Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius share a fiery approach to love as they both have fire element. Both of them fall in love intuitively and share a common love of action and high-spirits. Off to a good start, there can be a few snags along the way as Sagittarius dislikes the feeling of being fenced and Leo is too possessive to set the partner free.

The proud Leo man regards himself to be above others and pushes to show this. To uphold such an image and be told the same by others increases his pride and add to his generous nature. He has royal taste in every aspect of life and he maintains his decorum with all his power. He likes the spotlight and boasts of successes he has made. His audience should be one of admirers. This is only to appease him as he likes the attention. In a relationship, Leo man is loyal by nature and although stubborn, he treats his lady like a queen if she dedicates herself to him.

A Sagittarius woman is very straight forward, is down to earth, humble and quite pleasant. She is blunt and to the point but in a friendly way and her intellect is something to be admired in all the fields. She is not much for arguing if there is a compromise that can be worked towards. Falling in love with a Sagittarius woman is no less than ‘a dream come true’ as she is a real dedicated mate with no much demands who always respects her man and stand by him in all ups and downs of life.

When Leo man and Sagittarius woman get together and fall in love it will be a virtually unbreakable bond. The spark and friendliness of Sagittarius woman makes the Leo man feel weak in his keens and even though he sometimes has to face her blunt comments but he cannot escape melting in her true admiration for him. Even if it seems as though they are slamming each others characters into the ground, it is just that they are merely testing each other’s loyalty and devotion as well as their possible deception. Leo man is naturally more loyal than his restless Sagittarius partner. But this doesn’t mean that Sagittarius woman is promiscuous, it simply means that her restlessness can threaten or leave her Leo man feeling insecure. Since she is true in her heart, she always returns to her Leo man with same respect and admiration that she has for him deep inside her heart.

Leo man captures the heart of the Sagittarius woman in the first meet itself, as she finds him the exact person she had been looking for. Instead of wasting valuable time figuring out whether they are good enough for each other, they could love each other with a passion and affection they are capable of giving to each other. He has a romantic way of expressing his liking for his Sagittarius woman. He pampers her with compliments and broad shoulder to rest on after completing her restless day and above all he brings the magic love in her life. On the other hand, the proud Leo man is a traditionalist in that he loves to court his lover. Sagittarius woman deems this mundane and quite boring opting for improvise and making things up as they go along. She interprets his pride as conceitedness and considers him pretentious.

The loving nature of Leo man and the friendly behavior of Sagittarius woman make their relationship a beautiful combination of love and friendship where romance and arguments go hand in hand without giving even a single scratch to the relationship. As love makes its path in their hearts, the Leo man, and Sagittarius woman experience the blossoms of romance, rains of affection and warmth of togetherness with each other. They make their dreams come true and relax securely trusting their faith in each other. He brings some stability to the life of his Sagittarius woman while she teaches him to be less insecure and more humble. When they are together, they are at best of everything and when they are far away from each other they just miss their ‘better half’!

The sexual relationship of Leo man and Sagittarius woman completely depends upon their daily compatibility with each other. Leo man and Sagittarius woman, who face conflicts from the beginning, never come together mentally, physically or emotionally. They look at each other in sheer boredom. On the other hand, if they choose Love over arguments, find a magical attraction toward each other full of dreams, ideas and morals. Their needs are compatible from a gentle touch to an intense fire, to a meeting of the minds and spirit and their passion is strong and powerful for each other. Although they stimulate each other physically, mentally and spiritually sometimes Leo man may not find complete satisfaction in their sexual meeting and Sagittarius woman may think he is a bit overemotional and artificial in his love making. But with little more dedication sprinkled with passion, they both can create the magic of oneness which gives them fulfillment both at physical and spiritual level which they will enjoy forever by making their every next meet more passionate, increasing their closeness emotionally as well as physically.

To keep the peace in the relationship, Sagittarius woman should step up and initiate from time to time. Leo man does not like backing off and apologizing for initiating something that Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to participate in. She needs to be herself and speak her mind, tell him how she really feels. If she does this, he follows through and admits his wrong doings and mistakes and apologizes to her. That’s all that needs to be done to accomplish a more solid and satisfying relationship for the both of them. Also quite often Sagittarius woman crumbles Leo man’s ego with her truth and reality. She may not always admire him as much as he would like for her to do. For a stronger and lasting relationship, they need to work through Leo man’s arrogance and Sagittarius woman’s skepticism and work toward a common objective in creating a warmer passion from him and a renewed confidence from her.

  1. Profile photo of KitKat333
    KitKat333 2 years ago

    So I read a lot of the comments on here and I have to comment just to even out the playing field a bit…
    I am a Sag woman in a relatioship with a Leo man. Our relationship actually started out just based on sex but feelings developed very quickly and we realized how compatible we are and it kinda of evolved from there. 
    There is one thing that I feel I need to point out because people on here don’t seem to be aware of. It matters greatly what the ascendant of each individual is as well as their sun sign. So while he’s Leo and I’m Sag, his ascendant is in Cancer and mine in Scorpio. The watery elements of those signs balance out the fire in our sun signs and greatly influence temperment and communication. I do believe that we are compatible and stable because of that interaction. I don’t think that the Leo-Sag relationship is compatible under any circumstance. He’s the only Leo man that I’ve known that I liked for more than 2 minutes. I find most of them to be very pretentious, rude, and egoistical. The ones I’ve known before him were far more immature and didn’t really care or listen to anything I’ve said. My Leo pays attention to every word that comes out of my mouth (possibly moreso than I do with what he says at times…). He would never call me names or get into a screaming match with me (not that I would like one, mind you). That fiery aspect that most people are describing on here has to do more with the ascendant than the sun sign. If your Leo has a fire sign as his ascendant, I guarantee chaos. You just can’t have that much aggressive personality in a relationship and see it work. 
    Also, communication is big in any relationship, but especially in this one where mindsets and priorities are different and things can often be assumed and misunderstood. 
    My Leo and I had that mantra from the beginning. There is no lying in our relationship. I should also add though that we’ve never put the constraint of monogamy on our relationship. Mostly, this has reassured me of my individuality and freedom, but it does also offer him the ability to see other women which he hasn’t exercised yet but I imagine it feeds his ego to be able to flirt with other women occasionally and that makes him happy. I know that at the end of the day, he comes home to me, and so I’ve never felt the need to be possessive or jealous. A lot of the Sag women commenting on here have mentioned that they have more friends with beenfits type relationships with their Leos than actual dating perse…it may just be that both signs need to feel free. It doesn’t have to be FWB though if you define the relationship appropriately. It not a good idea to try to fence in a lion or a centaur…we’re both very vicious creatures if you put us in a cage. However, if you spend the time and effort to earn our loyalty, we’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Something to remember 🙂

  2. Profile photo of cathlynmando@yahoo.com
    cathlynmando@yahoo.com 10 months ago

    I confessed my feelings to a leo male
    Help me dude!!
    I confessed my love to him.
    one of his friends is my close friend says that he’s shy and conscience that I gave him an expensive chocolate. And now his avoiding me. I want to say hi to him but I’m so nervous. I’m scared what if he ignores me. What will I tell to make him interested in me?
    I’m a sag. 
    I don’t know what to do. 
    Btw. I’m type of a doer and a straight forward so I wrote my feelings in a letter. 
    I laughed so hard cuz my love letter is so embarrassing. So cornyy gosh I’m smiling like an idiot right now 😂😂

  3. Profile photo of Jayamery Paul
    Jayamery Paul 4 weeks ago

    Wow..how true about Leo man..he is like living in a castle of invisible dream rocks clashing with Sagi lady rational realistic approach….oh boy!

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