If she passes on first I will lose all will to live.I wouldn’t commit suicide but I DON’T want to live without her.She is the love of my life The light of our marriage and Even the light at the end of the tunnel. With just one creator in my heart she stands beside the creator!

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  9. Profile photo of aquia123
    aquia123 March 1st, 2016

    @aquia123 Greetings I’m sorry 😀 

  10. Profile photo of aquia123
    aquia123 March 1st, 2016

    Greating Cancer lovers 🙂 i am a cancer woman age of 18 and i know its a little young to actually feel as if you love someone. I always felt it was something wrong with me because time and time i think alot about my future and the dream man. I’m full aware of the diffrent personalities and mood swings that the other lover may have. Recently i connect with a Cancer who i didnt realize was a cancer until some time now (DONT JUDGE ME) me and him have real conversations and its not always about sex its serious real life conversation and at times i have to ask my self is he in my head but this cancer is a little diffrent. He looks like the Instagram famous type of men, with women throwing there self at him, and little old me is a beautiful girl but im not Angelina Jolie or Nicki Minaj. Our relationship dont feel steady and its not even a relationship, basically hes my partner Emotionally but i want it to be Phisically i really adore him. I also have my head on my shoulders i work a goverment job and things are really looking nice my me i just wish he would ask me. The problem i do have is im slight territorial but i dont show that side and hes not constant with communication i refuse to double text or call someone. i just really want him to see the big picture our conncection is already strong we sit and talk for hours and not even feel that erge to want to have sex and etc. If you know who partynextdoor is then you can use him as an example of his lifestyle. hes known for the night life. 

  11. Profile photo of TammimB
    TammimB January 8th, 2016

    @lilliepowell Well I’m a cancer man and I think I know what you’re going through but not in a romantic way. See I have a sagittarius little brother and best friend. See I’ve done some research and well sagittariuses are always confused about cancers like us because we’re so random.See Im more wild and adventurous then them. Like I show more compassion than them. I’m pretty sure youre husband loves you but he probably isn’t good at being compassionate towards you 

  12. Profile photo of Aly720
    Aly720 October 1st, 2015

    @eric607 Im a cancer woman and my ex is also an aries, the worse years of my life was when I was with him, he messed me up mentally, so I hear u and feel your pain lol hope u find you cancer woman soon, good luck

  13. Profile photo of TeaRose0
    TeaRose0 September 24th, 2015

    I am a Cancer woman with a Sagittarius moon, my boyfriend is a Cancer man with a Cancer moon. Instantly I was attracted to his romantic, chivalrous nature, it was very easy to fall in love and from the beginning there was this cozy bubble of security and understanding that follows us everywhere. Communication is easy, fun even. Word games, innuendos, a way of speaking that is our own. Mutually knowing when to say nothing at all and just sitting together is blissful understanding. Sharing an intense love for music, in our more melancholy moods we can communicate through music. I wouldn’t say that we tell each other every detail of our lives but I would say there is zero secrecy. Which makes trust a very natural, and organic experience that is in and of itself very rewarding. It’s very true about security. Sharing ideas for the future and making goals is an everyday part of life for us. Everything from building our own home in the future, to opening or own business, to where we want to retire when we get old. I never question his love or loyalty. I feel it in every fiber of my being and I hope that he feels the same. I’ve never felt more compatible or safe with anyone. 

  14. Profile photo of eric607
    eric607 August 23rd, 2015

    Well Cancer woman wish you were my woman.  I deffinately know how to show my emotional affection.  You aren’t being selfish to want an emotional connection with the one you sleep with every night.  Look at that a little more in that way a rational way.  It’s hard for fire and water signs to communicate on an emotional level.  They don’t communicate like us.  One of my ex’s was an Aries.  She was the worst for me emotionally.  I haven’t dated any fire signs after here.   even get a long with a changeable air sign much better.  At least they are willing to listen and change their ways to try to understand you.

  15. Profile photo of sthem
    sthem April 3rd, 2015

    What I read its so true, I am involve with cancer man and I am cancer what I find very strange I always fall in love with cancer man are there any possibities that cancer attract other cancer if that so its owesome neh

  16. Profile photo of sthem
    sthem April 3rd, 2015

    What I read its so true, I am involve with cancer man and I am cancer what I find very strange I always fall in love with cancer man are there any possibities that cancer attract other cancer if that so its owesome neh

  17. Profile photo of wicancer
    wicancer November 1st, 2014

    Hi, I realize this is an old post but it spoke to me so much that I created an account just to respond.  I was feeling the exact same as you do and going through the exact same cycles with my ex-leo-man for 2 years. We would argue so much that outsiders would question why we were even together. Everything after the first year seemed to go gradually downhill but I loved him and knew he loved me….so that was enough to always re-kindle and take to heart the “I promise to work on things” every few weeks it came down to that again. I too felt as though I was being selfish or wanting too much but finally realized that I wasnt asking for much (we had a very comfortable lifestyle material-wise) but his affections and to be treated t as a priority…to be heard and comforted instead of feeling ignored and left behind. Whenever I’d try to talk to him and tell him how I was feeling his defenses would go up as he thought I was attacking him (though that wasn’t the case at all). I couldnt understand why my feelings seemed to not much matter to him and when I would ask for more sensativity, he would pull further away…both of us raising voices and no one ending up happy. Over and over again this happened. We weren’t married (although he asked a couple times, just as a non-chilant….we should just get married, not real proposal & usually just after  a fight) so I can understand how our situations differ but my honest opinion is that it’s never going to change. We as cancers are very emotional/sensative people and in turn can show that empathy and support to others instinctively but if we are the ones in need and aren’t shown this support by our parter….watch out. Some men have that way of comforting and some just dont…and I think it helps if he is a sign that has that tender intuition which by the sounds, unfortunatly he’s not. On that note, the dating world is tough…I want more than anything to be settled but I am personally not willing to settle for a life like my ex-leo and I had. Just too stressful. Never up until recently understood the saying “sometimes love just isn’t enough”…but now @ 34 years old it makes all too much sense. I’ve recently been getting to know a fellow male cancer and he too has read in depth into astrological love compatability (something my leo-ex would’ve scuffed at) and as it’s way too early to tell if this man and I will go anywhere in the future, it’s given me sort of a validated feeling to know that he not only considered this thought as I had brought it to topic but he was on the same page- agreeing and contributing his thoughts…. tells me that life can be so much easier with a partner who is understanding of me as an idividual and how I view the world. Hope things are better by you and that maybe some of this helped… at least in not feeling as though you are the only one feeling this way. 

  18. Profile photo of carlos1969-westine
    carlos1969-westine October 5th, 2014

    A Cancer Man who knows a Cancer Woman… Both born June 24th… And you know what? I wonder!

  19. Profile photo of carlos1969-westine
    carlos1969-westine October 5th, 2014

    I’m Also a Cancer Man… Born June 24th and I know a Cancer Women… Also born June 24… And you know what? I wonder!

  20. Profile photo of
    RimaniAmor June 6th, 2014

    My cancer man and I enjoy eachothers conpany and thoughts . We love talking and expressing and listening to eachother’s stories , we disagree often though and bud heads . But we always make up afterwards . Our connection and attraction was imminent since we firsr became friends , now we cant stand to be away from eachother . He’s a great guy , very honest , romantic , and understanding . We both have our crazy mood swings , with extreme tempers , but he knows how to get me calm and keep me that way . We genuinely love eachother and he lets it be known often , plus the sex is great 😉 its like we just ‘click’ 

  21. Profile photo of
    ebabsy November 16th, 2013

    @cancer-man good for you! I am a cancer woman, and I think what you’ve said is so sweet. You’re a very lucky man. Love her with all your might 🙂

  22. Profile photo of
    ebabsy November 16th, 2013

    This is true! But sometimes, the cancer man can be selfish. Only thinking of himself. Cancer-cancer relationship can work if both people are ready to love each other regardless and willing to forgive any wrong doing.

  23. Profile photo of oracleadvisor
    oracleadvisor October 21st, 2013

    Well depends on how the cancer man feels for I I’m considered very romantic . But some are considered “nonshells” or broken cancers that been through so much they change who they are thus making them lack their respect for women

  24. Profile photo of
    lilliepowell August 28th, 2013

    Hey, I am a cancer women married to a sagittarius man.
    I love him dearly and have about 99 pecent of what any women would want. Home car etc, but I am often left to be lonly and blue.
    There is no spark in our relationship, no passion. We have never truly made “LOVE” emtionally I mean.
    at least one week a month (during my cycle) I can not stand the  empty feeling and the loniness any more.
    I cry and get really mad. We do the same dance as always and then we get over it and begain a gain. Him promising to “work on it” and me saying to my self “I am selfish”
    Sometimes I feel like a part of me is dying and the other times  I think have so little to complain about ateast he loves me and is faithful.  
    He can spend hours on the computer  or watching Televison whle I talk to friends on the phone. I would prefer to spend time with him. He is a kind and good man I love him very much.
    any words of advice?

  25. Profile photo of
    cancer-man November 11th, 2012

    iam acancer man and i love acancer woman ..that is so true i cannot describe how we understand each other or how deeply we commuincate ..we  talk for hours without feeling bored ..her sensitivity and big heart are amazing .the love and compassion in her heart can fill the whole world  ….    she is so beautiful and feminine         i love my cancer woman so much …i had arelationships with many cancer women and sure they are different but i didnot love any one like i love my wifethey are always so beautiful ,sweet ,sensitive and  visual creaturesi found my dream woman now it is your time to do 

  26. Profile photo of bk478
    bk478 September 11th, 2012

    U can find a cancer man easily

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  28. […] more information on this love compatibility profile, this time we actually took interest in Ask Oracle’s page on the Cancer Male-Cancer Female couple. They are not affiliated with us but they do shed light on a lot of misconceptions about Cancer male […]

  29. ronda April 6th, 2011

    I honestly would love a cancer man to be as you described. I have run into cancer men that don’t know what they want, are sadly careless, and don’t Know how to treat a woman. That does not mean all cancer men are like this I have met some good ones but, seeing how I am a cancer myself I know how difficult they are. Either way I love all the zodiacs.

  30. Profile photo of rajendrassr
    rajendrassr March 1st, 2011

    It’s really amazing prediction

  31. Oz April 29th, 2010

    I wish this could be true for the Cancer boy I’ve been in love with. He’s one of my good friends, and we’re both so alike. We even share the same birthday. But he’s got a seriously steady girlfriend. It hurts so much, I want nothing more than to be with him, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship or his relationship, because he’s so in love with her.

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